The idea of this is creating a naruto kinda story of ninja's but instead of characters already there you make up your own char and I just include them in the story! I'm just trying it out. If I get enough characters I might get somewhere!

If you'd like to make a char I'd need some descriptions I would appreciate it if it was on the outline of this:

Name: (The Name)

Age: (How old)

S.S: (Single or married Or anything else)

Gender: (Male/Female Or both LOL)

Appearance: (Just a description how he or she looks, clothes facial stuff, accessories)

Personality : (Happy, Calm, lazy so on)

Alliance: (Is he or she from Sand, Water, Or you can make it up )

Special Skill: (Shadow getsu or like neji or you can make up your own but don't make it to godly)

For example my char will be like this


Name: Riku Hitomi

Age: 13

S.S" Single

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long brownish/blackish hair in ponytail, black cut-up t-shirt, grey army shorts, brown boots, goggles around neck, belt containing pocket bags around it

Personality: A bit shy, when in situation gets kind of scared, doesn't know her own strength

Alliance: Konoha/Leaf

Special Skill: Illusion Getsu


Hope to see what type of char's you make up! o.O