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Romeo walked in the room and almost walked right back out again. Louis was hooked up to so many machines he looked like a robot. There was that bleeping thing that measured the heart rate that was so damn annoying in those stupid hospital soap-operas.

"Hey Ro."

Romeo seriously would have left. But how could he leave now? Louis had obviously seen him. He couldn't blow him off. So he sat down, trying to ignore the casts that covered Louis's body or the fact that he was sleeping on his stomach because his back was covered in angry red welts. "Hey Louis." His voice came out so squeaky he nearly killed himself.

Louis tried to smile. "Haven't seen you lately."

To true. Romeo had stayed away from the hospital, even through someone from his family was there nearly 24/7. He just couldn't take looking at people hurt, especially if he knew them.

"Yeah, well...you know." Romeo was ashamed that Louis had noticed. Maybe he had wanted to talk to Romeo. They hadn't been close friends ― they never hung out with the same people at school ― but that fact was that Romeo was still Louis's 'brother'.


They sat in silence for a minute...two minutes...

"Hey Ro?" Louis's voice was tight, like he was trying to get words out that he didn't even want to think. "Ro? Do you think...I mean...do you know if..."

"What?" Romeo's voice was sharper then he had meant, and he was immediately sorry when he saw Louis cringe.

"Do you know if the Vaspoli's are taking me back?" The sentence was said in one breath, like he wanted it out before he could change his mind.

"No Louis." Romeo had never seen Louis so happy. Or maybe it wasn't happiness. Maybe just relief.

"Oh. That's good." More silence.

"No, you aren't going back to the Vaspoli's Louis. You're going to have to learn how to live with us."

That was happiness, right there. Romeo had never thought that anyone could be so happy at the prospect of finding a home. Maybe one day he'd ask Louis about his old home. Maybe one day they'd get to know each other as more then forced brothers. Maybe one day they'd be friends.

One day.

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