I thought of this because… well I don't know why, but Happy Mother's Day- Enjoy!

This is from Bumblebee's POV

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Dedicated to my mom- the woman who loves me, teaches me, and buys me transformers merchandise.

Bits and Pieces

Chapter 3 Bit:

Happy Mother's Day

From what Carly told me about this holiday- people should be happy. Out to restaurants with their families celebrating all the hard work a mother, which Carly explained as a female creator, does for her family.

But not the Witwickys; Spike and Sparkplug are dressed all in black, like they were going to a funeral, and being very quiet. They bought three huge bouquets of flowers, they're really pretty, and asked me to take them to Low Avenue.

Low Avenue, as I've just found out, is almost all a Graveyard. They walk in and tell me to wait for them. They go up to four different tombstones; I turn up my Audio sensors to hear what they're saying.

"Well Ma… Happy mothers day, ya know yer grandson's really something… just like you." Sparkplug was murmuring to one of the stones while placing a bouquet on the stone, then turning to another stoner, "Sis, you tellen' off everyone in heaven? Yer boy… he's… he ain't doin' too well, he got his self in some trouble with the law… yer husband tried to make him think 'bout what he was doin'… but you know yer boy, too headstrong for his own good…" He put a bouquet on the stone, tears funning down his face.

Spike was kneeling with another bouquet at a third stone, crying uncontrollably. "Oh Mom…" he whispers chocked.

Sparkplug put his hand on the stone, and whispers, "I still love ya hon, but I think our boy needs ta talk ta ya alone- I'll go say hi to our other boy." He headed over to the fourth grave.

"Mom?" Spike whispers, biting his lip, "Mom… Remember when I told you about my Autobot friends? They're doing real good… but… Oh God Mom… I miss you so much… I wish you were still around… I just…" His tears fall faster and faster, "I love you Mom… You'll always be on my mind and in my heart- not just on days like this that're your special day. Happy Mother's Day Mom." He looked to the other two stones, "You too Grandma, Auntie. I love all of you, and happy Mother's Day to all of you. I'm gonna go talk to my baby bro okay? I'll come visit all of you again someday soon."

My primary creator was an amazing femme, I loved he as much as they clearly loved their mothers. She was a really nice femme, her optics were always so kind and she was always willing to take care of those who needed her.

I guess I know how they feel.


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