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Meanwhile, Gaara had found Sakura…

"Gaara! I-I…" Her eyes welled up with tears, "I'm so sorry!"

"Save it, I'm going to tell you exactly how I feel, if you still want me after what I'm about to say, then maybe I'll take you back." She nodded sharply, preparing herself for the worst.

"I," he took a big sigh, obviously hating the fact he had to actually speak. Never in his life before he met this annoying girl had he ever spoken so much. Damn her. "I want you to know that I…I…" Both closed their eyes, waiting in silent anticipation. One fore rejection. One for a simple phrase.

"I love you. I know we haven't known each other for too long, but I never find myself thinking of anything or anyone but you. I'm not expecting you to feel the same way. Nor did I expect us to last forever. I just wanted you to know-," he never finished, for soon he found himself on the ground, being kissed by a smiling young pink haired girl.


"Therefore, I suggest that we-GO FOR BROWNIES" A tall, busty woman jumped on a stage of a 25 year reunion. She threw a tin of brownies at a random guy, knocking him out.

"Oops." She grinned mischievously and kissed her husband, the one who had run up the stairs, trying to stop her.

It was Sakura and Gaara's 25 Year Reunion. They were 33, 66 put together, and had two lovely children, one a little girl (a demon, just like her father) and a teenage boy (who could sometimes even sneak out past his parent's who always show him the best way when he get's caught).

Sakura back flipped off the stage and into Kankuro's lap. Wondering why Kankuro was there? He married Ino. Yes, the blonde, black eyeliner girl who acted as if she hated him. She never did and mutually broke up with Shikamaru to be 'open' for a date with the face painted boy. He easily took up the silent offer and they both went and watched a horror movie together. (The date ended with Ino laughing at the movie and Kankuro running to the bathroom to throw up a few times).

They had three children, triplets, frighteningly enough. Sakura had commented during Ino's pregnancy that she looked like she had stuffed a circular bed under her shirt. Sakura was also unconscious as soon as Ino had gained the energy to stand. They all were blond and blue eyed girls who served Sakura's daughter.

Kankuro had given up wearing makeup to put it on people. He is one of the top and best paid makeup artist around. Ino became an actress. Kankuro always puts on her makeup and always ruins it after…

Ino pushed Sakura off her man and Sakura ran to Hinata who consoled the pink haired woman.

Hinata was stunning, a model, actually. She was scouted in her Junior year and soon rose to the top with her odd beauty. She met up with Naruto, a photographer at the time, and they hit it off great. They've been together for ten years and have a beautiful child with wheat colored hair.

Shikamaru was the only one absent. He was in the desert with his wife, Temari. They always travel together, leaving their teenager to live with Sakura and Gaara. Temari say's it 'couple's therapy', but Sakura always's argues that they just go for 'other reasons'.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Gaara were a perfect couple. Beautiful, outgoing (well, one of them) and had many friends (to the dislike of a certain red-head), they had no secrets after that one, fateful day, which brings us to Sasuke.

He ended up owning his own company and married three times, all the girls ended with tragic deaths. He was charged with murder and sentenced to jail. Itachi, though, got him out through connections. Yet, Sasuke was never hired and ended up living with his parents.

Itachi was never seen again…Doesn't mean he never watches.

Yes, Sakura and Gaara live a semi-model life. Gaara's natural loner behavior and Sakura's eagerness never got them too far in life, but they did really well, owning a mansion, five amusement parks, twenty restaurants, and a series of record labels.

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