Scream (Part 1)
By Richard Gallivan

Juri woke up groaning. She had a splitting headache, and the
light coming in through the window was blinding. I should have known
better she thought. Of course the punch was going to be spiked, the
party was at Touga's house!. She had been so depressed that night. It had been
the anniversary of the day. The day she had first met *her*. She had had to do
something, anything rather then sit and think about it another year. She
looked around and noticed some things:
1. She was not in her own bed.
2. She was naked.
3. There was somebody in the bed with her, also naked.

Shaking, she turned to her left to see.... Shiori?

Shiori groaned and then turned to look at Juri, smiling. "So, was it any good?"

Juri seemed frozen between shock and pure joy. "This, this must be a dream!"

Shiori shrugged. "Yep. It is. Sorry. Time to wake up!"
Juri woke up groaning. She still had a headache. She sighed, and
flopped her head back down into the pillow.
Kuso! Then she noticed some more things.

1. She was still not in her own bed.2
2. She was still naked.
3. There was still somebody in the bed with her, also naked.

She turned again. Touga Kiryuu looked back, smiling. "Kussssssssso
Juri, you were great last night!"

"Ahhhhhh!" Juri screamed as she woke up. She noticed that she was still in the same predicament
as before, but no Touga, thank god. Trembling, she turned to her left again.

An irate Miki looked back, looking like he too had a hangover.
"Hunh? Wazzat? Juri!!!" He probably looks like I do Juri mused. Miki was
now wide eyed, and very nervous. "Oh my god, what did Touga put in that

Juri sighed. At least this wasn't quite as bad. Better Miki
then..... Another voice from the other side of the bed interrupted her thoughts.
"Damn it, I'm never going to one of Touga's party's again!"

Both Juri and Miki suddenly shot up, very awake at the sound of
that voice. Both turned....

Saionji, also naked and not quite awake yet, turned over on his

"Noooooooooooo!" Juri screamed, waking up again. Breathing
heavily, she looked around. It was still not her room. Judging from
the design, she was in the Kiryuu mansion. She was naked. She
slapped herself a few times. It stung. She looked to her left. Nothing.
"Whew!" Juri said as she flopped back down. Dammit,
the hangover wasn't a dream. She moaned and turned over. Another moan from
a voice not her own answered her back. She was suddenly quite awake yet again.
She turned to the right. No, it couldn't be.....

Nanami woke up groaning. She had a splitting headache, and the
light coming in through the window was blinding. What happened? she
thought. Did somebody spike the punch at my big brothers party? When I
find out who did it...... Suddenly, she noticed some things:

1. She was not in her own bed.
2. She was naked.
3. There was somebody in the bed with her.

Praying that it wasn't the situation that it looked like, she
turned to the left...

Green and Blue eyes stared into each other. Juri and Nanami stared
at each other for a second, both blinked.

Although few would ever come to know the reason, the entire campus
would remember what happened. From the Kiryuu mansion, two loud screams, in unison, blasted
across the entire school...

Meanwhile, in the ballroom of the Kiryuu mansion, a small little monkey/mouse/thing lied sleeping
beside an almost empty bowl of punch. Chu Chu stirred slightly, and
his eyes snapped open. He smiled. That was one hell of a party. All
he had done was put some alcohol in the punch, and things had
really picked up from there. Hmm, come to think of it, he hoped
nothing bad had happened. Some of the people were looking a bit
tipsy when he had passed out. Shrugging, he stood up and began to
look for Anthy. He knew she must be around here somewhere…
Touga Kiryuu had what could be considered a rude awakening. He
had a nasty hangover. Somebody must have spiked the punch at
my party! Kuso, I wish I had thought of that!. However, this thought
was ignored as he concentrated on the source of his return to the
land of the waking. A scream. A very loud scream at that. One that
sounded like his sister's. Touga's chivalry genes kicked in as he
jumped up from his bed. He didn't know what was going on, but his
sister was in trouble, and someone else with her! He had to do
something!!! Running out the door, he stopped just slightly as he
noticed he was naked. Looking about for his seitokai uniform, he
noticed not one, but two uniforms on the floor. Hey, wait a minute,
that uniform was…..

Touga turned to look at his bed. A naked Miki Karou looked back.
His eyes seemed to have doubled in size, and he looked like a deer
caught in headlights.

Touga considered the situation for a second, then smiled. "Hey,
o-kay! This is nice!" Miki said nothing. The screams stopped.

"Aw crap, Nanami!" Touga said as he put on his uniform with a
speed that suggested he had needed to leave rooms really quickly
before. He turned to Miki and smiled one more time. "Perhaps we
can continue this later?" he purred. Then he bolted from the room
toward the direction of the scream as fast as he could.

Miki blinked a few times.

The campus heard another scream, one a bit more feminine then
the first two, that also seemed to come from the Kiryuu Mansion…


Juri and Nanami, having run out of air in their lungs, had finally
stopped screaming. Despite the lack of oxygen, Nanami somehow
managed to backpedal away from Juri, unfortunately, she ran out of
bed and fell of, landing on her head.

