Chapter Nii- Oh, I Remember Now...

Orichimaru looked over to the direction his strength was running, his Sasuke. He had no interest in fighting Tsunade, not that he really could, he barely got away the last few times he fought her, he wouldn't be as bad if could use his arms, he has another year to wait until he can get what he wants.Sasuke.Not really him, but his sharingan, how come Kakashi could get it, but not he? Everyone knew the solution, but Orichimaru was difficult, he wanted Konoha, probally even the world.

Tsunade, saw what was going on, she couldn't let him get Sasuke, not again. As Kabuto started to make his move, he was stopped by Orichimaru. He hadn't said a word to Kabuto, but his evil snake eyes told him, that they will fight another day, just get Sasuke.Kakashi stood there, as everyone began to act, "Stop" everyone looked back at him, then nodded, as a sign they understood.

It was too late though, Orichimaru and Kabuto already set off, but to Kabuto suprise, Orichimaru started off to the other way, "There's many of them" was all he said, Kabuto simply under stood, and ran off.

Naruto started to chase after, "Naruto, stop" he looked back at Neji. Everybody head back to the village. Naruto started to think, then he started to get alittle mad, why?...Just why? He has been fighting Orichimaru for about two or three years, but why? then it hit him. He started to remember all the fun times he had when he first became a genin, but now he was a chuunin, but everyday, he felt as if he ha some on finished business, and for what reason had he want to kill Orichimaru? sure, Orichimaru was evil, but what did he have to do with Naruto?

They sat down for a minute. Sasuke looked at Sakura, she had fully bloomed, and her hair had gotten alittle longer, and her eyes had some confidence to them now. "Sakura" she jumped, he scared her, how exactly did he know her name? and he spoke as if he had knew her long, like an old buddy or something. "I'm sorry" she looked at Sasuke as if she had no idea what he was talking about.

"My name, is Uchiha Sasuke" Sakura was still confused, she knew about Uchiha's, but they were all murdered, she didn't no any either, but that name was too familiar. Sasuke saw that she didn't understand, so he just got up and left.

Sasuke felt alittle mad, it hasn't even been that long, how could they forget. Sasuke went to his old house, he was suprised no one had selled yet. He went in and sat down on his couch, and just...sat there, what was he supposed to do? kick his feet up on the table and say, "Oh, how it feels great to be home again" well, that's not just how it goes, he doesn't even have nothing really to live for, no friends, or anything left for him, everything went on without him, and he was left.lonely.

He slapped hisself mentally, did he forget, he didn't need all that, he had to avenge his clan, no matter what, and he's not gonna change his mind because of stupid stuff like this. His mind switched to where it was before.Killing Itachi. One thing caught his eye, it sat there, dusty, along beside his other important belongings. The picture.

It was the one they took as a genin, him, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi-sensei, and Iruka-sensei.Before, that picture didn't mean much, but now, it meant alot more. It was his fault though, he chose to go on, forget about the simple life, his friends, and everything. He looked down at his hands, he did benifit alittle, but it wasn't enough to fight Itachi, and Sasuke felt, that he owed everyone, his friends, his family, Naruto, but most of all, he owes Sakura, all she ever did was love him, but what in return? he left everyone, risking their precious lives, for him, for Mr. Uchiha Sasuke.

Sakura sat at home, on her soft pink bed.For some reason, she had a feeling that she should go through her old things. She got a small box in the closet, that she doesn't even know why it was there. She went through a few old things, she had found the ribbon Ino gave her when they were small children, but when she came across a certain object, that made her eyes big, and she wanted to...cry?

All standing there in the picture was, her, Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, and...she couldn't quite remember. Who was that boy? Skura grabbed the picture and ran out the house.She ran over to Kakashi-sensei's house. She bang on the door. Kakashi came to the door, "Hello Sakura" he noticed that she seemed as if she was going to cry alittle, for some reason. "Come in"

He sat down next to her. She took out the picture, "Kakashi-sensei, who is this? did something happen to him?" Kakashi got up, he had a serious look on his- well, what part of his face you could see was serious, kind of. "I'm suprised you don't know who he is, that's Uchiha Sasuke, remember?" he noticed the look on Salura's face. Now she could remember, how could she forget him? Sasuke-kun.

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