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Bits and Pieces:

Chapter one Bit:


I can't understand it, why Sparkplug and Spike are so sad over an old house. It's creaky; a worn-out old building that seems to be virtually teetering on its own edges. The inside is worse; it's completely trashed. Everything's shredded, tossed, or thrown about in every room.

Sparkplug said that he grew up in the house when it was in good shape, his sister and her family had moved in after their parents died. Sparkplug also said that this chaos happened while they lived in that house- I just can't wrap his mind around it; how could anyone live in the conditions I saw.

"Bumblebee- have you seen Spike?" Sparkplug's call jolted me from my thoughts as I look up from the things I'm sorting for them.

"I saw him go upstairs." I replied; he looked up the stairs barely balancing the boxes in his arms, he called for Spike a few times and gave me a glance. I sighed, "I'll go get him, but I don't know if those stairs will hold me."

"They should- my sister and I sent those stairs through hell, if they can withstand twenty-five years of fireworks, fire, and a summer with a shot-gun, they can withstand your weight."

I'm not reassured but I'll go up. The stairs groaning beneath my feet frighten me a bit, as do the floor-boards of the second floor, "Spike? Spike? Spike where'd ya go?" I glance down the hall to see a shadow from the door at the very end. I tread as carefully as possible, poking my head into the room, it was even more trashed than the rooms downstairs, broken electronics, desk, glass, and even a broken, tack-filled door on the floor, other junk also spread around the room.

Spike's looking at a blue dinosaur toy (nearly the only thing in the room still in one piece); crying. He quickly wipes away his tears, "Oh… Hi Bumblebee. I-I was just…"

I set my hand on his shoulder, "Why are you so upset about that toy?"

It seems like forever before he answers, "This was part of a set; I have the other one, my cousin Ron and I got them when we were little kids. I-I just… I can't believe that that nice, older-brother figure is… he's so different than he was back then, now… he's a jerk. He set off fireworks in his school… he smokes… he drinks… I just… don't tell my dad I was crying okay?"

I nod, bending down a bit to meet his eyes with my optics, "It'll be alright, sometimes people just… they change into people they really shouldn't, but you can't change that, and I promise I won't tell anyone. C'mon, let's go downstairs, you're dad's waiting."

We walk carefully downstairs, the dinosaur tucked away in Spike's pocket. Sparkplug looked sadly at Spike, he lowered his voice, "We sure have a lot of memories here huh Spike? Especially after your mom died… Yer grandma loved yer mom like her own daughter. Everyone loved yer mom- that was something you definitely got from her- you know I don't make good first impression."

Spike nods in reply, his mood seems to have gotten worse at the mention of his mother, neither Spike or Sparkplug has ever really mentioned before what happened to Spike's mother, I wonder what she died from, but I know it wouldn't be right to ask now. They both look so sad, I don't know what to do, but maybe they need to be alone. I'll go outside, give them alone time to be with their memories.

But now I can't help but think about all the people I've lost in the war. My creators, my first best friend, my first commander, my teachers… so many people have died in the war, and just the ones I was close to were so many… it's so hard to imagine how many 'bots lost their lives. I even lost the femme who was going to be my bondmate. I miss her so much… but no time to worry about it; here they come, they're dawdling, but we should hit the road.

This is going to be a very long, quiet drive.


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