"Ow!" Mumbled Nanami. She shot back up almost immediately,
staring a Juri. "What did you….. Did I….? Did we…….?"

"Get a hold of yourself!" Juri said sharply. Despite the circumstances,
she seemed to be acting like her usual self, a bit detached from the situation.

"But, you are… And I am…. And we…..?

"Stop being so repetitive!" Juri growled.

She was, despite her actions, still trying to sort out what had
happened. Well, actually she had figured that out pretty fast, it was
the how she was thinking about. Drunk or not, she could not see
herself with Nanami. But then again, they did have something in
common. They both knew what it was like to have a unrequited
love. They both knew the pain of that love being betrayed again and
again. And Nanami was cute, Juri realized, although till now she had
never thought of her that way. When she thought about it, Nanami
wasn't the worst possible person to wake up naked next to. She
shuddered. Of all the dreams to remember……

Touga Kiryuu was outside the door of the room the screams had
come from, his hand on the knob. He could swear the screams had
come from this room, but that other one had sounded like… No, it
couldn't be. He opened the door. His eyes did their own version of
what he had seen Miki's eyes do a moment ago. Juri and Nanami. In
the same bed. Naked. As a licensed hentai, he didn't need more
then half a second to figure out what was going on. Touga smiled.
He opened his mouth to say something appropriate, but then it sunk

Juri and Nanami? Juri in bed with another girl sure, but Nanami? His
sister, Big-brother-complex Nanami? Possibly the only 100%
unquestionably straight person in the whole school, Nanami?
Everybody on earth has certain things that anchor him or her to
sanity. There were certain things that Touga held to be fact in life:

1. Only a fool believes he has friends.
2. (Insert chick and egg speech)
3. Always be chivalrous.
4. Nanami and Juri would never, ever be found in the same bed naked together.
5. Translucent hair happens.

One of Touga's anchors had just collapsed. He didn't know what to

Nanami and Juri heard the door open. They turned, and saw Touga
staring in. Touga blinked. Juri and Nanami blinked. Touga smiled
and opened his mouth; as if he was going to say something, then
suddenly closed it again. A funny look was etched across his face.
He closed the door, and walked of in a daze.


Chu Chu walked into another room, still searching for Anthy. He did
not feel good. While searching the Kiryuu Mansion, he was run over
by Touga, who was screaming something like "Your big brother's
coming, Nanami!" Oh well, at least that ordeal was over. He climbed
up a sheet to peer over the foot of the bed. That's when a hand
reached out and grabbed him.

Anthy Himemiya did not feel good. In fact, she had a really really
bad headache. Not like a "Mallet pounding in my brain" headache,
no. It was much much worse. She felt like the million swords of hate
had all impaled themselves in her head. To put it mildly, she was not
in her best disposition at this moment. Green fire burned from her
eyes, penetrating straight into Chu Chu's soul.

"Chu Chu, you have been very bad. I know you spiked that punch. I
know everything that goes on in this school! And I am very, very
pissed." She hissed the last word, in a chilling, deadpan way devoid
of any emotion.

Chu Chu had been stomped on, kicked, attacked by a octopus, and
constantly attacked by the frog, but he had never been more afraid
for his life then in that moment. Saionji looked nicer then this on his
bad days!

Suddenly Anthy noticed some things:

1. She was not in her room.
2. She was naked.
3. There was somebody in the bed with her, also naked.

There was a black-colored variation on a boy's school uniform on
the floor. Only one person she knew had a uniform like that. She
heard a moan. Praying it was the situation that it looked like, she

Utena woke up groaning. She had a splitting headache, and the
light coming in through the window was blinding. What possessed
you to go to a party held at Touga's, girl? That punch tasted a little
funny… Suddenly she noticed some things:

1. She was not in her room.
2. She was naked.
3. There was somebody in the bed with her, also naked.

Not sure what to think, she turned around…..

For the second time that day, Green and blue eyes gazed into each
other. Anthy and Utena looked at each other. Both blinked. Utena's
mouth opened in shock. Anthy, on the other hand, had a look of
pure joy on her face.

Two things happened at this point. From the Kiryuu mansion, yet
another scream blasted across the campus, as loud as the others.
However, this one was followed by another voice screaming out
with equal volume "Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Chu

To be continued????

Next Episode (Maybe)
Utena: Well, This morning was certainly interesting.
Anthy: I slept with Utena!!!!!
(Scene: Touga talking to Akio, looking disturbed)
Utena: I'm not like that!! Am I?
Anthy: I slept with Utena!!!!!! YAY!
(Scene: Wakaba walking in on Utena and Anthy, still in bed)
Utena: Wakaba! This is not what it looks like!!!
Anthy: YES IT IS! (Laughs insanely)
(Scene: Miki, on a ledge, looking like he is about to jump)
Utena: Miki, Don't kill yourself! I got worse, I'm sure!
Utena: This and more in Scream part 2!
Anthy: (Singing) Happy days are here again...