Title: Serenity
Rating: PG
Pairing: Royal Pair – AtoRyo goodness…
Disclaimer: PoT, no matter how much I want it to be mine, is no way mine. There's really no use trying to sue me either. I'm just a penniless college student.
Teaser: Atobe Keigo. Echizen Ryoma. Falling leaves. Enough said. (Can also be viewed as a prequel for 'In the Midst of Solitude and Winter Breeze').

It was a fine Sunday morning.

Atobe Keigo needed some time on his own to relax. No, he didn't mean to soak in his private Jacuzzi at home or getting some massage in exclusive spa. He just needed to be away from his house, to just be Keigo instead of the almighty heir of the Atobe family. Contrary to popular belief, Atobe also had pressure. He was also human after all.

His legs seemed to have a mind of their own. Atobe was surprised to find himself at the entrance of a public park near the town.

He wondered why the park was so lonely. It was Sunday morning. He half expected the place to be swarmed by lovey-dovey couples spouting romantic nonsense to each other. All the better for him to loosen up.

There was a small lake overlooking the city on the left side of the park. The trees provided just the right amount of shadow to lessen the brightness of the sun. They helped regulating the air too. Gazing at the calm lake, Atobe couldn't help but smile at the picture of ultimate serenity. His problems seemed to be in a land far away from this spot, and he wished it could stay that way. Somehow, he knew that it was unlikely to become reality. He had responsibilities and duties to perform. Sighing, he turned to look for a tree he could lean against to savour the view.

He found a peacefully sleeping tennis prodigy instead.

Atobe blinked. He was lucky no one was there or he would have made a fool of himself with that startled look on his face. He walked closer towards the sleeping boy and blinked again. Echizen Ryoma looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. The scowl he seemed to wear all the time was not there. The white cap was also absent from view. The soft breeze and falling leaves gave him an ethereal glow of some sort. At that exact moment, Atobe felt his breath had just been taken away.

Here was the boy who rivalled Tezuka Kunimitsu's strength, sleeping as though he had nothing to fear in the world. Truthfully, Atobe had always been drawn to the boy. Whether it was the skills, his attitude or his look, he couldn't tell. All he knew was there was something about the boy that could make his heart skip a beat. Slowly, he bent down to have a closer look at the sleeping face. He couldn't help but be drawn to Ryoma's slightly parted lips.

Atobe had a sudden urge to kiss the younger boy.

Just a little more centimetres…

A pair of hazel eyes snapped open. "A.. Monkey King? What do you think you're doing?"

Atobe didn't move an inch. He held the boy's gaze and smiled his rare genuine smile. "… You've got dried leaves on your hair."