Chapter Nine

Grissom was grateful that he had at least organized the expense reports while watching the hatching pupae. It reduced the amount of work on the report that he was now forced to try to rush to complete. He was pretty sure he could get the report done in time. But it would be close.

After two hours of frantic pounding on the keyboard, Grissom knew he'd make the deadline. He only needed to rationalize the request for increased funds. He needed to organize his thoughts.

Grissom closed his tired eyes while he pondered his best persuasive strategy. But when he closed his eyes, he saw Sara's face. Specifically, the expression of hurt that he saw when he demanded she leave his office. Not just saw on her face, the expression he put there himself with his actions. Again, Sara was preventing him from doing his job.

His job. The same job that kept him from pursuing her all these years. The same job that caused him to speak to her in a way that tore open his heart. The same job that was now keeping him from breakfast with Sara. The meal that had become their special time together.

Sara was more important than this job. It wasn't Sara that was jeopardizing his job. It was the job that was jeopardizing his future with Sara.

Grissom put his face in his hands and rested his elbows on his desk. He cleared his mind and thought about what he wanted most from his life. With a new focus, he knew what he had to do. He would finish this report. Additional funding would help the team. He could do a good job as supervisor and criminalist. But what he wanted most in life was to be with Sara. Diligent work on that goal would start as soon as this report was finished.

"I brought you breakfast," said Sara gently as she stood in his door. Grissom raised his head from his hands and looked at Sara with disbelief. After he hurt her, she still cared enough to bring him breakfast.

"Gris, are you alright?" Sara was concerned and moved into the room.

"No, I'm not," said Grissom softly.

"I'm tired. Tired of spending hours doing reports that bore me to death. Tired of missing out on time with my friends. Tired of spending all of my life in this lab." Grissom looked around his office and slowly rose from his chair.

"I'm tired of going home alone to an empty apartment." Grissom began moving toward Sara as he spoke. "I want to go home at a reasonable hour to the woman I love. I want to watch the Discovery channel or read the latest journals with her. I want to go to bed and make tender love to her and fall asleep in her arms and wake up with her in mine."

"I want…you, Sara."

Sara was breathing fast and her face was flushed. "You've always had me, Grissom. All you ever had to do was reach out."

Grissom raised his right arm and reached out to cup Sara's face in his hand. Slowly, he raised his left arm and held Sara's face as he moved toward her lips. The kiss was tender and tentative. After pulling back and looking deep into her eyes for affirmation, Grissom kissed her again. The second was more intense, and Sara wrapped her arms around Grissom's waist, holding him fast. As their kiss became more passionate, Sara pulled back.

"How much more work do you have to do to finish the report?" asked Sara, breathless.

"I just have the increase argument to go. Maybe another half hour." Grissom was also breathless.

"Why don't I quit distracting you." Grissom started to protest, but Sara put her finger to his lips. "I'll go home, shower, and grab a few things. I'll meet you at your place in about an hour."

Grissom smiled, gave Sara a peck on the lips, and released her. "I like your plan." He hurried back to his desk to finish his paper work.

Sara started out the door, but hesitated. She turned. "Grissom?" Grissom looked up. "Can we skip watching the discovery Channel and journal reading for today?"

Grissom took off his glasses and smirked. "I think that can be arranged. Just today, right?"

"For now," answered Sara, mischievously. She turned and left.

Grissom was certain no report was ever finished so quickly.

The End

Author's note: chapter ten was to be the consumation of their relationship. But that has proved to be more than will be accepted on this website. Consequently, it has become a sequel, Now It's Personal, published on my website. The URL is listed in my profile.