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Chapter 5: It is the Topic

Another vein had found its way into Sakura's forehead as Kakashi continue babbling about Kama Sutra's eight lying down positions. Apparently, he too had taken over sex education and was discussing how he found the position of Andromaque the most compelling. He even drew diagrams on the board.

"And now, why don't we have a live demonstration…" he said as he picks a piece of paper from the chalk box he uses for recitation.

"From the boys…" he announced as if it was a raffle draw.

Naruto raised his hand, volunteering himself and Hinata which obviously earned him a glare from the girl's cousin. He put on a peevish smile and set his hand back down while Hinata's face colored a thousand shades of red.

"It's Uchiha Sasuke!!"

Upon the mention of his name, his fan girls up-roar, instantaneously wanting to be chosen as Sasuke's partner.

Kakashi put his hand back inside another chalk box as he picks another paper, "From the girls…"

The fan girls' earsplitting shriek grew louder as Kakashi let the anticipation build up.

"It's Haruno, Sak—"

And so Kakashi's face was just introduced to Mrs. Shoe.

"I guess that wraps it up…" he muttered as he appeared under the desk with a nose bleed.

"I can't believe you did that" the blond haired girl said as they talk over lunch. "Your grandfather's going to be angry when he founds out."

They were sitting at a picnic table outside campus where they were shaded under a cherry blossom tree.

"Yeah, but he deserves it," Sakura replied. "Such a disgusting pervert."

"B-but Sakura-chan, don't you think you'll get detention…" Hinata asked, fiddling with a carrot stick.

"Maybe" she replied casually.

"Changing the topic, how big is it?" Ino asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

"How big is what?"

"You know…" Tenten said as she looks up to the sky.

It was a fine day, the sun was up and shining, occasionally hiding itself behind a passing cloud.

"I know what?" Sakura asked again totally clueless on what they were talking about.

"I-I think they meant S-Sasuke's you know what, Sakura-chan" Hinata said blushing.

"Oh" Sakura nodded her head as if to indicate that she had finally understood the question,

"What!! How I am supposed to know?!"

"Well, haven't you done it yet?" Ino asked now checking out her nails.

"O-Of course not, I haven't even thought about it…" she said stuttering, "E-Except in my dreams I guess…"

"Dreams?" Tenten and Ino chorused.

Sakura felt like being tortured as her friends fix their curious eyes on her. All of a sudden, she had just found the grass to be very interesting, its green blades swaying with the soft rustling of wind.

"Well?" her friends said, still trying to squeeze an answer.

"C-could we just change the topic?" she asked hopefully.

The two shook their heads while Hinata continue fiddling with the carrot stick. Then the bell finally rang signaling the end of their break. Sakura sighed, saved by the bell.

Sakura had just finished dressing when her phone rang. It was Ino, it seems that they will never let Sakura lose the question until they got an answer. Tenten had also called earlier but she was taking a shower, it's a wonder why everybody suddenly become interested on Sasuke's thing.


"Hey, why did you go home so early?" Ino asked, obvious to the answer. Of course Sakura's trying to avoid that 'sensitive matter' what else could it be.

"So, where's your fiancée?"

"Sasuke's taking a shower." Sakura replied uneasily, surely Ino is trying to approach that topic again. What is so interesting in that piece of lump anyway?

"Perfect." she heard her say on the other line. "You could check out how long it is…"

"Ino…" Sakura's face flushed.

"What, I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"But I just can't go barging in there carrying a ruler."

Sasuke had just stepped out of the bathroom and wrap his arms on Sakura's waist. He places his ear near the receiver as her face colored once again. She could feel his 'piece of lump' poking on that thin sheet of cloth he uses as a cover.

"Who said you need to bring a ruler," the fair-haired female said on the other line. "You're just going to look at it."

"S-Sasuke…" Sakura gasped as he nuzzled into the crook of his neck.

"So, you want to see how long is it then?" Sasuke said giving emphasis to the word, although she wasn't sure if he was talking to her or to Ino on the phone.

"Oh hi Sasuke!" she heard her friend said as Sasuke took the phone out of her hand, but still hadn't remove the other that was on her waist.

"I was just telling Sakura to… err look at the, well banana she's going to bring on our sleepover…" Ino continued.

"Sleepover?" Sasuke inquired.

"Yeah, wanna come… It's on Saturday night…"

"I'll think about it"

"Okay, bye!" Ino said and hung up on the phone.

"S-Sasuke…" Sakura gasped again as Sasuke threw her cell phone on the bed and continue sucking at her nape.

"So you have a sleepover, huh?" he whispered into her ears, turning her legs into jelly.

"I-I guess…"

"Why don't we check out that banana then?" Sasuke said mischief obvious in his tone.

She heard a soft thump as the towel hit the floor. Sasuke turned Sakura around to face him, but she squeezed her eyes shut. She could feel him breathe on her ears, making her step away and fall onto the bed.

Sasuke climbed on top of her as she opened her eyes once again. His lips were very close to hers and she was very nervous. He pressed his lips against hers, nibbling softly at the bottom lip. His mouth went lower, leaving traces of butterfly kisses as it reach the edge of her bra.

"S-Sasuke…" Sakura mumbled, "I-I don't think I'm ready…"

Subsequently, his face was introduced to Mr. Pillow. She had been doing a lot of introductions lately, don't you think?

"Oww! This is unfair you know…" Sasuke muttered as he fell on the floor. "You've been fantasizing abo-"

Nevertheless, Mr. Pillow's task is never done as it once again hit Sasuke square on the face. Honestly, its just being abused too many times as it becomes Sakura's main weapon.

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