By Maygin

Summary: Be wary your words, for they infect like poison. short and … well maybe sweet, in a messy five minute kind of way

Note: This just kinda spewed onto the computer after watching the finale last night. I mean it wasn't the foremost thought in my head at the time… but the one that kept niggling me in the back of my mind while trying to process everything so I could sleep. It's not much and I haven't spent any time editing it or making it better… so it's pretty raw. …just couldn't wait ya know?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything SuperNatural… other than my roommate.


Selfish… there was that word again. What the hell? I mean, we've been searching our entire lives for this damned thing; it's what we were trained to do… seek out and destroy the demon that killed mom. And now that we've got it in our sights, I'm being selfish for wanting to finish the job?

Yeah, I get it Dean, you don't want us to die over this… but it's been our entire life man. Our entire lives, searching for this thing; wouldn't it suffice to say that an entire lifetime spent searching for this thing would be well spent if we died to complete our life's work?

Selfish; you know the first time you called me that it was out of anger and hurt feelings… I get that. But this time? What excuse can I pawn this off to this time? And if I did would that be selfish of me in the end anyways; trying to pass off the comment because I simply didn't want to believe it? Well that's fine.

If dying to kill the thing that's taken everything from me is considered selfish then so be it. Because despite what you say, I'm not like Dad… I can't commit the rest of my life to hunting this thing down. I can't. I'm not strong enough and I just don't have it in me. If that makes me selfish, then so be it.