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"Last day of school. Finally." The pink haired-girl rolled her green eyes. Her eyeliner was thick as was her mascara, her pink hair had black tips and her ears had three piercing in each ear. (2 in her cartilage)

"Of course." Her friend looked older, with blonde hair in four wild ponytails. She didn't wear the make-up, but she had the fishnet gloves, baggy pants, and large shirt.

The pink one had on a small, mini-skirt with large pants underneath, her wallet was connected to a silver chain, her shirt was tight at the bust and stomach, but the sleeves went about a foot past her hand, when they reached her elbows they flared out into fishnet. Her shoes were lace up original converse. All her clothes were black and pink.

"Hey Sakura, tomorrow I have to visit my family for a few days of "Family Fun"." The blonde was sarcastic in her sayings. "You want to tag along?"

"Sure, Temari. You want to pick me up?" Sakura was three years Temari's junior, this was Temari's last year of high school. Next year she headed off to a University, leaving her friend. Sakura just turned 15 and had not received her license.

"Sure, but remember this: My family is vicious." Sakura giggled and nodded. Today she would walk home from school for the last time at a Freshman.

"Mom! I'm home. Tomorrow I'm going on a trip with Temari for a few days, all right?" Sakura slammed the white door shut and walked to her pink and black room.

"Fine," Her mother agreed reluctantly. "You may go. But don't do anything you know I'll kill you for."

"Thanks." Sakura loved her single mother to death. Her mother's boyfriend (Sakura's biological father) left her after the child was born with pink hair. No one in her or his family had pink hair, so he assumed she had cheated on him and he left.

Sakura's mother didn't sleep with anyone else.

Packing was the hardest for Sakura, she had too many clothes. She may have been "Dark" but she still loved to shop.

She picked the simple clothes, but even bothered to pack a dress (She had to make a "Good" impression). Temari never really spoke of her family, that's why she went to this school- To get away from her parents and brothers.

Sakura heard the doorbell and ran up stairs in confusion, yes, her room was downstairs. "Temari!" Temari was at the door, smiling brightly in the same clothes she had on a few hours ago.

"You ready?" She asked nonchalantly, walking inside and taking off her shoes.

"Sure, but, now? I thought you were going tomorrow?" "No. I said I was visiting them tomorrow. I have to leave today."

"Oh, you sadist." Sakura laughed as did Temari. She ran down the stairs and grabbed her small suitcase.

They walked to the car simply. The car being a small jeep. Sakura hated jeeps after the first ride in Temari's car.

She started driving and thirty minutes into the trip they started talking. Of course Sakura started the conversation. "So, what's your family like?"

"My mother's dead. My brother uses people like puppets- Don't fall into his web of lies. And my younger brother has been arrested around a 100 times. He's been able to threaten the police to get out. Every one is scared of him. My father even tried to kick him out of the house, but couldn't."

"Why not?"

"He's scared and dead." Temari shrugged. Sakura wasn't so sure she wanted to visit anymore, but those thoughts left her as sleep took her body and her eyelids became heavy.

"Get up, loser." Temari smacked her friend awake, literally. "Ow!" Sakura glared, but jumped out of the high jeep.

She gasped. "Oh, My, God! You live in the boonies!" The place was practically a desert, but yet, it was full of people.

"Yeah, I never mentioned that?" She was guilty and knew it, she tricked Sakura into coming.

"No. Where's your house?" Sakura looked around, but saw nothing. "Oh, about a few minutes from here." So they started walking (Temari didn't bring any clothes with her and so Sakura had to carry hers).

They reached it and Sakura found out a simple fact. Her best friend was loaded!

Temari's house was practically a mansion! With large, double doors and multistory floors (Sakura's house 2 floors. Temari's house 4?).

Sakura mock bowed to her friend. Who in turn kicked the pink haired girl in the shins. So in walked Temari and in limped Sakura. What a fun trip so far?

"I'm home!" No answer, but two people did come out of separate areas. A tall boy in a black hoodie from outside. And a relatively short boy with flaming red hair and a tattoo (Compared to the rest, but compared to Sakura he was tall too) from upstairs.

