"Ya know, Leon, you sure wear lotsa leather."

Leon blinks, wondering where in hell that statement came from. Cautiously eyeing the dog, he watches the animal move toward him with that idiotic grin plastered on his open mouth. Leon unconsciously backpedals, and reflexively reaches for Lionheart.

Leon scowls.

Goofy just keeps grinning. "Ya know, Leon, leather makes people stare," says the dog, decisively. "A'hyuck. Ya know Sora always says that you wear too much leather for yer own good!"

Leon scowls.

"Is that so?" he says, pointedly. It wasn't like Sora didn't have his own weird clothing fetishes— the shoes were scary. Goofy nods, like they're discussing something that isn't about Leon's weird fetishes.

"Sure is!" exclaims Goofy. "Sora also says that you're 'a minx'. Whatever that means!" Leon blushes a little bit, and Goofy wonders what's going on.

"So… Sora talks about me a lot?" inquires Leon, wondering just how deep he wants to dig his grave. It's not 'proper' for a fifteen year old kid to be thinking about him that way, Goddamnit!

Leon scowls.

"Yeppers!" nods Goofy, creepy-as-fuck smile still in place. Leon's getting a little bit edgy, and his posture is perfectly erect. Well, it's not like he's slouchy most of the time, but if he was straight before he's like a goddamn board right now. "He also wonders if you like leather in the bedroom! I don't know why any'un would wanna sleep in leather, but then again, you always did look kinna weird!"

Leon is about ready to punch Goofy in the face, when the dog leans inward and swipes his goddamn tongue across the side of Leon's face.

Leon all but squeals and Goofy just does that weird laugh of his. "I'll have to tell Sora that you didn't taste like 'hot sexy man'!"

Leon scowls.

And he continues to scowl as Goofy gives him a bear hug, and then toddles off to the bailey to maybe look for a certain piece of jailbait and his quacking sidekick.

Well, they don't call it jailbait for nothing.

Leon follows Goofy.

inspired by a crackpairing generator. the challenge was seme!goofy/uke!leon, pg, leather.

oh god. :D