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Ch 1 denial

Rain soaked through his clothes right down to his bones. He stood on the edge of a hill looking down at the battlefield below. He had many wounds some still forced open from the assailing weapon. He had arrows protruding for numerous places on his body and a large sword through this gut.


Kagome's faced paled when she realized who was standing there with so many wounds on his body. Up wind from the battle-warn demon she stood hidden behind a tree.

-Maybe he won't smell me; it is raining after all-

Kagome peeked around the tree to find Sesshoumaru had disappeared.

"Where could he have gotten to with all those wounds?"

At that moment she felt something warm drip on the back of her bare neck it came as a surprise to the other wise cold rain. She looked up to find Sesshoumaru standing over her his blood dripping down from his wounds.


"Silence Girl!.. Why were you watching this Sesshoumaru?"

"I er that is to say that …..I"

"nh" Sesshoumaru gave her a bored look and turned away from her only to collapse a few feet away.

" Sesshoumaru!"

Kagome ran to his side unsure as to what to do next. –geez I know the guy doesn't care for humans and certainly doesn't want the likes of me to treat him but I can't just leave him here to bleed to death-

She stood up and ran for her bag.

-I know he will just tell me to get lost, but….-

She returned to his side bandages in hand. When she reached down to pull the arrows from his back what emanated from the arrows frightened her.

-These are….-

"Do not touch me human, this Sesshoumaru does not need your help"

"But these are…Purification arrows…..how did you…I mean with so many..."

"This Sesshoumaru can not be killed by a few human purification arrows"

He tried to stand and walk away only to fall to his knees his legs giving out from underneath him. His body started to tighten and tingle as if his limbs were going numb one at a time slowly spreading until he couldn't feel his extremities.

Kagome knelt down beside him pleading with her eyes to let her help him.

"These arrows are slowly purifying you of your demon strength if you don't let me help you…. you'll die…. Please..."

Sesshoumaru's hair was soaked in blood and rainwater. It draped limply over his face as he peered up at her. "Why would Inuyasha's wrench care what happens to this Sesshoumaru?"

Kagome turned away from his cold amber eyes to pick something invisible stuck off of her sleeve.

"I ….I don't know, but I can't let you die, Please just let me help you…you can't even move"

"Why should this Sesshoumaru trust a human…"

"I'm not like other people ok, I promise with my life I will not do anything to make this worse" -I hope-

When he said nothing more she reached out to remove the arrows from his back. Each one seemed to be enchanted with a spell to freeze the body part it pierced.

–It is lucky none of these reached his heart-

She wrapped her hand around each shaft and dissolved the spell and the arrow that pierced his body.

"Um Sesshoumaru Sama…can you um…I mean to say I have to look at your wounds…if you please"

The demon said nothing and silently slipped the top of his wafuku down to his waist.

Kagome's eye's widened - oh my God this is worse then I thought-

Scattered over Sesshoumaru's back were strange patches of skin.

– They weren't trying to kill him; they were trying to…..-

Kagome bandaged the arrow holes and the gapping hole left by the sword; Sesshoumaru must have pulled it out before he had snuck up behind her.

After treating his wounds she helped him pull his wafuku back up and get him under some sort of shelter. The freezing rain was coming down harder now and she was afraid in his condition he could also catch a cold and his wounds would never heal. He tried to resist her, but Kagome's iron will and Sesshoumaru weakened state bent the odds in her favor.

She propped the weakened demon lord against the wall of a shallow cave and began making a fire. –Oh great I left my bag in the rain, I'm sure all my matches are wet-

She searched around the cave and found some dried tender and wood and began to rub them together.

– I wonder if this really even works-

She continued to rub the sticks together getting more and more frustrated for all she managed was a faint glow. Suddenly a ball of flame shot past her and lit the sticks on fire. She turned startled to find Sesshoumaru's finger still smoking.

"Pathetic human can't even start a fire"

"Hey, who drug your sorry butt in here..." Kagome's hands flew to her mouth.

– Oh shit did I just say what I thought I did; now I know he is going to kill me-

A slight smirk pulled at his lips. "Than I suppose we are even human"

A look of pure confusion settled on Kagome's face "ee"

After the fire was started Kagome decided to stand guard near the entrance after all it didn't look like the demon lord was going to be much protection tonight.

The sky darkened and try as she might Kagome could not stay awake. Soon she drifted off to sleep at her post at the mouth of the cave.

Sesshoumaru sat awake the entire evening neither one had said so much as two words to each other after the fire had been started. He had kept his stony eyes on Kagome as she leaned against the smooth rock slowly rocking in between wakefulness and sleep. His attention was pulled from the "guard" on duty by a burning sensation on his skin.

He looked down at the sword wound slowly closing on its on, then to the wounds left by the arrows. The discolored skin around the wounds seemed to be spreading.