Sakura looked around. They were staring at the pink haired one. "This is Sakura. She has come to visit. Don't scare her." Temari ordered her family, who in turn just scoffed. She turned to Sakura. "And don't scare them." Sakura giggled lightly.

"Here, Kankuro, show her to a guest room." The boy in the hoodie rolled his eyes. Sakura got a good look at his face. He wore face purple face paint!

He started walking up the stairs silently, Sakura followed silently. But once they reached the second floor she started asking questions. "Who runs this house?"


"Your younger brother is in charge of this house?" "Yes, but not for long. We're moving to the city soon and selling this house."


"Wait. We sold this house. Temari is taking us to the city tomorrow." He smirked at her response. "Temari!" Sakura yelled, she heard Temari laugh loudly.

"So, you didn't know?" He already knew the answer. Sakura sped up, standing in front of the brown haired boy.

"No!" She poked him in the chest, her finger immediately started hurting (Which of course made her glare even stronger) and she winced in pain. His smirk just grew.

"Hmmm…interesting. Temari never brings home friends. Something must be different about you…" He stopped at a room. "Here, there's not to much in there. Just a bed." She nodded, a small smile on her pink lips.

She turned and Kankuro continued facing her. "I love the skirt." He smirked and she blushed, catching his meaning.


'He could have meant that he liked the skirt.' She reasoned with herself.


'No chance.'

Sakura shook her head to get rid of the thoughts. Laying down on the bed she took a small nap.

But someone had to wake her yet again. "Get up, fat ass!" Temari yelled. "You lazy-" A hand went towards her face and Temari ducked quickly before it came into contact.

"Grr!" Temari growled out, lunging on her 'friend'.

"Don't try to hit me!" She screamed. "I didn't hit you!" Sakura replied, pushing the girl off, but slipping of the small bed in the process. "But you tried!"

"And I failed!" Sakura screeched as she felt a sharp tug on her head - Temari had grabbed her hair toughly, and Sakura did the same to Temari. "You admit you suck now?" Temari laughed.

"Hell no!" The fighting girls heard a cough from the doorway. "Oh? Gaara. Hey, are we late?" Temari stuttered out to her younger brother.

"Yes." He answered stoically, "Get dressed." This order was directed to Sakura who stood there, hand in Temari's messed up hair, her shirt raised slightly, her skirt was up to her waist, and her pants were almost off -Showing her, shorts, red underwear. Temari wasn't any better.

Kankuro was also there, in the doorway. But he was smirking at the sight.

"OK! Bye Temari. I'll be right out." She shooed them out of the small room and locked the door. She picked out the dress she brought.

It was black and pink, most of her clothes were. Pure black that went mid-thigh, with pink hem. Because of the shortness of the said dress she also wore black stockings. Her converse were back on and out the door she went, after unlocking it of course.

"Wow! I've never seen that before!" Temari gasped her left hand to her mouth in shock. "Of course. I don't like dresses." Sakura answered carefully.

"Well," Kankuro started, "I do now." Temari smacked her brother and headed for her jeep. No one else could drive, so she did.

"Hey, Tem, where are we going?" Sakura asked, using Temari's nickname.

"Dinner, duh." Sakura rolled her eyes. She sat in the back with Gaara while Temari satin the front (driving) with Kankuro.

While Kankuro and Temari talked Sakura tried to start a conversation with the red-haired boy. "So…how old are you?"

"15." "Ah, so am I! Are you going to Hokage High next year?"


Sakura decided to stop right there. One, the conversation was useless. And two, they were at the restaurant.


"Miss, what would you like to order?" The waitress asked Sakura who was holding the menu. "Umm…Chicken breast please." Everyone else had already ordered. Gaara was eating chicken too. Kankuro was eating steak. And Temari was eating a salad.

"Yes, ma'am." He bowed slightly and walked off, but soon coming over with her food in hand. "Here, madam." He left.

"Oh! Gaara, you'll love the school next year. You too Kankuro!" Temari gagged. "Oh! Remember when Rock Lee hit on you?" Sakura blushed.

