Hiya…..uh...yeah is just a little story that the voice in my head keeps poking at me to write so I just feel like updating so here I go

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"It's only a shadow filling the room arriving to late and leaving to soon" -Britney spears "shadow"

Cloud's POV:

The sun was going down as I pulled up. The place was completely empty when I came in which is, honestly, a little odd, because it was it was still kind of early and usually Tifa is up and around even if nobody comes in.

Closing the door behind me and walk to the hall and quietly survey each room. When I get to her room I find her sleeping lightly on her bed holding one of what I'm guessing is Marlene's stuffed bears. Crossing my arms, I leaned against the doorway silently watching her sleep. I had never seen her like this before and I have to admit, seeing tifa sleeping with a bear did make her look like a little girl. I felt a small poke of guilt suddenly come out of nowhere at the thought of her being by herself here. I look at her once more then lightly close the door. I walk back down the hall back to the bar deciding to close up for her.

Tifa's POV:

I open my eyes to a dark room; I roll onto my other side and look at the clock on the night stand, its 7: 45. I must have fallen asleep, still clutching the bear I sit up slowly my mind still floating in limbo, I rub my eyes and suddenly I realize its 7:45 and I didn't close up! I spring from the bed and, not exactly run but I'm not exactly walking either, down to the bar. I don't know why I'm freaking out its not like anyone would come in, so as I near it I slow down with every step, I'm at my slowest halfway down the hall. A flip on the hallway light

"Tifa" I practically jump out of my skin, even though I already know it could only be one person, he still scared me. I turn around too fast because and somehow end up tripping over my own feet, a pair of arms quickly wrap themselves around my waist before I could even hit the floor. I clung onto his arm almost for dear life, trying to catch my breath for a second; I can feel my heart beating against my chest threatening to escape. I hate it when things randomly pop out of nowhere.

"Are you alright?" I heard from above me, after I realized that I hadn't moved for nearly a minute, I look up slowly and I can see him looking down and me.

"Yes, uh you just kinda scared me" I said as I began to pull my self up, slowly getting to my feet his hands move from my waist to my shoulders. The room is almost pitch-black so we can barely see each other.

"Oh, sorry" he mumbled then quickly took his arms away I impulsively wrapped my own arms around myself, suddenly feeling vulnerable.

"Oh its ok" We stood there awkwardly when we both realized we were still in the dark, I slowly turn around and start heading back, "I just wasn't expecting anyone to be here" I stop, I turn back around "I mean since it was empty and all..." trying to explain myself

"Yeah I know what you meant" he said, I stand there catatonically I can feel him take his eyes off of me but before I can even take a step cloud walks past me "you can go back to sleep now" he says as he passes by leaving me standing there in the dark alone.

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