Title: Going Gay

Author: Stranj100

Fandom: Young Avengers

Pairing(s): Wiccan/Hulkling Captain America/Bucky

Rating: T for Teen (because some people aren't comfortable with gays)

Summary: The boys engage in a debate.

Warnings: Unbeta'd

Disclaimer: The Young Avengers and all related characters are property of the Marvel Entertainment Group, unless otherwise stated. The story and any original characters are intellectual property of the author known as Stranj100. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.

Archive: Yes, just ask first.

Feedback: Praise strokes my ego and I write more. Helpful Criticism makes me a better writer. Flames are used by ignorant villagers to destroy 'monsters'.

Going Gay

By Stranj100

The four of the male Young Avengers sat in the Stark tower T.V. room locked in serious debate. Wiccan was all but sitting in Hulkling's lap. Neither boy seemed aware of it. The mage's white-haired twin was sitting up side down with legs dangling over the back. Patriot was lounging on the far end of the couch.

"I can't believe we're even having this conversation." Eli groaned miserably covering his face with his hands.

"I'm telling you Luke Cage." Teddy said with utmost certainty.

Billy shook his head at his boyfriend and said, "You're wrong. It's Spider-man. His butt could turn any man gay."

Teddy snorted in distaste. "Just because some people are obsessed with Spider-man's butt; doesn't mean everyone does."

Tommy laughed sitting up in a blur. "You're both wrong. If Eli was going gay for anyone it would be Captain America. We all know how Eli has a thing for stars and stripes."

"You guys are idiots and Cap ain't even a little gay, so shut your mouths and let's drop it!" Eli said angry growl.

"That's not true." A gruff voiced said from behind the boys.

The four boys turned to find Wolverine standing bare-foot dressed in faded jeans and wife-beater sipping on a beer.

"What are you talking about?" Eli asked suspiciously.

"Back during the war, Cap and Bucky were partners in more than one way." The old mutant said coolly.

"That's just rumors," blurted Eli.

"You're forgetting how old I am. I teamed up with them back in the day. I was there, Junior, and could smell them on each other like your two friends over there." Logan said gesturing with the neck of his beer bottle at Billy and Teddy.

Suddenly, couple pushed apart looking embarrassed. Teddy even blushed.

"If ask Cap yourself, but you'd probably get a clearer answer out of Bucky or Winter Solider—whatever he's calling himself these days." Wolverine said before turning and leaving the room.

An eerie silence grew amongst the boys.

"Screw this!" Eli shouted breaking the silence, "I'm going home." He stood up a stormed out of the room.

The silence returned full force.

"You know," Tommy began with a smug grin, "he never denied he'd go gay for Cap."


A/N: If anyone is wondering why I made Billy and Teddy embarrassed about their display of affection. I'm going by the comic. The boys don't even hold hands in public. I guessing from personal experience—I'm half queer—that the boys, especially Teddy, are still coming to terms with their relation and sexuality. Having an outsider like Logan making a comment about them simply makes them uncomfortable.