After Sasuke leaves to train with Orichimaru, Sakura gets sick of waiting and gives up on Sasuke, she had better things to do, so she trains and becomes a wonderful ninja, forgetting of her past obsession, on missions and everything is going great, not for Sasuke though.

Chapter Ichi -Unrecongnizable soul: mirror image

He ran, his legs were getting sore and tired but he wouldn't stop, continuously throwing shurikens and Kunai at the large snakes, that were chasing him. He was tired and out of breathe, he fell, and looked up at what could be his last look at anything. Then, the next thing he knew, a boy with blonde hair had stepped in front of him, "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" there was then a numberless amount of him, they all ran towards the snake, then two started forming this ball of chakra, "Rasengan!" he slammed it into the snake and it went flying atleast one hundred feet back.

The snake then got up and went back from which it came. Sasuke looked up, the boy turned around "You alright?" he asked, he had a wide smile on his face, "" he was relieved to see him, he wanted to even hug him, but his body wouldn't move. "Be still" A famaliar pink haired girl laid him down straight on the ground, she started to form this greenish like chakra on her hand and held it on him.


Sakura looked down at him "Did you say something?" Sasuke just kept staring into her emerald eyes. She blushed alittle, 'He's hot, but something seems familair about him' she thought. When she was done Sasuke sat up, he couldn't find his words. "Good job, Naruto, Sakura, but you two go and see Tsunade for your mission, I'll handle him" The two jumped off, and the man with the short white hair and a mask picked him up and ran off.

Sasuke woke up, he was in the Konoha hospital, laying there in bed. He could hear the conversation being held outside his door.

"So, why am I here Kakashi?" Tsunade asked, Kakashi answered, "He's back.Uchiha Sasuke" Tsunade nodded, "I see, does anyone else know of this?" she asked, Kakashi shook his head, "Naruto and Sakura helped him, but couldn't seem to recongnize him" Tsunade closed her eyes and sighed, "Well, keep it that way for a while. Well, I see we might get a few more visits from Orichimaru".

Kakashi began to turn the knob on the door, "Kakashi" she looked at him sharply and seriously, "Retreive Naruto and Sakura, I have a new mission for them, and bring to me the other students as well, if they are not on a mission, I want Orichimaru dead" she demanded.

Kakashi walked into the room, Sasuke pretended to be sleep. "Worthless, I already know you are awake" in defeat, Sasuke sat up in his bed, "So they can't remember me? have I been gone that long?" Kakashi didn't respond. "How strong are you?" he asked breaking the small silence, Sasuke looked down, he could tell it was one of those 'I- told-you- so' questions, "You don't want me here much do you?" Kakashi walked over and looked out the window, "I never said that was the case did I?" Sasuke continued to look down.

They could hear people marching up the stairs, then opening the door, they could hear somebody else out there say something, "Please, Tsunade-sama said not to disturb him" it sounded like Shizune, then they both walked away. There was then another silence, "I'm sorry, Kakashi-sensei" Kakashi got up, "It's alright, stay here though" he walked out the door.

Sasuke sat there, he felt guilt filling his heart, he felt unknown and unwanted. He got up and put on his clothes. He then looked at his reflection in the window. He had to admit, it was alittle hard to recongnize him, he had changed. He had gotten alittle buffer, his hair had gotten longer, he was taller,and his eyes seemed alittle different.

He jumped out the window and proceeded running, he knew he had nowhere to go, but he continued. The sky was dark, and seemed as if it was angry at him, then rain drops, came down hard as if they were attacking him. Then, all in a sudden, this rage just burst inside of him, he was pissed, his eyes begin to turn to his sharingan.

He looked down into a puddle, once again reflecting him, but when he fully looked at hisself, it was like he could see himself inside and out, but what he saw wasn't pretty. His sharingan, it was, different, it reminded him of something like a ninja star, or a shuriken or something. Then, it trully hit him, when he was staring down at hisself, his eyes lacked hatred, but they showed a look of something that didn't care, and wanted power, that would do anything to get it, correct, that was all he was, he saw a traitor.

"Itachi", that's who he saw when he looked down, was Itachi, but a younger version atleast. Sasuke shut his eyes tight, how could he kill someone for their wrongs, when he is just as bad? He remembered before, what he saw before he left, Naruto was improving alot, he was strong, but what was there to hate? Sasuke felt before as if he couldn't anyone more than Itachi, but still he lacked?

Sasuke yelled, he was just filled with rage now. He punched the ground leaving a big hole, "I will kill you" he murmered. "Uchiha Sasuke" he turned around to see Kabuto standing there, he had a smirk, "Orichimaru wants his body, so I see I'll just have to kill you now" he began to laugh, then louder.

His moment of joy was inturrupted by a punch in the face, it broke his glasses, and was strong enough to almost break his neck. Then his neck was grabbed giving him lack of air. Kabuto opened his eyes and looked at the Uchiha, it was amazing, like his power just instantly rose. He looked into Sasuke's eyes, they were filled with rage, as if he was crazy, they looked Kabuto with a look as if they could eat him.

Kabuto was almost at his limit now, Sasuke wouldn't let go, he turned around when he heard a familiar laugh, he couldn't see anyone, but the aura, was just evil, it was filled with pure evil, he looked up and saw Orichimaru, "Still, you still amaze me" he continued laughing, Sasuke threw Kabuto on the ground, then what was suppoed to be him layed there, as mud or something.

His eyes saw some coming towards him so he blocked, his main focus at the moment wasn't on Kabuto, it was on Orichimaru, he began to run towards him but something just took over, he couldn't move or anything.

There he saw a long shadow that led to Shikamaru, "We'll take this on from here" there stood, Tsunade, Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, Iruka, Asuma-sensei, and Neji. "Sakura, take him back to the village" Sakura nodded, Kakashi looked over Sasuke, and Sasuke nodded.

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