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Summary: Kiba want Hinata to stay behind for their next mission, but Hinata follows the two of them. A conversation with Shino makes Kiba realize something that he never knew, as well as Hinata. (OneShot: KibaHina).


Hinata slowly opened the wooden door, and peeked shyly into the house, "Kiba-kun, Shino-kun?" She was supposed to be meeting her teammates at Kiba's house, as Kiba had ordered yesterday afternoon. Team eight had been assigned to an important mission last week, and they were leaving tonight. Their mission was to retrieve a lost scroll, but the conditions were rough and the scroll would be tough to track. That's why team eight had been assigned to this mission, they specialized in survival and tracking. Their sensei though, was away on personal business.

The scrolls contained important information about Kohana. If it wasn't returned quickly, then it could mean war may descend on the village. That's why a few good ninjas, teams ten and seven to name two of them, had been chosen to stay behind and protect the town, just in case.

"Hey, Hinata, come on in," Kiba said, sinking deeper into the couch he was seated on. Shino sat across from him in a chair, and nodded at Hinata as she entered the house.

I wonder what Kiba-kun could want to talk with us about? Hinata sat down in another chair that was beside the couch. She looked around the room. There were pictures of various family members, and dogs hanging on the walls. When she was seated, Shino turned to Kiba, "So why have you called us here?"

Kiba stretched his arms across the back of the couch, "Actually, I really only needed to talk to Hinata about something."

Hinata's eyes widened, "M-me?" She squeaked.

Kiba opened his mouth to say something, but shut it abruptly and glared over at Shino who was watching the two silently, "Do you mind?"

Without a word, the bug-loving ninja rose from his seat and left the room. Kiba sighed and turned back to Hinata, "Look, you've gotten a lot stronger and everything, Hinata, and as much as we could use you on this mission…" He paused, a light blush forming on his cheeks. His eyes slowly drifted down to the suddenly interesting leather material of the couch. He hadn't expected it to be this hard to tell her that he wanted her to stay behind for this one. He glanced up, shaking his blush away.

"Kiba-kun?" Hinata asked. Anticipation had etched its way onto her face.

"I think you should stay here," Kiba said so quickly that he even startled himself.

Hinata wrung her hands together nervously. She hadn't expected him to say that. Was the mission really that dangerous? Was she really that weak?

"But I-" She said in a voice barely above a whisper, but she was interrupted by Shino re-entering the room. He walked over to where the two were seated and looked down at Kiba, "If we want to get anywhere before night fall, we need to leave now."

Kiba glanced at Hinata one last time, a small frown forming on his lips. He then looked up at Shino, nodded, and lifted himself off of the couch. Hinata tried to say something to convince them that she wouldn't be a burden, but she couldn't find her voice. Without a word, she watched her teammates walk out the door. The door closed just as quietly as when she had opened it, and they were gone.


Kiba stuffed his hands into his pockets. He could feel a soft breeze that ruffled his black jacket and short brown locks. He felt Shino's eyes on him, questioning his actions of leaving their teammate behind, but he ignored it. He headed towards the back of the house, where his faithful dog was asleep.

"Let's go, Akamaru," Kiba called. The dog perked up and ran towards his master. The two ninja turned and headed towards the gates of Kohana, Akamaru at their heels.


Hinata wiped the small tears that were forming in the corners of her eyes. She couldn't think of any reason for them to leave her behind. Sure, they had always worried about her safety, but never anything this extreme.

The mission must have been a very dangerous one…or maybe I'm just too weak. She thought, with a tiny sniffle. But why did Kiba-kun tell me, and not Shino-kun?

She stood up, trying to stop the relentless, tiny tears from flowing down her cheeks. She didn't want to be weak anymore, and she wouldn't be left behind. Hinata took a deep breath, trying to muster up what little courage she had.

N-naruto-kun wouldn't want to be left behind. I told myself I would try to be braver…

"I-I'm going to follow them." Hinata said to herself. "But I'll have to be careful that they don't notice me…How am I going to do that?" She looked around the room, with wide curious eyes. Her gaze fell on the gray hooded sweatshirt that was carelessly draped over one of the chairs on the other side of the room.

Hinata remembered Kiba telling her about one of the fights that he had. Kiba had left that jacket as a decoy for his enemy to find, to give himself more time to escape. His opponent had worn the jacket, to mask his scent from Kiba's powerful sense of smell, and had snuck up on Kiba and Akamaru.

