Chapter 11

"Hey, and welcome to Benny's Burger Bar. How can I help you?" said a blonde girl, in a bored tone. She spent too many hours in this awful place. And all for what? One dollar fifty an hour.

"Can I have four cheeseburgers? And a coke. And a coffee. And two lemonades? And fries. Four packs of fries. It's not all me eating it!" another blonde said, smiling sympathetically at the girl behind the counter. She pulled out a twenty dollar bill, and handed it over. "You keep the change. And totally make sure that you get it. I know how it feels to earn the dismal wage that they pay you."

"You worked here?" the worker is suddenly interested. "But aren't you Keely Teslow? The famous news reporter?"

Keely nodded, and smiled. "And you're Becky?"

"You know me?" Becky blushed bright red.

Keely smiled. "I read your tag."

"Oh," Becky blushed even more.

Keely ignored this, and carried on. "But Becky, the point is, you work here, figure out how much it sucks, and then do everything in your power not to end up like all the fifty-year-olds working here."

Becky laughed, and handed Keely her order. "Thanks."

"No problem. I know how it feels to be a teenager, an employee of this Burger Bar and a dreamer. Keep dreaming Becky. Plus, that guy over there, is totally checking you out," Keely finished, taking her stuff and walking over to the table, where three other people were sitting. A blonde man and a brunette woman were holding hands, and a dark-haired man was waving at her from across the room.

"Who was that?" Owen asked, tilting his head over in the direction of Becky, who was staring at Keely's back in admiration.

Keely grinned. "A fan. A teenager. An exact replica of me when I was that age. Take your pick."

"So you played the part of advice columnist?" Via asked, taking a fry and popping it into her mouth.

Keely took her lunch, and nodded. "It was the least I could do."

"Keely likes giving people advice. And making people feel better. And hugging them when they're down. And kissing them. Or wait, is that just Phil?" Owen asked, tearing the paper off of the straw.

Phil laughed. "It's just me."

"Shame," Owen said, earning a punch on his arm from Via. "Ow!"

Keely rolled her eyes. "Owen, you seriously have to stop saying stuff like that, and then complain when you're long term girlfriend punches you on the arm. If Phil said something like that, he'd be paying for weeks."

"Oh really?" Phil said, disbelievingly, biting a fry.

"Yes, really," Keely retorted. "I'd give you the silent treatment."

Phil clutched a hand to his heart. "Say it's not so!"

"Shut up," Keely said, fighting the urge to smile. "So, what's up with my best friends then?"

Via looked at Owen, and smiled. "Check it out yourself." She extended a hand, and Keely gasped at the sight of the rock that was on one of her fingers.

"No way! And you waited until we were here to tell us?" Keely screeched.

"Well, this was where you told us about your big news. Both of the announcements you made were here," Via said, looking ecstatic. "So we thought that this was the official announcement place."

Keely smiled.

"That's awesome, you guys. I knew you liked him, Via!" Phil joked, and grinned at both of them.

They had been dating for about as long as Phil and Keely had, and even though they'd waited a bit longer to get married, they looked glad that it was happening.

"Speaking of which, the kid is due, when?" Owen asked, beckoning to Keely.

Phil laughed. "October. Is that alright with you?"

"So, we're thinking of a date for the wedding. And we wanted to check when the baby was due, so that we could work around that. Before or after?" Via asked. "Presuming you guys want to come."

"Of course we want to frikin come!" Keely cried.

Via smiled. "Okay, so obvious, you're my bridesmaid. Or maid of honour. Do they have those in America?"

"Diffo, you're my best man," Owen stated, not giving Phil a choice. Not that Phil would have declined the offer, it was just a weird way to put it.

"So, before or after?" Via asked.

Keely shrugged. "Maybe before. After might be difficult. But heck, it's you're frikin wedding, you decide!"

"Before?" Via turned to Owen and asked.

"Before," he agreed.

Keely clapped her hands. "Okay, so me and you need to plan everything. Dress, flowers, location. Food! We need to plan food!"

"Keely, calm down. You have a while. About another seven months," Via calculated.

"But you did all that fabulous stuff for me, so you deserve something in return. So, your wedding is going to be the second best wedding in the world!" Keely said.

Via wrinkled her nose. "Second best?"

"Besides mine, obviously," Keely smiled, and looked at Phil, who squeezed her hand.

Via laughed, and took a bite of her cheeseburger.

"How are you so cool about all this?" Keely asked in disbelief. She hadn't eaten anything since their announcement.

Owen had finished his cheeseburger, and was now attacking his French fries. Via just smiled.

Phil rolled his eyes at Keely, and took one of her fries.

"Stop taking my food!" she snapped, and hit his hand lightly. "I'm eating for two now!"

Phil sighed. "You're not eating at all!"

"That isn't the point," Keely said. "And you know it."

Via groaned, but it was fake. "Is this what married life is like? Owen, what are we letting ourselves in for?"

Keely smiled, and began eating again.

Four friends, eating around the table. Each happy in their own way.

Then and now.

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