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Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

These humans were beginning to bore me. Sure, some were very feisty, one even nicked me with a knife, (he soon paid for that,). Most however were cowards. Just accepting their deaths quietly, without fuss. Too many in fact, I didn't think my essence could hold any more of their bodies. But, as always, I was forced to the magicians will. We, (my fellow djinni and I), materialized into the little cavern where we would wait to be released to devour the slaves.

Hmm... choices, choices, which guise to choose. After several debates with myself, I finally decided on a brightly coloured serpent with matching wings. My eyes glowed bright yellow out of the billowing, cloud of darkness someone has transformed into, (1). The doors opened and released us from its depths.

Yup, there they were. The puny little humans scampering around the ring, desperate to escape. Some just stood there, oblivious to the rest of the world. They were soon eaten by the more eager dijinni. Shrill screams and flashes of fire exploded across the Colsseum. Cheers erupted from the magicians, they adored the tragic and hilarious methods of deaths. I rolled my eyes and hovered in mid air for a second, searching for my victim. There! I lunged out of the cavern barring my fangs. Right there. That one human. Knife clenched in its hand, a hard expression on his face. He would be my prey.

I started towards the boy, but some one else reached him first. Mugeer shot an inferno at the human, he dodged it easily. Sloppy, that was the problem with some dijinni, they were so careless.

Mugeer snarled and bolted straight at the human, the human sliced him with one swipe of his arm. Oh, so he was strong, but not strong enough. Stupid Mugeer, he was never the brightest of the bunch (2). I lunged at the human staring menacingly into his eyes. There was no light in the darkness of his eyes.

I welcomed him to my essence.

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