"His eyebrows almost made me puke!" "Don't be so mean to Lee, he means well!" Sakura defended, she didn't like Lee the way he wanted her to, but she did appreciate his friendship. "I know, you also had that horrible crush on Sasuke…"

"Temari! That's so over! He left." Sakura's eyes showed defeat and pain. "Oh well, is everyone ready? I'll pay." She went for her wallet, but a hand shot out and stopped her. "I'll pay." It was Gaara. He stood up and walked away.

The rest stood up with him and headed for the car, Gaara followed.

The ride home was quiet.

As was the ride back to Sakura's home (Even with Gaara and Kankuro).


When Sakura got back to her home she was tired. Walking straight to her room she slept like a child.


Summer blew by and soon school was starting the next day. Sakura and her mother were out shopping (A bit late they admitted) for clothes, accessories, and school items. But mostly clothes.

"Oh! Honey! This would look cute on you!" Her mom held out a black skirt with frills on the bottom. "Hmm…maybe, but I like this better." Sakura was holding a pink mini-skirt that had three chains from the hip on the left, to the right. "It would go perfect with that shirt we got an hour ago!" Sakura obviously meant the pitch black sleeveless shirt that fit Sakura perfectly.

"Ok," Her mother paid for the skirt and they headed home. "So, have you met up with anyone from you school lately?"

"Oh? Yep! Ino, Temari, Tenten, Hinata. I just spent the night at Hinata's yesterday, remember?" Sakura rolled her eyes at her mother's so called intelligence.


"Ok! I'm going to go to sleep." Sakura looked at the clock: 11:00. "School starts at 8, right mom?"

"Yep! Night! I won't be able to drive you to school, but while you were asleep this morning Temari called saying that her brother would pick you up! Nothing, I mean, Nothing better happen between you guys!" Her mother warned playfully. But Sakura knew she was serious.

"Don't worry! Boys have cooties!" She could hear her mother laugh slightly. Sakura walked down the basement and into her room, snuggling under the covers (It get very cold in the basement), falling asleep instantly.


Her alarm went off in a blur of noise and unconsciously Sakura stood. "Damn clocks…" She mumbled though gritted teeth as she turned the thing off. Walking into the bathroom, clothes in hand, she took a shower, got dressed, and brushed her teeth.

Yawning she walked up stairs, turning off the light as she went along. Her mother was at work so Sakura was alone for ten more minutes until Kankuro arrived (When Temari called she mentioned that Kankuro finally got his license).

Sakura ate some cereal quickly and just as she finished the doorbell rang. "Oh! Gaara?" He nodded slowly. "OK, I'll be right out." She ran downstairs and grabbed her bag, running back up the stairs she grabbed her key, and ran out the door. Shut. Lock. And she was ready to go.

She looked at the car. A simple red, Cayman S Porsche. She gasped. "How did you afford this?" Gaara didn't answer, but walked to the door and opened it, letting her sit down, grabbing her bags he put the in the back and sat down next to Sakura.

"So, do you two have your schedules?" Sakura asked oddly.

The nodded no. She sighed in defeat. "All right. We'll stop by the office when we get to school. Why didn't Temari tell you guys!"

"She's lazy." Kankuro stated coyly.

"I knew that." Sakura giggled slightly, earning a few raised eyebrows. She looked innocently at Gaara and Kankuro as they approached the school.

"Come on!" She opened the moving vehicle's door and stepped out just as it stopped. "We'll be late losers." She winked playfully at the boys.

Sakura wore a small top that almost showed her stomach ( And would if she raised her arms), The shirt was black with a broken heart on it. She wore a pink skirt that was much, much, too high, but she wore baggy pants underneath, tucked in black, lace-up, boots.

Gaara wore a simple black coat with a red shirt and a mesh shirt underneath that. He wore regular pants with chains going from on end to the other end, also there were chains on his pockets. He wore combat boots.

Kankuro wore a black hoodie and black pants. Simple enough with blue shoes.