Hinata crossed the room gently lifted the jacket from the back of the chair. She slipped it around her shoulders, wrapping it around herself. It was a little big for her, but it did smell like Kiba.

I could use this to mask my scent from Kiba…but I guess I'll just have to hope that Shino-kun doesn't notice me.


Hinata fanned herself as she walked around the streets of Kohana. Kiba's jacket was heavy, and the extra layer of clothing was making her sweat.

I guess I can take it off for now…She slid the jacket off.

"Hey, Hinata!" A rather loud and obnoxious voice called out to her. Hinata nearly dropped the jacket in surprise.

"N-naruto-kun?" She blushed, and felt herself start to teeter back and forth. Hinata managed to shake the feeling away, as the blonde haired ninja came running up to her.

"What cha' doing? And why do you have dog boy's jacket?" Naruto asked, pointing to the article of gray clothing in her arms. Hinata began to fiddle with the fabric in between her fingers, "Well…I um."

Naruto's face contorted into a puzzled look. She's really weird…

"Are you sick or somethin' today, Hinata?" Naruto asked. Then again, she always looked sick when she was around him. Her face got all red and she always looked like she was ready to fall over.

"No!" The dark haired girl responded quickly, but somewhat meekly. "I'm-"

"Cause' you shouldn't be out here if your sick. Especially with the attack possibility and all…" Naruto grinned at her.

Hinata stared down at the ground, still blushing. She knew that Kohona may fall under an attack anytime soon. That sounded more dangerous than the mission itself, at least to her, but she could have been wrong.

"Did Kiba forget his jacket when he left? I didn't think he wore that ugly thing anymore." Naruto mused, resting his hands behind his head. "Are you taking it to him?"

Hinata looked up suddenly, "Yes, I-I have to go now…" Hinata whispered. She didn't want to lie to Naruto, but she wanted to leave before she fainted.

"Well be careful, okay?" Naruto grinned again, patting her lightly on the back. He walked away, still grinning with his hands behind his head.

Hinata teetered back and forth, her face burning bright red. N-naruto-kun!

The village probably new that Kiba and Shino wanted Hinata to stay behind, so now if they went to look for her, they wouldn't think that she had been kidnapped or anything, because knowing Naruto, he'd be telling the entire town.


Hinata stood at the gates of Kohona, clutching his jacket tightly to her chest. She was still trying to compose herself after her encounter with Naruto. Hinata took a deep breath, closed her eyes and focused her chakra.

"Byakugen!" Hinata's eyes flashed open, veins appearing on her forehead. She could clearly see her two comrades off in the distance, and it was good for her that they didn't get to far. Hinata lowered her hands to her side, hugging the jacket again before heading through the gates. As she walked, she tried to contemplate any reason why her two friends would want her to stay in Kohona.

Every possible answer she could come up with always seemed too farfetched, and it all pointed back to one thing. She was weak.

Shino-kun and Kiba-kun must think I'm too weak to be helpful this time…No wonder Kiba-kun always tries to protect me. Hinata thought with a small sigh. She was so engrossed in her thoughts, that she didn't even notice the sun setting behind her. Maybe I'd be better off turning around and going home- Hinata gasped when she heard mumbles a few yards away. She quickly pulled Kiba's jacket on, realizing that she must be getting closer to Shino and Kiba then she had thought. Hinata slowly tip-toed over to the row of unruly bushes nearby, ducked down, and cautiously peeked through.


Kiba and Shino were both turning in for the night. Shino had built a fire for them, with some fallen braches that he found close by, and now the two of them were sitting around, watching the flames dance in front of their eyes. Kiba had leaned back against a tree, Akamaru asleep beside him. He had been quiet the entire trip, and Shino found it disturbing.

Normally, Kiba was loud and obnoxious, barking out orders, but this time he wasn't. He had remained silent ever since they left the village, staring up at the sky occasionally. Even though Shino wasn't normally one to butt into the affairs of others, this time, Kiba's silence irked him to no end.

Shino cleared his throat, fixing his glasses, "Kiba?"

"What do you want?" Kiba mumbled, averting his eyes from his teammate and looking up at the stars.

"…You're oddly silent."


Shino shook his head, "So, your bad mood affects your performance as a ninja. If you do poorly, it affects me as well. Tell me what's wrong."

Kiba rolled over onto his side, so his back was facing Shino. "Why should I?" He snarled.

