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A/N- Written for the "Vision" challenge at the naruto100 community.

"Oi! Wake up!"

"Naruto! Be polite!"

The darkness receded, the vision arose.

Naruto rubs his head, blinking from the backhand Sakura delivered. He's scowling, but there's a wondrous light behind his eyes.

Sakura huffed again, before turning toward him, a bright smile falling across her features.

Kakashi is smiling and standing behind them all. He's almost positive that eye is more perceptive than Sharingan and Byakugan combined.

He hides his smile behind an annoyed roll of his eyes, a genjutsu that even Sharingan isn't capable of.

"Wake up, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke's eyes open.

Orochimaru smiles.

The darkness returns, the vision fades.