"You must meet Ino and the others!" Sakura said happily.

Both Gaara and Kankuro noticed that as Sakura took a step forewords - Everyone else took a step back. Was it just them? Or was everyone scared of the pink hair girl? Gaara saw a paper airplane hit her head, her smiling face faltered slightly, but she kept of the obvious façade.

"Sakura?" Gaara asked quietly. "Are you OK?" He tapped her shoulder and she shrugged him off without a single thought to it. "I'm…I'm fine." She mumbled out.

Her pace never quickened, nor did it stumbled as she made her way towards the main office. "Hey, Shizune? Here, Gaara and Kankuro. They need their schedules." The young lady nodded and surfed through a stack of papers, pulling out two and handing them to Sakura.

Sakura handed Gaara his sheet and Kankuro his, they had their names on them. "Oh! That sneaky Tsunade! She gave you most of my classes, just not Science and History. I have those with Kankuro-sempai." Kankuro looked at her oddly.

"You have History and Science with me? You're smarter than Temari mentioned."

"Of course. So…homeroom starts in a few minutes. Kankuro, I'll show you to your homeroom, Gaara. Follow." Both boys shrugged and followed. Sakura started running as she heard the first bell. Another bell and she would be late and have to stay in Detention!

"Here. You have…Ha! You have Kakashi, lucky!" And with that Sakura grabbed Gaara's hand and started running.

Finally she reached their classroom, she ran to an empty seat and sat down quickly, but just as she sat down- the person who had sat next to her stood and left to another seat, so Gaara sat next to her. Actually, he noticed something, only a certain amount of people sat next to her.

"Gaara, this is Hinata," Sakura pointed to her left (Gaara sat on the right). "And this is Ino." She pointed behind her at a girl who wore all dark purple, her platinum blonde hair was in a high pony tail and her ears had 2 earrings in each ear, one in the normal place and one hooked on the top of her ear.

But the Hinata girl didn't fit in. She wore white and purple, her hair was a dark purple. No earrings or unusual holes. No chains. She was very odd compared to Gaara, Sakura, and Ino.

Gaara just shrugged. "So…who's the hottie?" Ino asked slyly. "Ino! No! Bad girl! He's Gaara, Temari's brother." Ino's eyes widened. She sat back down in her back, seeing as she was practically falling out, and shut up.

"See? So easy to make her be quiet." And with that their teacher arrived just before the second bell rang. "Hello class! I am Gai. Your homeroom teacher! And youth is my favorite part of the day!" He gave the class a thumbs up. "Well, since you love youth, can you not teach? So our youth will fill the room?"

"Yes Ino! I love your youth! But first there is a seating chart that Tsunade-sama has made for all the classes." They all groaned, but Sakura and Ino smirked, already knowing the results.

At the end of the seating arrangement Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Gaara hadn't moved. But one person now sat in front of the pink-haired girl.

"Hn." The black-haired boy in front of Sakura mumbled.

"Oh, yeah. Gaara. Meet Sasuke. Sasuke? Meet Gaara." Sakura smiled, Gaara leaned back slightly to talk to Ino.

"So, this is the one she had liked last year?" Ino nodded, glaring at the onyx-eyed boy. "I liked him too, but he's an asshole. He broke Sakura's heart. Me, Temari, and Tenten broke his wrist. A simple exchange." She smirked, winking at the red head slightly.

"Is that a warning?" He asked coolly.

"If you have feelings for her. No. If you are using her. Yes." "You have no idea what I am capable of." He warned to her.

His eyes turned dark while Ino's widened. "Fine fine. If Temari was scared of you. I wont push my luck…" She huffed out, her arms crossing over her chest. Gaara went back to Sakura after looking at the clock: 8:57.

Class was almost over.

"OK! Class! Since this is the first day I was extremely lenient with my youthful students! But tomorrow we must learn!" And then the bell rang dramatically.

"Hey, Gaara. Ino will show you to Science, I have biology. Bye!" Sakura ran down the hall and up a level to Biology.