"I just told you why." Shino said, calmly. A moment of awkward silence passed over the area. Hinata held her breath when she swore she saw Shino glance, if only for a second, at the bushes she was hiding behind. Shino wasn't about to let the subject pass so easily. He would not have Kiba's foul mood have an effect on their performance on this mission. Whatever was bothering him would distract him, making it easier for him to make mistakes.

"Is it about Hinata?"

"…" Kiba didn't budge.

"Tell me."

More silence.

"Kiba-" Shino began, but was cut off when Kiba suddenly sat up and screamed, "All right, all right! It is! Now give me a break, will you!"

Hinata bit her lip from behind her hiding place in the bushes. She was bothering Kiba? She couldn't remember doing anything wrong around him…

Shino nodded, leaning back against the tree. His relentlessness had paid off.

"Why did you want her to stay behind?" Shino asked, still seeing that Kiba's disposition hadn't changed.

Kiba glared at him, running his fingers through is unruly brunette hair, "You're not gonna give up are you?" He sighed and leaned back against the tree again.

"I didn't want her to come along, because I knew she'd be safer back in the village. You saw the ninja that attacked us before…She wouldn't have been able to fend them off. They would have been too strong for her…"

"But there's the risk of the attack on-"

"But there are more then two people back there to protect her." Kiba sighed, his hand falling on Akamaru's head, petting his companion lightly. "Naruto's back there…She's happier when she's around him anyway."

Shino nodded in understanding, "I see…So you'd sacrifice your own happiness for hers? You realize that your personal sacrifice has weakened the entire team?"

"I know!" Kiba replied, a small growl threatening to rise from his throat.

"It's obvious, Kiba."

Kiba's eyes narrowed, "What is?"

That she's always too busy obsessing over Naruto? Kiba scoffed.

"Your constant nagging and over protectiveness of her, not to mention your juvenile arguments and competitions with Naruto? You're blind to your jealousy. Do you even realize your own feelings?" Shino inquired.

"Yes I do! I love her!" Kiba blurted out suddenly, his face turning a very odd shade of crimson. "And I needed some time to clear my head over it all. If she came along this time I-"

"That's enough." Shino said. "You've said it, now calm down."

Kiba heaved a sigh, and scratched the back of his head, "Yeah…It's just that she doesn't look at me like that and I guess that kinda bugged me, but I guess if she's happier with Naruto…"

"That's for Hinata to decide, I believe." Shino replied. Kiba nodded, and let his body slump to the ground. He closed his eyes, and in a few moments he was fast asleep.

Hinata continued to stare at Kiba in amazement, her mouth ajar. That was why Kiba hadn't wanted her with them. He loved her. All this time, he'd been suffering. Everytime Naruto was around, and she never noticed it. Not once. Hinata could feel shivers going up her spin as she watched Kiba, and a small twinge of guilt began to wash over her.

Kiba-kun's been tormented all this time…

"You can come out now, Hinata," Shino's monotone voice pierced through her thoughts. Hinata jumped a little in surprise and crawled through the bushes.

"Shino-kun, did you know I was there the whole time?"

Shino nodded, "If you're going to hide somewhere, try not to move around so much." Hinata blushed lightly and stared at the ground, embarrassed.

"I-I heard what Kiba-kun said…" She whispered, wrapping Kiba's jacket tightly around herself.

"And what do you plan to do?" Shino asked, starting to settle himself so he could get to sleep soon. He had a feeling, though, that this problem wasn't about to be resolved.

"I-I don't know." Hinata confessed. She was in love with Naruto right?

But Naruto-kun's not in love with me. I guess I know how Kiba feels…to be ignored. Why didn't he tell me sooner?

"But if you heard me, why didn't Kiba-kun?" Hinata asked quietly, so she wouldn't wake Kiba.

Shino shrugged, "Perhaps he was too focused on other things, or maybe he knew you were there and wanted you to hear him."

Hinata waited for Shino to answer, but he never did. "S-shino-kun?" No reply. Hinata heard the feint sound of snoring coming from beneath Shino's oversized collar. He had fallen asleep.

I guess he must have been tired from his trip…She thought, her gaze then bit by bit wandering over to where Kiba slept. She watched him as he slept, blushing a little. He looked so cute when he was asleep, almost innocent. Hinata unzipped his coat and took it off. She carefully walked over to his sleeping form, and laid the jacket over top of him.

Hinata backed up, turning to leave before Kiba woke up and caught her. She gave him one last glace as she walked through the bushes and back towards the village.

I'm sorry, Kiba-kun.