Here we go, the last chapter of Her World ...

Chapter 11 - Once Again

Two and a Half Months Later

Andy looked around him nervously. Most of his stuff was in boxes and bags - he had a week to go before leaving San Francisco behind. And Prue.

But he wouldn't make the same mistake as last time. Sure, she'd acted like she didn't care ... but he loved her too much to just leave without trying. He'd sworn to himself he'd go see her before he left ...

And now was a good a time as any.

"Uh." Prue muttered, heaving the bags onto the worktop.

"Why did we have to by all this now again?" She asked.

"Come on, Prue. You always like to be prepared, right?" Phoebe smiled, putting another few bags of baby stuff on the counter too. "Besides, all this baby stuff was so cute!"

"Right." Prue sighed. "But we have a whole five months before the baby'll be here." She pointed out.

"So? Hey, have you started thinking of names? I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl ..."

"No idea." Prue lied, the image of a little boy forcing it's way, once again, into her thoughts. "And no, I haven't started thinking of names."

"Maybe you should. How about -"


"Saved by the bell. I'll get it!" She smiled., bounding out of the kitchen. Anything to get away from Phoebe and her baby-fever.

Andy pressed the bell nervously, knowing than if he knocked, she'd know it was him. She always had - and vice versa.

A connection.

The door seemed to take forever to open ... slowly ... slowly ...

Her eyes widened and a little gasp escaped her mouth.

"Andy?" She whispered.

"Hi. Can we talk?" He said brightly.

"Um ... this isn't a good time." She was already showing, and the top she was wearing didn't even attempt to hide it. This was bad.

"Well ... when is?" He asked disappointedly.

"Um ..." She'd have liked to say "five months" but she felt he'd be really suspicious then. She'd just have to face the music.

Slowly, she opened the door a little wider, then a little more. Another inch and ...

It was his turn to gasp.

"You - you're -"

She nodded.

"Who - who's the -"

"You." She whispered, her mouth suddenly dry, her heart beating so hard it hurt, so loud she was sure Andy could hear it.

"Me?" He repeated, his mind whirring. "Again? But ... And you didn't think to tell me this?" He snapped, suddenly angry. "Once again, Prue, you've kept the fact that I'm a dad from me. Why? What kind of kick do you get out this!"

"I didn't think you'd want to know! You want your high-paid job. Not me and two kids." She told him, as loudly as he'd spoke to her, as she backed away a little. She'd never seen him angry. Of course, she knew he wouldn't hurt her ... the door, maybe, but he'd never hurt her.

"Prue, of course I'd want to know! Do you think I'd have liked to come back in five years and find out I had another five year old!" As she'd suspected, he did a little spin and kicked the door.

"I didn't expect you to come back!" She was yelling now, but it felt great. "You're not totally innocent in all of this! You didn't want to stick around for Gina, why would you want to stick around for this one!"

"What? I'd love to stick around for Gina! But I couldn't stay here, and see her and know that nothing could ever happen between you and me!" He was yelling too. Behind them, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo were watching with interest. In the living room, hidden from the rest, Gina was listening too.

Who knew grown-ups had such interesting conversations. She thought, her own mind working over time, peicing the words together. Did this mean ... ?

"What is that supposed to mean!" Prue yelled.

"It's supposed to mean I LOVE YOU!" He cried. "And I wish you felt the same!"

"MAYBE I DO! Did you ever think of that? Did you ever think MAYBE I was just trying to protect myself? Did you ever think that you talking about leaving was the same as telling me you didn't CARE? Did you ever think MAYBE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I'd rather push you away than lose you?" She wasn't shouting anymore - she was close to tears.

"Prue ..." He murmured, not sure what to say. He'd been torturing himself for the past month with the thought that she didn't give a damn about him. And all the time ...

A single tear rolled down her face as she looked at him. She loved him more that she'd known. And the thought of him leaving her again ...

He wrapped his arms around her in a comforting hug. She buried her face in his neck, trying not to cry harder. He was the only guy who'd ever made her cry ...

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you." He replied, seeing her sisters and Leo. He sent them a smile, knowing that now, everything was going to be OK. They were finally together.

And nothing would break them apart again.

"Mum?" Gina's voice broke them apart, as she walked out of the living room. "Who is that guy?"

"This?" Prue said, turning to face her daughter and brushing her tears away. "This is ... your daddy."

Gina's eyes widened, and confusion passed over her face.

"This guy?" She said, looking unimpressed.

"Yeah, this guy." Prue said. "I swear honey, he's better than he looks." She added in a whisper.


"C'mere." Prue smiled to her daughter, and Gina walked over. Lifted up by both of her parents, she felt herself being hugged tightly - by her mum and her dad.

About time.

And that's the end. I'm gonna be sad to stop writing it ... sigh. But I hope you all enjoyed it and you'll continue to read my stories. Thanks to all readers and reviewers.