Chapter Forty-Four: That Vacation I Spoke Of

So I was going to take a vacation and no one could stop me. I wasn't hiding...I was fine, anyway, so what if I got the unfortunate news that my brother I always thought could still be out there somewhere in this world was more than likely dead and therefore I wouldn't be seeing him ever again...It happens...

So I just told everyone (Speedy, the team, Beast Boy...) that I was missing my school chums and wanted to get in touch. We'd been corresponding a little through letters and whatnot, and I was going to surprise them all by showing up...I have no idea in any way where Lani was at the time, but I would figure it out...hopefully...

But there was the matter of Sarah. She knew exactly what I was doing and why I was doing it...I mean, she would never tell, since I have some dirt on her that would be unfortunate for me to her certain affections for a certain water-bending hero residing in the Tower...but of course I won't have to reveal that! Plus she's pretty good about promising stuff. She will keep my deep scary secrets, thank God.

So I packed some stuff, not too much because I didn't want to have to carry it all over the world, but enough. I was going to take a train to Boston to see Tina first. Sarah'd come to see me off like the kindly friend she was. I was loading in my bag, thinking, I'm not just running away again...Not just running away again...Not--

"Keep telling yourself that, friend."

"Okay, I'm sure I didn't say that out loud." She never believes me.

"And I'm sure my good friend is looosing it."

"Sure. Sure. Whatever you say, I mean, you are the psychic one."

"Exactly. Now promise me Teazy--"

"Wait, what, Teazy?"

"Your new name."


"Promise me Teazy that you are coming back after this, and that when you come back you'll get into hysterics with me?"

"Why would I get into hysterics--?"


"DON'T answer that."

"...Fine. Because you know why you should be in hysterics, Leopold Bloom."


"Leopold Bloom? The Producers? Mel Brooks?!"

"Yeah, no. Nothing coming."

"Yeah, you're watching that with me when you get back."

"Fine. The trains about to leave, skedaddle home skillet."

She hugged me, saying "Loves!"

"Loves," I returned.

"Come back in one piece, I beg of you!"

"Very well. Bye."

"BYE!!" she screamed as loud as humanly possible. Normal people would be embarrassed. Surely, not I.

I took my seat in the train just as it was starting to move. Sarah waved at me like a crazy person, which I gladly returned tenfold.

We left the station when I started thinking about my last ride on a train. This one was a lot less sobby. This one was more crowded...The worst thing about this one though?

I started thinking about Wally. I wondered where he might be at that moment. The thing I loved about that guy was that if you needed him, anywhere in the world, he could seriously be there in five seconds. Lonely and oh-so bored on this train, I decided to call him to have a chat.

"KF? You there?" I asked into my communicator.

"Teazy?" came the voice of Wally himself.

"Oh no. Please tell me you have not been talking to Sarah."

"Oh, but I have. One day I was using the voice-activated calling person thingy, trying to talk to you, I said 'call Terra' but I guess it got jumbled and it called Sarah instead. We had quite the interesting chat."

"Great. What else has she told you?"

"You're running from something."

I was flabbergasted. That's right, flabbergasted! "She told you?"

"Well, not what you were running from (she said that was your business) but that once again you were running from something too difficult to face head on even though she thought you'd end up all right."

"That biotch..."

"Hey, she's only looking out for you Teazy."

"Well I'm going to be just fine, don't you worry about me."

"Whatever you say."

"...How's Jinx?"




"Aww, not the power couple of 2006!"

"Yes, the power couple of 2006. We're not broken up or anything, just sort of separate at the moment."

"Aww. What happened?"

"I'd...rather not go into it."

"Fine. You better get her back soon, studmuffin."

"Studmuffin? Really?"

"Why not, I'm Teazy, aren't I?"

"Fine, all right. Oh by the way, I never got mad at you for revealing my name to everyone."

"I simply don't know what you're talking about."

"Sure...Listen Teazy, I have to go."

"Okay, fine. Get the girl back now, Wa-Wa."

"Ew. Don't call me that."


"...bye Teazy..." he grumbled.

The train ride was also much shorter than the last one, so in no time I arrived in Boston and traversed directly to Harvard. It was around lunch and I was entirely starved, so I thought Tina might be in the lunch hall placey. I thought it would be a long shot, but somehow I found her quickly. I shouted across the noisy room to her:


She looked up, smiled like crazy and ran to me saying, "TARA MARKOV!!"

I ran to her and, all movie-like and shit, we hugged. Aww.

"Oh my god! What are you doing here?!"


"Praise the lord, the girl is back!"

"Oooh, cute manic--" I was about to compliment Tina on her awesome nails, when I noticed a certain diamond on a certain left hand of hers. "What the fricking hell is this?!"

"An. Engagement ring!"

"Matt proposed to you?!" I asked, jumping up and down like I was Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.


"When were you going to tell me this?!"

"I had to tell you in person, and I couldn't get away!"

"When did this happen?"

"Well," came a voice from behind us, "I couldn't stand the thought of my Tina not having one if I couldn't be in the same school with her."

"MATTIE!!" Tina ran to hug her fiancé.

"Needed to give her something to remember me by."

"Oh my god, when are you guys getting married?" I asked.

"Not until after college, we decided."

"What about going to graduate school Tina? Still gonna be a doctor?"

"Being a doctor is hard! I'll need a husband to get me through that."

"I see. Have it all planned out, dontcha?"

"Yes! We do," she declared as he kissed her.

The three of us ate lunch together while we conversed. Matt talked about the school he was going to, Boston University, and how even though he couldn't get into Harvard like Tina, he had to be in the same city. He said even being in the same city, he worried about them not seeing each other enough. That was when, he said, he realized he wanted to marry her. So he bought her a ring and hid it in her luggage while he was helping her unpack. She found it later that night, hitched a ride to his school and said yes. They looked so happy. It was great. And I know that doesn't sound sincere, but it really was, believe me! Please?

