OK, just a little story that decided it wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. Not sure where it's going, but I suppose we'll find out a some point. Sucky title, but it's all I could think of.

Her World

Chapter 1 - Alone

Summary: Andy left S.F for New York, unaware Prue was carrying his child. Now he's back ... and threatening to tip her world upside down ... All 4 sisters and magic. They've been witches for a while. It's not really important how long.

Five Years Ago

Prue climbed into the car, grabbing the sterring wheel to stead her shaking hands. Nerves were making her feel sick ... No, not just nerves, she reminded herself. Something else ... something else inside her.

She couldn't help but feel a leap of excitement at that thought. No matter what Andy said, her life was going to change forever. And she wouldn't change it.

She cast her mind back over the years, and the car began to move. She and Andy had been childhood sweethearts, but he'd left her, to go to college. It had broken her heart ... And yet, she was almost glad it had happened. Those years apart from Andy had made her realise how much she loved him. Stopped her taking him for granted. And when he'd come back, almost a month ago, she could hardly bear the joy she felt. And now ...

She was ready to tell him. Tell him she loved him, and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. With him and their child.

But he had something to tell her to, she remembered. He had asked her to meet him, he had something important to say. Was he about to tell her he loved her?

She smiled a little, turning the steering wheel, visions of their future together dancing before her eyes. Once he knew about the baby, he'd propose, because Andy always did things properly. And they'd probably move out of the manor, which wasn't so great, but she knew he wouldn't take her far away from her sisters. And maybe in a few years to come, they'd have another child ...?

She gave herself a little shake. She was rushing ahead of herself. She didn't even know what he was going to say. He might be breaking up with her ... but he sounded so happy on the phone.

She parked the car and climbed out, travelling on foot to the spot she knew he'd be waiting in. Their spot.

He was their, sat on their swing, pushing it lazily back and forth with his foot. Slowly, he turned his head, and his face broke into a smile. No, he couldn't be breaking up with her. He'd at least have the decency to look upset.

"Hi." She smiled, sitting down next to him.


"So ... um ... you have something to tell me?" She asked nervously. Me too. She added silently.

"Yes. Listen, Prue, I'm leaving."

"Huh? What - what - what do you mean?"

"I got a job offer. In New York."

"New York?" She repeated, as realisation hit. He was breaking up with her.

"Yes. It's great, Prue, a great opportunity."

"So ... you've taken it?" What about me! She wanted to scream, but she didn't.

"Yeah. I mean, I hate that I'm leaving you ... I wish you could come -"

"Why can't I?"

"You know why. You have your sisters, your magic. I'm gonna miss you Prue -" She felt dizzy, dizzy with pain.

"But - but - I love you!" She cried, tears sliding down her face, thick and fast. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. It wasn't how she'd planned it.

He looked at her, taking in ever detail of her face. "I love you too." He breathed. "But ... I have to go." He reached up and wiped a tear away from her face. She nodded, tried to smile and failed miserably.

The baby.

How could she tell him now? He was so excited about going, she could see that. If she told him, it would destroy his life.

Or he might not care. If he wouldn't stay for her, would he stay for their baby? She didn't know, and she didn't want to.

She wouldn't tell him. She let him go off to New York with a smile on his face, and she'd stay here and pick up the pieces.

"Don't cry, Prue." He whispered, and she nodded again, then stood up, and began to walk back to her car. He watched her go, not bothering to call after her. It would only make things worse, he was sure. He had to let her go.

She stopped the car half way home, and cried, harder and longer than she ever had. That was the last time she ever cried. That was the moment she close her heart forever.


"Mummy?" A childish voice interrupted Prue's eyes. She put down her hairbrush, and turned to face the little girl in the doorway. "Aunt Paige told me to get you up." She said. "It's a 'mergency."

"Emergency." Prue corrected. Her daughter was five now, and it was only laziness stopping her pronouncing the word in full. "What's wrong?"

"And Piper got a phone call saying aunt Phoebe was in the hospital."

