Disclaimer: Ancelstierre, the Old Kingdom, and everything within them belong to Garth Nix.

Five Great Charters

Five Great Charters knit the land

Together linked, hand in hand

One in the people who wear the crown

Two in the folk who keep the Dead down

Three and Five became stone and mortar

Four sees all in frozen water.


Our story begins many centuries after Orannis was defeated, after Yrael was bound, and after the Seven first created the Charter. Charter magic has become a fundamental part of life in the Kingdom, and Charter Mages are in the flower of their knowledge and skill.

Despite this, many Free Magic beings still trouble the Kingdom.

Although Ancelstierre has just been founded, the Wall is not yet complete.

The powers of the Seven are waning, and they sense that it is time to leave the world – yet their powers are what sustain the Charter, and therefore must be passed on to ensure its continued existence.

Two of the Shining Ones have already departed. Decades ago, Dyrim gifted her powers to the present King's grandfather, making the Royal family the First Great Charter. Only three moons ago, Lord Abhorsen received the power of Saraneth, becoming the Second Great Charter. Five of the Seven remain.

We begin at the royal palace in Belisaere…