The End Game

I know I just can't stop myself…. Anyway this OC is not a slayer nor did I rip the Idea from Joss Whedan

Sam had looked into the rear view mirror to look at his older brother, who once again had taken the brunt of the attack. Blood still oozed out of his wounds but at a slowed pace. He looked over at his father; he had shot his father. It wasn't funny at all but still a smirk slipped out " You okay dad, there is a hospital up a head, we can stop."

John sighed as he looked at his youngest son, his baby, and Mary's baby. Who only had a swollen eye and a few bruises "No, I'm good." John turned his head to look out his window and saw it a fraction to late.

Metals colliding with metal, glass shattering, skin ripping, iron rods groaning under tons of weight. The demon had found another host and nothing was better than the image of the Impala bending and breaking under a Semi truck. The Demon pushed the car into a tree and continued to slowly apply pressure to the car, the metal screamed in pain as the truck kept up its assault on the car.

Once the truck halted, The silence was restored, there was no sound coming from anyone in the car. Dean had fresh cuts to his face and part of his body was trapped in between the metal. Blood flowed from John's head and Sam slowly opened his eyes, tears formed in them. Not knowing what had just happened, all he knew is if Dean made it seeing his car like this would kill him…

Sam looked out at the man sitting in the truck, it was the Demon. Sam closed his eyes then heard a tapping on the asphalt, smoke started to rise from the ground. AS he opened his eyes again, he saw a female shape, at first he thought it was Meg, but then he remembered she was dead. The girl or woman almost reminded him of Cat woman with the leather pants and tightly fitting top. The pants is what caught his attention, they were lime green and very bright.

The Demon saw the girl as well; there was no way she was going to get in between him and his prizes. He pressed the gas pedal bringing the truck to life, as he backed up, Dean's door ripped off the hinges making Sam cringe. The girl looked at Sam then back at the truck. Sam tested his limbs, nothing that he couldn't handle with the pain. He reached over to his father, who was out but his pulse was very strong. Sam was afraid to look at his brother. Sam pushed on his door and cringed as it screamed open. Everything on his body was on fire but he was about to move his body parts. Slowly he made his way to his father; he pulled on him until he slid out of the car.

He turned his attention to Dean, whose wounds had started to bleed again " No, No Dean. Come on you can't die on me " Sam pleaded as he tried to careful pull on his brother. He heard his father groan on the grass " Dad?" John tried to lift his head but was unable too.

"Sam, Sammy are you hurt " was all John could get out.

Sam went to his father "No, I think I'm okay, Dad, Dean is hurt bad. I called for an ambulance."

Sam heard the truck again grind its gears and headed towards the girl. Sam watched unable to stop the truck from colliding into her. Much to his shock, the girl stood up, pulled out, what looked like a whip, and uncurled it snapping it to the ground. The man in the truck got out. His eyes glowed yellow and he hissed at her.

The girl smiled " I've been looking for you Darlin, be a good evil demon and step out of that poor man's body" she requested as she used her whip and encircled him with it. AS she pulled careful not to hurt the human shell, the body began to shudder and shake. The Demon had no choice but to get out of the body.

" There isn't that better, more room to roam". She taunted. She knew she was only there to save the father and son. Not to destroy the demon not yet anyway. Missouri only wanted the battleground evened off. She snapped her whip at the demon once more

" Bring it daddy" she smirked.

The Demon backed off, he knew where the Winchesters would be there was no hurry to kill them, or drive Sam out of his mind. He turned into a smoky film and floated off into thin air.

Jovi smiled to herself as she wound up her whip. She looked over at the family lying in the grass. This must be the family Missouri was so worried about. She slowly walked over to the father and son.

" How badly are you hurt" she asked the father. Sam hovered over her shoulder watching her lay a glowing hand over his bullet wound. His father hissed as he felt muscles, bone, and tissue fusing back together.

" Well that smarts" He remarked, but he felt better. He looked over at Sam "Are you okay?" Sam nodded.

" Where is your brother?' John asked Sam, knowing what the answer would be, but he had to have Sammy say it.

John sat up and looked at Sam, who looked like he was in a daze" Sammy, Sam" Sam walked over to Dean's limp body. He sat down and placed his head on his lap, he sat stroking Dean's hair " You can heal him too right?" He asked, as his eyes never left his brother's crumpled body.

Jovi looked at the fallen son on his brother's lap. She looked over at the father, who knew who Jovi was. He walked over to Sam "I'm sorry son, Dean has to be let go" Sam heard his father's words, they made him sick. He didn't want to let Dean go. Dean lifted up his hand to grab Sam's " Hey man, its okay. I'll be fine " Dean coughed and some blood leaked out.

John closed his eyes, to try and stop the angry tears from falling to the earth. He knew in the long run this would happen. He knew Dean would be the one, who is the fallen son. Dean, never even had to think twice about it, not from the first time his mother placed Sam in his arms after he was brought home. John sat down next to his son hoping he wasn't in too much pain. Sam looked up at Jovi " Please, help my brother. I know you can, you healed my dad. Dean can't die. I need him please."

Jovi looked down at the injured man, she knew she wasn't suppose to heal Dean. Dean was suppose to die in order for Sam to live " Sam, I can't. He has to die for you to live" John felt his son start to shake as he started break down "No, no no no no no no no NO " Sam screamed "Not Dean. He doesn't get to die. Dad?" John didn't want to look at his son but he did.

Jovi, knelt down by Dean and winced at his pain "Dean, can you hear me?" Dean looked up at the woman talking to him, he was having a hard time breathing let alone forming any clear thoughts right now. He only nodded his head. She gave him a sad smile, she knew what she was about to do, was so wrong, and against everything she knew.

She placed a hand on Dean's chest " I'm so sorry Dean, this will sting a little" Her hand began a blue glow and a cry escaped Dean's lips.

Okay so that is all I have for now. I will get into Jovi a little more; she is human, just a little different.