"What!" Prue jumped up, and ran to the door, picking her daughter up and carrying her down the stairs. Piper and Paige were stood at the bottom, both still in their nightclothes. "What happened?" She asked desperately.

"Calm down, it's nothing serious. Phoebe went out early, and got hit by a car."

"Hit by a car!" Prue was worried, but she couldn't help but feel relieved. Her sister had more chance of surviving a car accident than a demon attack.

"Yes, she's at the hospital -"

"I'll got pick her up." Prue said, setting her daughter down.

"Is aunt Phoebe OK?" The dark-haired girl asked, her brown eyes looking directly into Prue's blue ones. Andy's eyes, Prue noted, as she had done so many times since the birth of her little girl. It had been hard, doing everything alone, she remembered. Most of all, picking her name. Something she and Andy should have done together.

She had settled on Gina, eventually, but on nights when she couldn't sleep, she wondered if Andy would have liked it. If he'd have agreed to call her that.

"Prue?" Piper shook her from her thoughts.

"Oh, right." With that she ran out of the door, then ran back into the house, grabbed her car keys, and ran back out.

"Hi, um, I'm looking for my sister, Phoebe Halliwell." She said to the receptionist.

"One second please." She turned to the guy next to me. "What's the name again?"

"Inspector Andrew Trudeau. Homicide. Dr Gordon's expecting me." Andrew Trudeau? It can't be.

She glanced sideways at him, and, recognising him immeadianly, turned away quickly, attempting to hide her face.

"Your sister's name?" The receptionist asked Prue.

"Phoebe." She cringing, knowing Andy could hear her, "Halliwell."

"Prue?" Yep, he'd heard her.

"Andy?" She said, feigning surprise.

"Prue! I don't believe it. How are you?"

"I'm good. How are you?" That's when the annoying little voice started. Tell him, tell him. Tell him, tell him.

"Fine. I just can't believe I'm running into you."

"Yeah, I'm picking up Phoebe. She had some kind of accident." Prue explained, wondering how quickly she could get away.

"Is she gonna be okay?"

"Yeah, she'll be fine. Um, what are you doing here?"

"Murder investigation." He said. Not knowing what to say to that, she said nothing. Tell him, tell him. Tell him, tell him.

The awkward silence was broken by the receptionist's return.

"Your sisters still in x-ray's so it'll be another fifteen minutes." She told Prue, then turned to Andy. "Dr. Gordon's office is to the left and down the hall. He's with a patient right now but you're free to wait outside his office.

"Thank you." Andy smiled.

"Thank you." Prue echoed.

"Well, it's good seeing you, Prue." He said, shaking her hand.

"Yeah, you too, Andy. Take care." She muttered. I'm never going to see him again. I don't have to tell him.

"You know, Phoebe's busy, Dr Gordon's busy. Can I buy you a black cup of coffee while we wait?" He asked her.

"Sure." Prue replied, even though it was the last thing she wanted. They started walking towards the coffee machine, and she wondered if he was in town for good. "So, you're an inspector now?"

"What can I say? In any other city I'd be called detective." He smiled.

"Inspector's classier."

"Liking it better already." Prue paused, wondering what that meant.

"Your dad must be so proud." She said eventually.

"Third generation. You bet his happy. How about you? You taking the world by storm?"

"Well, I'm still living at home, working at 415 magazine, and uh ... still fighting demons." She had thought about telling him ... but how exactly could she say it? "By the way, we have a five-year-old-daughter?


"I thought you were in New York?" She asked him.

"I'm back." He shrugged.


"You saw Andy!" Phoebe half-laughed as she climbed into the car. "Did you tell him?" She asked seriously. Prue shook her head.

"No, and I'm not going to. What's the point? Not like I'm going to see him again anyway."

"But I thought you said he was back in town?"

"I did. The city's big."

"Not that big."

"Please, just drop it." Prue pleaded, and, to her relief, Phoebe did.

Back to normal, right?

Well, what do you think?