"Lorelai, clean this room immediately!" Emily shouted. "You have thirty minutes to have this bedroom presentable, or I'm telling your father."

Lorelai rolled her eyes. "Okay."

Lorelai began to pick up random toys around her room and throw them in a large cardboard box which was used for their storage. She passed by one of her electronic games; instead of placing the game inside the box, she decided she would turn it on.

"I'll put it on hangman." Lorelai said to herself. "I can guess a letter every time I walk by and still get my room cleaned."

As needless and pointless as this may have seemed, to ten year old Lorelai it was genius. Not to mention it would make the cleaning process go by quicker.

Emily, who was in earshot of Lorelai's room, heard the start up tone of her daughter's game. "I swear to God…" Emily grumbled as she marched toward Lorelai's room. Emily burst through the door frightening Lorelai. "Lorelai Gilmore! I explicitly told you to clean your room!"

"I am Mommy!" Lorelai defended.

"Don't lie to me." Lorelai scoffed. "You turn that game off, understand?"

"But, Mommy…."

"Lorelai, turn it off!" Emily screeched.

Lorelai reached over and turned off the game. She began to pout and fight back tears.

"If I have to come in here one more time, and tell you to clean your room, you'll be receiving a spanking." Emily placed her hands on her hips. "Is that clear?"

Lorelai shook her head to show that she understood. Emily left Lorelai's room and walked down the hallway. Lorelai ran to her door and slammed it.

"I hate her!" Lorelai yelled. "I wish she would die!" Lorelai stomped around the room. "She's so mean, I swear I can't stand her!"

Lorelai picked up one of her dolls and violently threw it across the room. "If she died, I wouldn't care… I wouldn't even cry." Lorelai continued. "Me and my Daddy would be so much happier if she were dead."

A few minutes later, Lorelai gazed around at her neat room. Pleased that she had finished the job, she left in search of her father. She found him sitting in his study.

"Daddy…" Lorelai began as she poked her head through the door.

"Yes, Lorelai?" The friendly voice asked.

"May I come in?"

"You may." Richard smiled.

Lorelai tip toed into the room. "What are you doing?" She asked sweetly.

"Oh, just some paperwork." Richard replied as he continued to rummage through the stacks of papers.

"Can I help?" Lorelai asked hopefully.

"I wish you could, sweetheart." Richard laughed. "I could use an assistant."

"I can do it, Daddy." Lorelai boasted. "I'm in the 5th grade."

Richard looked up from his desk. "That you are." He agreed. "You're growing up to be a very pretty young lady."

"So, can I help?" Lorelai asked, changing back to the previous subject.

"I'll tell you what, if there's anything I need that you can do for me, I'll call you immediately."

"Are we still going to play cards later?" Lorelai rocked back and forth on her heels.

Richard smiled. "Of course sweetheart. I wouldn't miss our card game for the world. What are we playing for tonight, by the way?"

Lorelai's face brightened. "World Champion!" She exclaimed.

"World Champion?" Richard gasped. "My goodness… I thought we were playing for State Champion."

Lorelai shook her head no. "World Champion is better."

"Of course… Of course.." Richard agreed. "Well then, tonight the World Champion of Crazy 8's will be declared."

"I'll go make a certificate!" Lorelai replied, becoming overly excited with the idea.

"Be sure to put my name on it." Richard teased.

Lorelai turned and smiled at her father. "You'll have to beat me first." She remarked as she closed his office door.

Lorelai ran back down the hall way to her room. She quickly grabbed her construction paper and scissors. Next came the crayons, glitter, glue, and sparkles. Finally, she pieced together a beautifully directed certificate. She held it up to view. She silently sat in adoration of her project.

Emily walked into Lorelai's room. "Lorelai, I'm having the made fix chicken this evening, would you like yours baked or roasted?" Emily quickly spotted the mess Lorelai had made with the art supplies. "Lorelai, I told you to clean this room!"

"I did!" Lorelai objected. "It got dirty again while I was making Daddy and me a certificate." Lorelai showed the artwork to her mother. "See, we're playing for World Champion tonight."

Emily took the certificate and held it up to her face. "It's very nice." Emily said dully. "Clean up your mess." She handed the paper back to Lorelai and left the room.

Lorelai sighed. Why couldn't her mother be as nice and as fun as her father? Her mother was always so mean and hateful. Lorelai began to clean up the art supplies and put them back into her desk. A few minutes later the room looked just as neat as it had the first time she cleaned it.