Lorelai sat patiently with Rory in her lap. Her flight would be leaving in a matter of minutes, and though she was anxious and a little excited, she was mostly terrified. Her life had been an uphill battle for so long. She thought she had found something steady with Luke; something that wouldn't fall apart. But the moment he mentioned marriage, Lorelai knew the bottom was dropping out. So, London, not such a bad place for a fresh start. Lorelai knew that her grandmother would make sure Rory had the finest education. The rich life wasn't something that Lorelai missed or craved, but compared to being poor and homeless, it was a much better alternative.

"Flight 322 to London, England is now departing."

Lorelai took a deep breath. "Well, sweetheart, that's us." She held a bag in one arm and Rory in the other and walked towards their gate.

Luke had definitely broken at least six laws on his way to the airport, but he would worry about that later. He hadn't realized the intensity of this situation. Even though he was happily going along with this silly fight between them, it wasn't until this moment that he realized how much he was about to lose. The thought of never seeing Lorelai again was too much to bare. The idea of Rory growing up and Luke not being there tore him apart. He was sorry for his foolishness. He never should have tried to pressure Lorelai into marriage. He should have been satisfied with what they had cause what they had was a wonderful relationship and a beautiful life.

Running into the airport, Luke immediately found the information desk. "I'm looking for a Lorelai Gilmore… she's heading out on a flight to London." Luke replied breathlessly.

The woman scanned through her papers. "I'm afraid the last flight to London has already boarded."

"What?" Luke asked. "When?"

"About five minutes ago. Flight 322. It's not taken off yet, but all the passengers are getting on board as we speak. I'm sorry, but there's no way to reach them."

"She can't go." Luke forcefully said. "You have to send someone down there and tell her she can't go!"

"Sir, I can't do that." The woman replied, becoming a bit afraid of the demandingly strange man.

"You don't understand… I love her and she's leaving because of me." Luke placed his hands on the service desk. "I know these appears like some corny movie from television but I'll never see her again if you don't stop her!"

"Sir, please back away from the desk, or I'll be forced to call security."

Luke backed away from the desk and hurried to window facing the runway. He saw Lorelai's plane close it's doors and prepare for take off. At that second, his heart broke in two.

"Lorelai…" He said softly as he placed his hand on the large glass window. "Please, don't go."

Within only seconds, the plan was speeding down the runway and soaring through the air. It was hours before Luke could bring himself to leave the airport. He kept hoping that Lorelai and Rory were still somewhere around. Perhaps they had missed their flight, or Lorelai had changed her mind. Finally, Luke had to face the cold truth that Lorelai was gone. It was odd how empty he felt. They hadn't spoken a word to each other in the last two weeks, but this was the first time he actually felt like she was gone.

When Sookie spotted Luke walking into the diner alone, with his head lowered and his hands stuffed into his jacket pocket, she knew he hadn't made it to the airport on time. He quietly made his way into the diner's kitchen and took a beer out of the back cooler.

"We've had good business today." Sookie said brightly. "Taylor even wants us to cater at the next town meeting."

Luke looked over at Sookie. "That's good." He replied. "We could use the extra money."

"There's a young boy who came by today… he's looking for a job. I told him you did the hiring and to come back by tomorrow."

Luke nodded his head. "I may hire him. If he's willing to wait tables."

"He said he'd do anything." Sookie smiled. "I guess he's pretty desperate."

"Well, we'll see how things go tomorrow."

"Luke, if you'd like to go home… I can take care of the diner for the rest of the evening."

Luke swallowed heavily. "Yah know, I don't think I can ever go back home. It's too big of a house… too empty."

"I'm sorry." Sookie said softly. "I really am."

A smile ran across Luke's face. "Well, life goes on… I think I'll go for a walk and clear my head."

"If you're not back before closing, I'll shut everything down." Sookie replied.

"Thanks, Sookie."


The gigantic door to the mansion opened. "Lorelai… welcome."

"Hi, Grandma." Lorelai smiled. "This is my daughter, Rory."


"I named her Lorelai. Lorelai Leigh, actually."

Trix smiled. "Well, she certainly has a proper name."

"Thank you for letting us stay here."

"Yes, well, I've always believed in taking care of your own." Trix rang a bell that was sitting by the door. A young man appeared within moments. "Marvin, please take the bags up to the guest room. Well, come in…" Trix opened the door wider allowing Lorelai and Rory to enter.

Lorelai was astounded at how beautiful and large her grandmother's house truly was. Much more magnificent than Richard's and Emily's house in Hartford.

"I know you asked me to not mention any of this to your father." Trix began. "But I feel he has the obligation to ensure your safety and your wellbeing. I was shocked to hear that he has neglected you all of these years and refused to be a part of your life, however, upon talking to the woman he is currently married to, it is no longer a question of why he's became such an appalling man and a poor excuse for a father."

"You talked to Cecelia?" Lorelai asked, a small smile crossing her face.

"I suppose that's her name." Trix replied. "She seems to have altered your father for the worse. I'll be quite satisfied if I never meet her. Talking to her over the phone was very much enough for me. You know, she never even put Richard on the phone, after arguing with her for several minutes, she finally revealed to me he wasn't home. Rest assure, next time I do engage in conversation with your father he will know my feelings towards this Cecelia."

Lorelai sat Rory down onto the floor. "Grandma, you do know that he's not really my father… I'm not actually a Gilmore… I…"

Trix held up her hand. "Lorelai, I know about you and who you are. You are my granddaughter… and you are by all means a Gilmore. Now, I'll give you and your little one here, time to unpack your things and rest before we have dinner."

"Yes, ma'am." Lorelai replied.

Trix gazed down at Rory. "She has beautiful eyes. Much like yours when you were a baby."

"You remember?" Lorelai asked.

"Of course I do." Trix answered. "I flew in a few days after Richard and Emily had adopted you. You were quite the talk of the family, you know."

"Really?" Lorelai was suddenly feeling much better and very welcomed by her grandmother.

"Oh yes, Sabrina was very jealous of Richard for quite a while. She can't stand to have the spot light taken away from her."

"That sounds like aunt Sabrina." Lorelai laughed. "I haven't seen her since… well, it's been a long time."

Trix nodded. "Yes, it has. You've been living without your family for far too long. We've much to catch up on. Now, go unpack." Trix pointed to the stairs.

Lorelai picked up Rory and headed upstairs. As she entered into the guestroom her breath was taken away by the beautiful the view of her bedroom window. She walked outside to the balcony and gazed over the landscape.

"Wow…" Was all she could reply for several moments. "Well, Rory… what do you think of your new home?"


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