"Hey Kankuro." Sakura smiled, sitting next to the older boy. "Hey loser." He winked at her and she just rolled her eyes. "How was homeroom?" The green-eyed girl asked nonchalantly.

"Ah…it was boring. Our teacher came in late so there was nothing to do. Everyone here sucks." She giggled, earning a few odd glances from the other students.

"And…is it me? Or are we the most 'original' people in this school?" Kankuro whispered. "Pretty much. You haven't met Tenten yet. Or Ino."

A note fell on Sakura desk as the teacher started teaching…

'Go back to hell.' Is that it said. Sakura quickly hid the note from her friend, but he took it out of her hands and read it.

His eyes widened. "Does this happen often?" He leaned over and looked into her eyes, having to lean over a lot to do so.

"No…" The young girl looked away nervously. She raised her hand. "Miss Kurenai! May I go use the bathroom?" The teacher nodded and Sakura left the laughing class.

She ran out of the building and towards her usual spot: The largest tree.

It was stationed in the back of the school where you had to climb a fence to reach the majestic beauty. Well, actually the tree was burned down with little life left to it. It had only one leaf and three branches that could never hold her weight (Only 115).

She leaned against it, ash getting in her pink hair. Tears slipped out of her eyes. Laughing loudly she cried for a good 3 minutes before she felt a hand on her shoulder.


"Do I look like a freak to you?" The cold voice stated.

"Oh. Go away Sasuke you inconsiderate jerk!" She hit his hand and glared at the boy. "I'm sorry Sakura. For what I did to you last year."

"For what you tried to do last year." Her hand went to the chains on one of her many pockets. "Go. Away, Uchiha." She spat at him and stood to walk away, but his hand shot out and grabbed hers.

"Don't leave." He ordered.

"I can. And I will. Don't make me do to you what I did to Zaku two years ago." She smirked, remembering the pathetic boy.




"Zaku! Don't hurt her! Kin! Don't hurt him!" An innocent pink haired girl yelled, trying to stop the fight that was about to rage on.

Zaku had caught Kin talking to Dosu, a boy from a different school. What he didn't know was that was Kin's cousin. He had started yelling and threatened to beat her for cheating on him.

But Kin started yelling too and now they were about to fight!

Sakura was dressed differently. She wore light blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Her pink sandals matched her light pink pedicure.

She stood now, in between the two fighters.

"I'm sorry Sakura…" Kin mumbled, stepping back. Sakura's arms dropped and she smiled whole heartily at the black-haired girl.

But Zaku wasn't like that…

He lunged for the girl, hitting Kin in the jaw. A crack was heard, as was a scream as blood appeared, forming inside Kin's mouth.

"Zaku! Stop it!" Sakura closed her eyes, pressing herself against Zaku's body, her hands grabbing his arms and her head downcast only slightly.

She felt a smack to her cheeks and the extreme prickling of pain. He had backhanded Sakura in an attempt to push her off.

Sakura backed away, touching her face. Suddenly a kick was aimed for her head and she stepped back- Zaku missed.

She didn't feel like herself. She felt….empowered. He was closer now and he sent another smack to her face, she caught his left hand with her right one. She took her left hand and snapped four of his fingers.

He screamed in pain and attempt to break free of her grasp by kicking her. She thought faster than he did and took the opposite of his kicking leg and, with her heel, brought her leg down on his knee.

By that time Kakashi had arrived to stop the fight. A whole crowd of people had watched. They all kept their distance from the blood stained girl.

Tsunade had asked who the fight. They all had answered Zaku.

Sakura's reputation as the good girl never came back…


End Flashback


"You can't hurt me." Sasuke stated brazenly.

"Temari, Ino, and Tenten sure did." She giggled, a cold hand brushed her cheek and she gasped. Sasuke had caressed her.

"Don't touch her." "Gaara?" Sakura whipped her head around so see her friend standing there, hands in his pockets.

"Yes?" Sasuke's hand dropped from Sakura's and he started walking away slowly, but not before brushing by Gaara.

"She's mine." The raven-haired boy stated lowly.

Writing this story is too much fun! If possible.