"Now leave us, Matthew, we have more important things to do than hang out with boys."

"Ohh, but I was having fun!" he joked.

"We'll all have breakfast tomorrow. Promise," she said, kissing him.

Kissing him.

Still kissing him.


They stared.

"Are not."

"Are too!"

"Are not."


Tina and Matt said their goodbyes and he left for his school.

"Sure landed a keeper, Tina."

"And what about you?" she asked, turning to me.

"Have I landed a keeper?"

"That would be the question."

"Oh...well, then..."

"Or not? Hmm..."

The subject was unceremoniously changed, as per usual. Tina, Lani and Sherri knew all about my male patterned drama, I didn't need to explain to her...she knew, anyway. She understood that Speedy...

Speedy was fine. He was a boyfriend. Fun. Dynamite kisser. Immature. Not...serious. Beast boy was amazing. A real post-college boyfriend. A potential husband boyfriend. Hilarious. Perfect. Lovable. Imperfect...

But the fact was that I was with Speedy now...they understood that. I understood that...but did he understand it? He barely knew I dated Beast Boy. He knew, but he didn't. You know?

So Tina barely brought it up again. I hung out at her dorm that night, slept over slumber-party style...Fun stuff, ya know? But I wanted to leave...I knew the longer I stayed, the more she'd pester...It would end up like that with all my trips. Wanna see?


Heey, why is that the separator bar?



I'm in New Jersey, now. Or I WAS in New Jersey now. Whatever. I got stuck in traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge, and exited my taxi after the first hour. Long bridge, man.

Of course, I got lost, and I probably would have made it to Seton Hall faster had I remained in my taxi, but who gives? I landed there at like, five in the evening to find Sherri already waiting for me.

"You knew I was coming?"

"Yeah! Tina leaked the information to me. YAY!"

"YAY!" We hugged.

"Sharon!" yelled a perky blonde from across the courtyard.

"...shit..." mumbled Sherri.

"What? What is it?"

"Hiiide!" Sherri ran up a tree like they do in the cartoons and I was left to deal with the blonde.

"Hi! I'm Kelley! Kelley Greene! You know, like the color? My parents thought it was hilarious, but I really think its a bother, people point it out to me all the time!" the girl squeaked happily.

"Oh. Hi! I'm Tara...Markov. My parents didn't think my name was hilarious."

"That's nice! Were you just talking to Sharon?"

"Sharon? Oh, I don't know anyone named Sharon..." I played dumb, being dumb myself to my situation.

"Oh, poo! She sometimes goes by Sherri (I don't know why!)?"

"No, no one here but me. I think I did see a girl with black hair go that way!" I pointed in some obscure direction.

"Oh thanks! That's so sweet of you! BYE!!"

"What the hell was that?" I asked Sherri, coming down from the tree.

"Sorority president!"


"Not here...come to my dorm, I got like four roommates who won't be there..."

And we were there. MAAAAAGIC!

"Okay...Remember I told you I pledged?"


"Well...they won't leave me alone!!"

"Oh. Sucks."



"All the time, it's them in their polo shirts talking about going to the frat parties trying to get me to assimilate!"

"Aww...Poor Sherri. And they--"

"Insist upon calling me Sharon!! I think it's more...New England to them!"

"Strange, as we aren't IN New England."

"...Shut up!" She threw a pillow at me."

Good times. So we avoided the outside world at all costs. We ordered Chinese, watched some netflix, and partied with Sherri's roomies. Well, one refused...something about a test tomorrow? Ah, poor college children. But at night, of course, the question came...

"And how are you doing? And you know what I mean."

"I've told you guys...we've written, called, IMed...I'm fine."

"Fine is never fine when you say it like that."

I didn't say anything.

"But that's okay. We shouldn't bother you...This is all your choice, after all. Who are we to tell you how crazy you are for leaving? How good you were together? How...?"

I shot a look at her.

"...Exactly. Who are we to say?...because you know already."

I'd really wanted to stay longer...too bad.




So I hung out in Europe for quite a while. It was fun, actually. I felt weird going to all the clichéd places like we said...without him.

But I broke down and called her cell, asking where she was and say that I was coming. So I ended up in London (where I should have gone first...). We met up on the ferris wheel. Awesome shit.

"How's England, Lani?" I snuck up behind her to ask.

"Terra!!" she hugged me. Yeah. We likes da hugs.



Five minutes later??

"HUGE...FREAKING...WHEEL!!" We screamed, reaching the top.

We laughed.

"So guess what, T-bear?"


"I'm not going to bring up B-bear. Because I know the other's've grilled you already. And I can get the dirt from them."

"You won't get any, actually. They've been told nothing. Now. Slept with any cute European boys you can communicate with?"

She rolled her eyes.


Mine widened. "SERIOUSLY?? I was kidding!"

I jubilated in our gossip. Seeing as I knew my good friend would not bug me, I had intentions of staying for quite a while. But that night...



It was the middle of the night actually, and I had to pick up.

"TRUBEL!?" I slurred.

"Terra? It's late, isn't it?"

"Yeahh...there's no trouble, huh?" I asked Sarah.

"No. No trouble. But...are you ready to come home, now?"

I sensed urgency in her voice. No, nothing humongous was happening. You know what I'm talking about, that happens later...I won't mention it til then. She just wanted me home. So...I left.


I know it's terrible, but its HERE!! I promise they won't all suck like this but I wanted you guys to have it!! You've been more than patient. I understand if only Bill and Tia read...I'll be sad but I'll understand!!