Hey, hey! Its Kirstyn, I'm back with another story! This is the sequel to uh… what was it again? Hmm… oh, right, the sequel to Not Just a Date. This story is called I'm Not the same as you! The description is down there….

DESCRIPTION:-:-:-: alright, ready or not, heres the DESCRIPTION! Crowd goes wild. Alright, Maddie tells Danny and Jazz that they have a little sister! Her name is Kirstyn (ok, it may have my name but it isn't exactly me :P) and she has a little secret even though no one knows… YET! (I made it up, you will find out what it is later on. Jazz and Danny do not know at first and don't suspect a thing…) VLAD IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Now he has new ghosts! There is a little twist! (I like those words.) Danny is fed up and two more people figure out Danny's secret. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT; TWO! Who are they? This story also explains why Valerie was crying so much in the first story. Will Vlad's plan work or will something go terribly wrong? Will Sam find the perfect friend? Read on to find out!


Chapter One: Crying, Pain and Memories.

Valerie sat alone in her room, hoping not to be disturbed. She had locked herself in there a week ago and would travel to the store to get food when she needed to. But if she did leave her house, she would make sure no one saw her. She hadn't stopped crying since the day after she had found out Danny's secret. This was something she kept to herself; avoiding the question whenever it came up. Why are you crying?

"SHUTUP!" yelled Valerie.

She threw an ecto-gun that was lying near by at the wall, knocking down a newspaper article. She read the headline. Is the ghost boy evil? Fight has people thinking. Valerie scrunched up the paper and threw it into her bin.

This isn't healthy for you don't cha know?

"Shut up! I will do what I like, when I like." Valerie told herself.

You are going crazy, you need help.

"I DO NOT NEED HELP!" yelled Valerie.

The first step is admitting it, deep inside, you know that you are going insane.

"How am I going insane?" Valerie asked herself.

Well, firstly you are seeing your mother everywhere; she is convincing you that you killed her.


No Valerie, you need to open your eyes, stop talking to yourself.

"I'm not talking to myself, I'm talking to you." Valerie said.

I AM you! Don't you get it? You've gone insane, you need help! Just admit it Valerie, admit it! Tell someone what you are going through, just tell SOMEONE!

"But no one would understand me." Valerie said.

Your father is always there for you, he is very worried, please Valerie, and get help.

Valerie sighed and ignored the voice in her head. She got up and opened her door. As soon as her father heard this he came rushing to see if it was Valerie. He ran up to her and picked her up like a little child again. He hugged her tightly and was so glad that she had finally gotten out of her room.

"Valerie, I am so glad that you decided to come out!" cried Damon Gray.

"Dad, I need to talk to someone." Valerie sobbed.

"What's wrong sweetie?" asked Damon.

"I killed mom!" Cried Valerie.

"Oh, no Valerie, you didn't kill your mother. It wasn't our fault that she got killed by a ghost." Damon told her.


She ran towards the door and pressed a button on her wrist, making her ghost hunting suit cover her body. She needed to get away and there was only one place she felt that she could take out her anger; the ghost zone.

"Valerie, wait, we can talk!" Damon called out.

"I want to be alone." Snapped Valerie.

She clicked her heals together and flew out of the house. She tried her hardest not to cry. She flew directly to the Fenton Portal and flew around inside the ghost zone. She sat down on the bottom of a cave, thinking about the past.

The night of the terrible death:

Valerie and her mother went for a walk into the town. It was starting to get dark but they kept on walking. Soon they arrived at the swings and Valerie hopped on her favourite one. Her mother pushed her and seemed like she was having a lot of fun.

"Higher mommy, higher!" squealed Valerie.

She was six years old and couldn't care about a thing in the world. Suddenly they heard a noise from the bush. Valerie was curious and ran over to see what it was.

"Valerie no!" cried out her mother.

"I want to see what that thing was." Giggled Valerie.

"Come back Valerie, come back!" cried her mother.

Valerie looked through the bush and gasped. She saw a ghost that had purple skin and brown hair. She was wearing a long medieval dress that was red. She had vampire fangs and was sucking the blood out of a human. Valerie screamed and the ghost flew over to her. Valerie closed her eyes and felt two hands on her, drag her away.

She opened up her eyes and saw her mom, trying to defend her. The ghost grabbed her mom and flew down the path. Valerie chased them until she lost sight of them.

"MOMMY!" screamed Valerie.

She couldn't hear anything. She looked around but couldn't find her mom. Suddenly, she felt two hands on her back. She turned around and screamed, looking into the face of the human whose blood the ghost was sucking. Except it wasn't human anymore, it was a vampire too.

Valerie had watched a cartoon about vampires the past week. It was about a vampire who went around, sucking people's blood. She remembered how the heroine had grabbed a wooden steak and stuck it through the vampire's heart. Valerie's heart was racing as she wriggled free and ran as far away as she could. She noticed that the vampire was gaining on her. She looked around the ground and found a stick. She picked up the stick and pushed it through the vampire's chest.

The vampire cried out in pain and fell to the ground; it was dead. Valerie ran for her life, she ran in the direction of her house. She didn't look for traffic or anything, all that mattered is that she told her dad so that he could hopefully sort out this mess. All she wanted was to see her mother again, safe and happy.

