End game - 3

I know for a fact that this one will be short but I told you from the beginning I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it going.

Missouri was pacing the floor it had been six hours since she sent Jovi to go retrieve the Winchesters. In her head she knew that, 6 hours wasn't a long time for her to be gone, but Missouri started to get bad feeling about this? Missouri was too old for this kind of stuff and it was all John Winchesters faults. Missouri sat down in her favorite chair in the living room and let out a sigh. Maybe after this was all over, she redecorates the house.

She felt her eyes growing heavy as she watched the darkness start to fall. Getting out of the chair she walked over to the door and closed it. The wood to the front door was enchanted to say the least. Still her spider senses as Dean loved to call them was not tingling. If some thing were wrong with Jovi she would know it. Missouri looked at the clock, it was 1AM. 1 IS and Jovi still wasn't back. Missouri decided all she could do was going to sleep. She did just that, after saying a small prayer in case something did happen to her in the middle of the night. God would know to take care of her. She lay her head down on her soft feather pillow and it wasn't long before she was a sleep.

A loud tail pipe woke the sleeping woman up. She didn't bother turning on any of the lights in the house. She opened the front door as the four people walked quietly into the house. Dean was still leaning on his younger brother, as they walked into the house. Sam placed Dean down on the couch, which normally Missouri would have yelled at Sam, but seeing Dean hurt she didn't say anything. That was until Dean went to make a smart comment.

" Dean, Winchester if you open your mouth other than to say hello to me your going to get it".

Dean smiled the best he could right now "Hello Missouri." He leaned against the couch, but missed the warmth of his brother's body. Even though he was healed, his body was still going into shock from the accident.

Sam left his brother on the couch, to go wash him up while John helped a drained Jovi sit next to Dean on the couch. Missouri looked at the Demon hunter, who looked beat, which meant one of the Winchesters was given another chance at life.

Missouri looked over at the very girl who saved the Winchesters, this time at least. Then looked back at Dean, his eyes were fighting to stay awake. It looked like he was losing. Having your soul restored is very tiring.

Sam came back into the living room and looked at a clock 6AM he had to get some sleep. It was as if Missouri read his mind " Sam, if you want the three of you can sleep on the pull out couch, it is big enough. John your room is always waiting for you."

John was going to say something about the three fitting on the couch, but he was just to damn tired. "Thanks Missouri." Missouri followed John up the stairs to get some extra blankets and pillows for the boys and Jovi.

Sam looked at Jovi" Can you get up?" She smiled sweetly at him "Yes I'm just tired not injured, help me get your brother up though." Sam moved to help Jovi lift a half-asleep Dean up so she could pull out the couch. Missouri came back down and handed the sheets and pillows to Jovi.

" You might want sleep on the in the middle since you'll be the one out longer than the boys Jovi will". Missouri reminded her.

Sam looked at her like he wanted to ask her a question, but thought better of it. He watched as she only nodded as she walked into the bathroom, he just came out of. He looked at his brother. The brother that just escaping death. He ran his hand over Dean's face trying not to get to emotional over the near lose of his older brother. Dean shouldn't have to keep protecting him, just once Sam wanted to give back.

Jovi re-emgered wearing a long football jersey, she walked over to the huge pulled out couch and settled into the middle of it. She looked at Dean, who was pulling back the cover on his side. He mumble goodnight to his brother and slipped off his boots, pulled back the sheets and snuggled his back up to Jovi and let out a tired, some what content sigh as he drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Jovi looked down at the older brother, then looked at the younger one, his face with worry for the older brother.

Jovi decided to find out what was on Sam's mind so he would sleep better. She may be a demon hunter, but she was still as human as you could get.

" So what is bothering that pretty skull of yours Sam?" He looked at the woman next to his sleeping brother and decided there wasn't any reason to lie to her.

" I'm tired of Dean always the one doing the protecting. He has given so much up for me, yea he graduated high school as a B student, but he should have had the option to go to college or a vocational school. I watch him with other people's kids and he is great with them. I mean he had the talent to be a teacher or have that child of his own. But no he is always protecting me. I love Dad and I'm glad he had the chance to kill that demon, but if it isn't gone I'm not sure he can do this anymore. I'm afraid Dean will become him and continue this craziness until it kills one of them." Sam let out as he sat down on the couch.

Jovi reached out and rubbed his arm " It's okay to feel that way Sam. I feel like that all the time, but I know, who I am. I am a human but with special qualities that won't allow me to have a normal life so I go place to place, or people summon me to take care of their demons. I do it because it is what I was born to do. There are days when I don't want too. There are days when I see other woman with kids and it makes me sad. But I suck it up and keep on going because one day I'll get my due. Until then I plow away like a workhorse. ".

"How did you heal my brother and hide his car?" Sam asked her.

" It's a power that I took from a demon and I use it for good now. Look maybe you should get some sleep you don't look that good right now."

Sam nodded as he too slid into the pull out couch he lay on his back and for the first time in months looked up at the ceiling as he drifted off to sleep. Jovi was almost sleep snuggled under the blankets when she hear a noise. Her eyes popped open, she made sure the boys were still with her. Then as stealthy as she could ease out of the bed. She slipped on her boots and went into the kitchen.

The kitchen was just starting to fill with the morning light, and there were only a few shadows on the wall. She surveyed the kitchen with her powered up eyes. There was nothing, she heard the noise again, this time it was upstairs. She quickly but quietly ran up the stairs and saw the demon entering Missouri's room. Before it could reach the door Jovi, quickly bum -rushed the demon and slammed it out the two-story house's stain glass window.

The air slammed out of her body as they it the ground, she had the lesser demon under her, but since the fall and hitting of the ground stunned her, it quickly threw her off of it. Growling it backed away from her. It wasn't the demon, but one of its slaves. Jovi could use that, but the Demon shimmered away before she could do anything.

Just as she was going to open the portal to go after him, Missouri grabbed her arm.

"Let it go, go get some sleep" was all the older woman said to her. Jovi only nodded as she slowly moved past Missouri to get back into the pull out. Her body started to throb from the fall, but she had been through a lot worse.

Missouri watched as the younger woman went back, if she wouldn't have caught her when she did, she knew that girl's life would be over. Sometimes Missouri just wished that girl would think before she acted on anything. Missouri went back to her own room; she would have to call a friend of hers to demonize the house so it would be perfectly protected.

So there you go for now. Tonight I'm going to go threw some more of my stories and pick out the ones I should update, any requests?