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"Where'd you go?"

She couldn't hear him - she couldn't feel him.

Light on his feet was an understatement. He flew.

And when he wasn't leaping fluidly out of her 'vision,' his stance was feather light. Even when he kept on the ground she could barely sense him; it was like trying to pick up the movement of a distant breeze stroking the earth... But how could that be?

She felt everything, every opponent. She saw the trees, she saw the ants even. But she couldn't see him. He was like a ghost - a spirit - weaving in and out of her awareness like the memory of a dream.

Toph's dreams were colorless and grey, there was no light - just sound and feeling. But this dream was a dazzling and incandescent blue. When she did feel him she saw blue.

AN: Alright, about the blue thing: I know Toph doesn't see any color. The 'blue thing' is complete me-obviously BS. I couldn't resist. Those of you have seen "The Village" will know where I got the idea and making Aang's color blue came from "Bato of the Water Tribe," in which Aang's scent was colored blue in the Shirshu's 'vision.'