She opened her front door and ran in the house. She couldn't see her dad.

"DAD! DAD WHERE ARE YOU?" Valerie called out to him.

He came rushing into the room, looking very worried.

"What's wrong princess?" asked Damon.

"We were at the park… and… and this ghost… it was s… sucking a humans b-blood a… and… and then the… g-g-ghost got… got… mommy and they… they d-disappeared and the… v-vampire chased… he chased after me a… and I p-put a st-stick through his… his heart and… and I do… don't know where… where mommy… where mommy is!" Valerie cried.

"We have to go out and look for them." Damon was determined to find his wife.

Damon tried to call his wife on her cell phone but she wouldn't pick up. They searched around town, looking for any trace of the missing woman.

"Was it a ghost?" asked Damon.

"Ye… yes it w… was." Sobbed Valerie.

Damon grabbed Valerie's hand and pulled her in the direction of a brick house with a sign at the top. Valerie couldn't read what it said but she just ran after her father. He banged on the door but no one answered. It was ten at night and most people were asleep. He continued to bang on the door when a little boy that looked about Valerie's age came out.

"Fenton works, how can I help you?" Danny asked whilst yawning.

"Are your parents available?" asked Damon.

"Ill go get em. MOM! DAD!" yelled Danny.

Two adults came rushing to the door.

"Hello, how can I help you?" asked the woman.

"Are you the ghost hunters?" asked Damon.

"We sure are!" cheered the man.

"Well, I was wondering… do you have a ghost tracking device?" asked Damon.

"We sure do! Why do you ask?" asked the man.

"I need to find my wife… a ghost… it took her!" cried Damon.

The two adults ran inside quickly and ran back out. They shut the door and started to walk around with a little box in their hands.

"Come on Jack, we need to find a missing person…" said the lady.

A month later:

They hadn't found any trace of Valerie mom or the ghost that took her since that night. They had reported it to the police who thought that they were out of their minds but said they would look into it. No one had seen Jennifer Gray so they announced her as dead. A funeral was held for her family and closest friends.

Through this time Valerie wouldn't talk to anyone. She still hoped that she would one day see her mothers smiling face again, which she doubted she ever will again. There was no body so there was nothing to put in the coffin. Valerie didn't fully get over the passing of her mother because when her mom died, it killed a part of herself.

Valerie cried herself to sleep every night for the next year. It was hard when the anniversary of her death came around but Valerie and her father had lots of support. They weren't the only ones affected by Jennifer's death, it had affected many people.

Jennifer Gray was a caring person, she helped out the starving and defended the weak. Everyone agreed that she didn't deserve this. They thought she would be happy though, she died in the best way possible; saving someone from something that was very scary.

Ever since that moment Valerie told herself that she would find the ghost that killed her mother and hunt it down, no matter what. She then started to take defence classes, anything she could do to help her out. That's why she was glad that Vlad gave her the ghost hunting gear; it brought her a step closer to finding that ghost and ripping it apart.

Valerie stood to her feet and shed a few tears as she remembered that moment. She remembered how she saw Danny for the first time for his life with Jazz. When the two adults had come to the door Danny was playing with Jazz and another girl. She had black hair and looked a lot like Danny.

But Danny and that girl with black hair can't be brother and sister, Danny would know.

But they must be.


You're talking to yourself again.

No, I'm arguing with my thoughts.

Bravo, I'm going now, remember Valerie, if you figure this out, you figure EVERYTHING out.

Valerie clicked her heals together and went off into the ghost zone. Soon she saw a cage floating around, doing nothing. She took a look inside and was surprised at what she saw. Lying on the bottom of the cage was…

"Mr. Masters? Are you okay? What are you doing here?" asked Valerie.

"Valerie… help me!" cried Vlad.

Valerie rushed around and noticed that Vlad had fainted. She tried to look for a key but couldn't find one. She looked for everything, she needed to help this man, for he was the man who gave her a chance, thanks to him she could someday track down that ghost who killed her mother.

Danny sat on his bed with Kelly. They were listening to his new Greenday CD. They heard a faint knock on the door and turned the music down, much to their dislike.

"Come in." Danny told them.

"Kelly, can I have a minute with Danny?" asked Maddie.

"sure." Kelly sighed.

Kelly sunk through the floor because the Fenton's had known and accepted her ever since the whole stage thing. Maddie sat down next to Danny and put her arm around Danny's shoulder.

"Danny, I know I should have told you this before but… you have a 13 year old sister named Kirstyn." Maddie said.

Valerie finally found something that could break open the cage. She picked the lock with one of her advanced gadgets and opened the door.

"v-Valerie… you saved me." whispered Vlad.

"Its ok Mr. Masters, I will get you home." Valerie told him.

She held onto Vlad and started to move away. Suddenly he faded from her view.

"M… Mr. Masters?" Valerie called out to him.

Down below Vlad was laughing to himself. He knew that someone who didn't know his secret would come and rescue him. I did a good job, I should be an actor. Vlad thought to himself. He laughed out loud and then disappeared in a puff on smoke…