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The two silently walked through the roads, slowly a huge gate appearing. A symbol stood in the middle of the 2 huge doors. Isamu grabbed Jenna's hand and jumped over the gate and into Mist. It was fogged, no one seemed to be walking around, they seemed to be the only ones out at the moment. He continued to walk calmly, and she just followed gazing at him from afar.

There once was a girl named Amaya, she loved life and cared for everyone. She wasn't weak nor strong, yet she believed, she brought Riku enough strength to get to where she is today.

"Isamu…" Jenna mouthed

She never doubted anyone or looked down on them, even if they were bullies. He brother, loved and cherished her, she was all he had left in life.

"Jenna…eh?" He said

The chunnin exam was like none other but a setup to kill Riku, one of the last holders of the damned Sharingan eyes. No one expected it to end that way, no one wanted it to end that way. But it did.

"Yeah?" She smiled at him

He couldn't take it, his rage built up and his future changed roads. He seeked for avengence and power, that was all he had left in life now. She was gone, and it was her fault.

"Thanks…" He slowly pulled a grin smile.

He hunted her down, he seeked on killing her. He raged and pushed his chakra to the limit surpassing death.

"Lets grow stronger, together!" She ran up to him smiling

And now he is running.



She held her scythe high, standing guard. Protecting her cherished friends. She looked at them, lying on the ground sleeping forever. The wind howled through the field, the grass dancing together with various flowers and plants.

"Reosin… Actii… Im sorry."

"Ow!" A little girl whined "Why do you guys always play ninjas! Its unfair because I'm a girl!"

"Because we need to train so that when we grow up, we'll be very strong ninjas that everyone will be afraid of!" Reosin jerked

"Yeah, what he said" Actii yawned.

"I'm so sorry…" Tears slowly forming"

"Dad! Can you help me become stronger! I want to be the strongest so I can become a chunnin!" Reosin begged his dad with Actii by his side

"Very well." His father replied

The three would spend hours near the lake training, leaving Zareka out. She hated being left out, just because she was weak.

"I'm still weak… I can't protect anyone!" She cried

She ran across the field, jumping in the air, punching and kicking. Her determination was at its peak, she became competitive, wishing to be more them just a girl. Soon reaching top in her classes and classified as a Chunnin in her 2nd year, before her friends. She truly grew strong.

"Ugh…" Reosin slightly coughed

"Reosin! Actii! Lets go together, lets be together forever and never separate! Lets runaway!" She suggested They all nodded and ran with her. And now they are here, lying on the grass half dead.

"I love you all… So very much…" She whispered

And now they are running


She sat on the grass, her eyes dazed off on the free peaceful clouds floating across the blue sky. She loved to just sit back and relax, nothing to do, no worries it seemed to be the way of life. Her sister never complained about her laziness, but sometimes she felt guilty that she would get off her ass and help around the house.

"Rini! You ok?" Myah wondered

We were abandoned, we sat on the bridge all day long. All month and all year, until it came, until a burst of rage consumed me, he willingly took us in and cared for us we admired him. He saved us from death.

"Yeah I'm fine, oh yeah dinner will be up in 30" Rini smiled, slowly faded

Yet it still happened, she thought she calmed it down, she thought it wouldn't show up again but blood, but blood just appeared everywhere and he was gone.

"Rini! What did you do?" Myah yelled panicing trying to wipe the blood off her.

She just stood there.

"How is Riku?" Myah asked

"She is getting better I guess!" Rini yelled from the kitchen

"You killed him! Just like you did to our family! You monster!" Myah yelled running away from Rini, covered in his blood. She cried, she was alone once again.

"I see…" Myah smiled

Rini walked through the snow, the ice, alone wearing red torn up clothes. She hated being alone, people walking pass not even bothering to look at her innocent eyes starring up at them.

"Dinners Ready!"

Deep within her she still felt like she was running, running away from everyone and everything. She was scared.

She smiled.


The two sat in the room quietly, filling out their white sheets of paper full of blank inked writing. They signed and signed continuously as more stacks came in, this was any other day. No one would tank all they would do is work and no more.

"Indara…-sama…" She said quietly looking up at her

She ran, she ran away from the group of possessed girls chasing after her. She hated them, everyday after school they would pick on her for her amethyst eyes. Then suddenly she appearing, throwing little blobs of mud at them, they screamed and ran away crying.

"Yes Kaede?" She answered still signing

"Are you ok?" She smiled at kaede,

"Yes… I'm fine thank you" She stood up trying to run away

"Wait up! Whats your name"

"Kaede…" She replied

"Mine is Indara!" She gave a hand to Kaede who was on the floor

"Thank you."


"Yeah! Lets go, we're going to apply for ninja academy!"

"But… Those girls go there…"

"Don't worry, I'll protect you!" she smiled


"For what…?" Indara looked up from her papers

She did nothing but merely smiled

"Lets stay together, because if you left me I couldn't live Kaede, you're my other half. If you go, I'm gone to." Indara stated


"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. Indara."


Kaede smiled then faced back down at her work

Indara looked around confused, slowly pulling a confused smile out. Soon after getting back to work.


She laid there on the white bed stiff, her body wrapped in bandages. She felt numb, her head ached and her eyes blurred. She certainly wasn't well, her mind only set on one thing and this one thing only. Riku.


"Amaya, There you are, and who is this?" Chiko questioned looking at Riku hiding behind Amaya

"This is Riku Hitomi, she is my new friend!" Amaya smiled

"Oh, you're the girl Amaya has been bugging me about. Right?" Chiko smiled

"You were so innocent."

"Pleased to meet you…" Riku said softly

"Heh, Amaya lets go train! I needa get strong to become a genin!" Chiko demanded

"Riku lets go!" Amaya smiled

The three of them ran down the orange glowing road, they continuously did that until they grew older like 12.

"Of only Amaya didn't die…"

"Riku your getting stronger," Amaya complemented

"You to, I'm nothing."

"Hey How about me!" Chiko butted in

"Haha you two" They both jerked

"Amaya… Riku…"

"Lets go,"


He gripped his hand holding his side that was covered in dry blood, green chakra burst out around the room, flowing through the air. He coughed a couple of times, the 4 medics around the square worked extensively concentrating their chakra on closing up open flesh wounds. His eyes slowly opened a bit, seeing nothing but a dark black room with a slight green to it. He felt the sudden rush of pain through his body and worried slightly, he forced his eyes to close.

"Riku…" His lips formed the word,

There once lived a noble family in Konoha, their clan was called the 'Uchiha' they were strong, having one of the worlds most seeked bloodline. 'Sharingan'.

"Ugh…" he passed out from pain.

And she has them, those dreaded blood covered pupils stared at him with no heart. Every part of her was different, she had every intension in killing him, to see his blood trickle down his body. To see him suffer.

"What am I…" Riku chanted lying on the bed. Her eyes looked up to the ceiling thinking.

But deep within her she cried and ran, deep inside her she was scared of everything just like she was before. Deep within his he loved and cared for her, he risked his damned like for her, and now he is dying.

"Riku, you need to rest. Please don't push yourself…" Rini said calmly

All she wanted was power to protect and all he wanted was her.


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