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Happy Endings.

Maddie and Jack sat back down on the chair with Damon following them. when he saw his long lost wife his face brightened and he wrapped his arms around her. he gave her a kiss on the lips and shed a few tears of joy.

Everyone decided that they should have a big discussion about what had happened so they could make sure everyone understood everything.

"Jen baby I cant believe you're here!" cried Damon.

"Damon I missed you and Val so much!" Jennifer cried with joy as she was reunited with her husband.

"why don't we discuss what we have come here to discuss?" suggested Damon.

"right." Giggled Jennifer.

They took a seat at the couch as Danny, Kelly, Kirstyn and Valerie all took turns in explaining everything including the parts about Danny and Kelly being halfa's and Kirstyn being a Fregher. Soon it was Jennifer's turn to explain what had happened over the years.

"well that night when Valerie and I went for a walk the ghost pulled me off. I tried to escape but she wouldn't let me. I was scared but I wanted to make sure Valerie was okay. She teleported us onto an island in the ghost zone which I later found out was Skulker's lair.

He kept me in a cage and was planning on selling me to a ghost so I could work for them. one day Vlad came and bought the vampire ghost known as Hannah and I. we were then put into cages and he found out my name. he did some research and decided to plot against me. he said it was his most genius plan so far. He told me he would give Valerie ghost hunting equipment, kill me and get Valerie to destroy me so I wasn't even a spirit.

We were kept in cages for ages and getting fed barely anything. Soon he transported us into the castle that he owns now. Then you guys found me and rescued me. I owe my whole life to you teenagers, thank you so much." Jennifer Gray thanked everyone who rescued her.

Kirstyn was thinking about the fight and remembered something. They had left two things in Vlad's castle.


Suddenly Cujo and Rachane appeared in front of everyone and they were sleeping with their heads on each other.

"they are so cute." Sighed Kirstyn.

"hopefully they don't make halfa dogs, that would be funny." Danny joked.

Everyone had a good laugh, the first one in ages. Valerie was finally happy again. Jennifer was glad to be out of a cage and the Fenton's had never been any closer.

"we are just a family of freaks." Danny said.

The End.

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