– These wounds should have healed by now, if what the priestess said was true…-

His eyes drifted up from his wounds to the girl slowly nodding off at the entry of the cave.


He let his own eye lids slid closed and rested lightly against the cool wall of the cave.

Kagome woke the next morning with several cramps all over her body.

– Ugh that is the last time a fall asleep sitting like that-

She tried to rub some of the stiffness away and then remembered the night before.

She looked about her to find Sesshoumaru still resting peacefully against the cave wall.

-Wow he looks so angelic when he sleeps; I half expected to see him gone this morning-

I wonder where Rin and Jaken are?-

Kagome stood up stretching as many of the cramps out of her body as possible and walked out of the cave to the tree where she had left her bag.

-Ah now for breakfast-

She brought the bag back to the cave; the ground outside was still too wet to build a fire so she would just have to cook breakfast inside the cave. She pulled out two containers of Raman and frowned at one of them – I wonder if he will even eat this?-

As if he had read her mind his deep voice echoed across the cave

"Do not bother priestess I do not eat human food"

"Oh, Ohayo Gozaimasu Sesshoumaru Sama, eto.. I just thought…um… never mind"

She turned her back to him and continued fixing herself breakfast.

"Where are Inuyasha and your companions?"

Kagome almost dropped her Raman into the fire, "what!"

"You do not have to answer; it is just unusual to see you without that filthy half-breed"

" No…no it's ok; he ran off after Kikyou and; Sango, Miroku and Shippou are all back at the village attending to Miroku's wounds, I just came out here to look for herbs when it started to rain and…I saw you"

She watched his eyes shift from bored to indifferent and started to fidget with her chopsticks.

He didn't say anything just a barely audible noise and the awkward silence was too much for her to take and felt it was best to return her attention to her breakfast.

Sesshoumaru looked down at his wounds then back to the girl leaning over a pot of some over seasoned noodles. His nose wrinkled in disgust.


The sound of his voice through the silence startled her and she dropped her chopsticks in the pot of boiling water and managed to burn her finger in the process.

"ouch, aa Hai"

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at her clumsiness than turned from her soft brown eyes.

"These wounds, you said early they were done by purification arrows do you know something about them"

Kagome blinked a few times – did he just ask for my help-

Kagome abandoned her breakfast for the moment and walked over to inspect Sesshoumaru's wounds.

"Ano, Gomen Nasai" she pulled his wafuku aside and peeled back one of the bandages.

-Oh no this is not good-

The miko's silence was too much; the girl seemed to be holding her breath too afraid to breathe as if one breath would open the latch to a terrible truth.

"Miko…. speak answer this Sesshoumaru"

The discoloration had begun to spread and had reached an area of his skin that was normally adorned with his magenta strips, but was now only a creamy white only part of the strip remained.

"What, oh sorry it seems the spell that was placed on those arrows is still in your skin; I can't really say what they are doing to you"

Without realizing it Kagome had sort of been leaning on Sesshoumaru for support while she inspected his wounds.

Sesshoumaru's face-hardened and he stood up suddenly causing Kagome to lose her balance and fall flat on her face.

"Hey, if I knew what it was I'd tell you ok"

Sesshoumaru pulled his wafuku back over his shoulder and replaced his armor. He looked back down at her over his should with is cold amber eyes,

"I can see why Inuyasha choice that dead miko over you, you are completely useless"

Tears began to well up in her eyes and before Sesshoumaru was out of the cave she shouted after him.

"YOU JERK! You have no idea who I am or what I am capable of I just ….."

"hm, you seem pretty useless to me"

Kagome reached for him then let her arm fall; her eyes now focused on something on the ground.

"Wait, I didn't want to tell you, I didn't think you could handle this…I"

Before she could finish Sesshoumaru had her pinned to the wall of the cave,

"Understand this Miko….This Sesshoumaru is not weak" but his body was telling him something else.

As the weight of her body pulled on his arm he grew tired.

– What is the meaning of this-?

Kagome watched the fatigue pulling at his strength.

Kagome's eye's widened as she realized the rapidness of the spell.

-Oh no it is already starting-

"Sesshoumaru those arrows were not intended to kill you, well at least not right away, they were, well…are." Kagome dropped her gaze from his intense golden stare.

"Wench tell this Sesshoumaru…NOW!"

As much as he wanted to shake her, his body wouldn't allow it.

"Sesshoumaru, those arrows were intended to turn you human, I'm sorry the wounds on your back have already erased your demonic markings…I'm sorry"

She averted her eyes off the side still not lifting her head to look at him.

Sesshoumaru's grip slackened and Kagome fell to the hard stone floor. "Hey"

She watched him turn his back to her and walk away.

"Sesshoumaru wait!"

He didn't even look back to see her reach out to him. He walked out of the mouth of the cave and disappeared.

-He can't ignore this if that spell continues to spread he'll be as vulnerable as Inuyasha on a new moon-