ok people. This is based on a footnote in the book, you know. The one about the roman magicians watching the slaves get devoured by the de- I mean spirits, in the Coliseum. Here a brief summary,

The roman's would give slaves and prisoners of war silver knives and release demons. They loved tragic deaths.

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The gates opened.

We, the slaves, had to squint from the bright light that poured into the cave; releasing us from its darkness. But I would rather stay inside.

The Colosseum was filled to the brim with the theater's fans, the men and other slaves like I fanning their masters. The magicians were sitting on the edge of their seats whistling and howling with pleasure and impatience. All were magicians, and apprentices, I could see their imps squatting near their ears. They sickened me.

I gripped my knife all the tighter when the voice called us forward. I stepped forward bravely, but my knees were shaking under the rags they had given us to wear. My stomach churned and knotted. Others stepped forward into the ring, feet soundless against the sand. Soon, a hush ran through the crowd as the barred doors opened opposite us. Nothing stirred from the blackness; it made the silence almost unbearable. Then an eye opened in the darkness, I froze. It was looking straight at me. Its yellow, slits of eyes glowered until another pair joined. And another.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks, and my limbs felt like stone. I couldn't look away. My knife almost sipped from my grasp as sweat slid down my neck and hands. I didn't want to die! Dying as a slave? What a humiliation, the worst disgrace, not an honorable death.

A ring of fire burst around the rim of the Colosseum, I heard a gasp from the crowd. But it seemed far away, as if I was watching from a distance. Tendrils of smoke shot boldly from the cave into someone's flesh. A shrill scream was heard and the crowd erupted with shrieks and cheers.

Suddenly, my mind was alert. I was angry and thought grimly, if its a show they want, then its a show they'll get. I raised my knife and bent my knee's to a fighting stance, ready to smite any thing that came near me.

A burning inferno was launched towards me, I dodged it easily a sliced a figure that had crept up beside me. I met my mark. It vanished it a puff of smoke.

I turned to face my other opponent, the spirit grinned evilly.

I raised my knife for the last time; at least I would die an honorable death. I knew how I was to die, I guess I was lucky.

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