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"Come on, kids, we're going to be late!" Kristie shouted up the stairs to her four children. Glancing down at her pregnant belly of eight months, Kristie realized that she had been this huge when she had only been four months pregnant with her quads; it made her so happy that twins didn't run in Jeff's family.

The four children came bounding down the stairs, all giggly and giddy that they were going to the SGC for their party. JR (Jacqueline Rose) was dressed in a forest green party dress full of lace and ribbon It was really much too girly for her tastes but since everyone told her that she looked like a little angel and because she was getting lots of toys that day she was resigned to suffer her fate of the ill-chosen dress. Cosette (Samantha Cosette) was in an identical dress herself; except hers was a light blue that matched her eyes perfectly. She didn't mind having to wear the lace JR found so itchy. In fact, she rather liked it.

Mike (Michael Jacob-Daniel) scratched his leg through the stiff material of his suit- it had taken his nanny, Justin, two hours to convince him to wear it. It was dark blue and rather starched. He thought it made him look ridiculous. But Daddy had said if he wore it for the first thirty minutes of the party – long enough for Mommy to get some pictures – then he could change. It had only been for the love of his mother that he had agreed. The fourth child, Elijah George-William, was wearing a suit that looked very similar to his brother's, but instead of dark blue it was dark red. Like his sister, Cosette, he was willing to wear the suit because that's what Mommy and Daddy had asked him to do. He didn't want to make Mommy cry again.

Kristie smiled lovingly at her children as their two nannies, Camilla and Justin, walked down the stairs, dressed in their own party outfits. Kristie's own dress was knee-length and appeared to have a rather intricate pattern over it; the dress was full of clouds, vines, and waves of both water and fire. In reality she had purchased a plain, white, spaghetti-strap dress and told each of her children to put a mark on it from their powers. That was what she ended up with – and she loved it.

"Just let me get a picture of all six of you standing in front of the wall, and then we'll head out," Kristie said, motioning toward the desired wall. She snapped a few pictures and was about to yell for her husband, when he came dashing down the stairs looking good enough to eat in his dress-blues. It wasn't because the party was going to be anything special that he wore his dress-blues but because that there were a number of alien dignitaries who were going to show up.

"Ready to go?" Kristie asked, a smile constant on her face. Everyone nodded and soon the family of eight was packed into their two cars and on the way.

Sam looked down at her protruding belly, in awe that she was actually carrying her own baby – and Jack's to boot! She was seven months pregnant, and glowing. It had really surprised her that she was only nauseous for the first half-hour after she got up, and she could still do practically everything she did before her pregnancy.

The baby actually enhanced her body's drive.

A pain ran through her lower back, causing her to wince. It had been doing that all morning, and she still had no clue what was going on. She looked at her husband, who was driving their car to the SGC, and a thought hit her: Am I going into labor?

"Jack?" she asked in a voice.

"What is it, honey?" he replied, his voice tender with concern. "What's wrong?"

"Jack, you might want to speed up. I think I'm in labor."

Jack's foot immediately hit the gas. True, gas was rather expensive at the moment, but that didn't matter: his wife was having their baby! Besides, money had never really been a concern for him. "How far along are you, Sam?"

Suddenly, Sam felt wet – wetter than wet, she felt like her empty bladder had just lost control. "Well, babe, my water just broke."

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, the car went from sixty in a school zone to eighty-five…and then there was a copper chasing them. No, wait; there were two cop cars.

"Jack! Pull over!" Sam shouted at him when she saw the cars with their sirens blaring.

Jack growled and slowed to a stop – five minutes away from the mountain.

"License and registration, please," the police officer asked when he walked up to the window. Jack sighed as Sam passed him the required items. Genius that she was, she had gotten them ready when Jack was slowing down.

"General O'Neill?" the officer asked with wide eyes, glancing at the man in the driver's seat. Jack nodded with a condescending smile on his face. "I'm so sorry, sir. But, why were you speeding?"

Jack looked at the officer, noting that his name was 'Kinsey', and then looked at his wife who was still breathing heavy as a contraction hit. "Sam here just went into labor. I'm trying to get her to the mountain before the baby comes."

"Oh my God, sir! I'm so sorry! Don't you worry; my car will accompany you guys so you can get there as soon as possible!"

The copper ran back to his vehicle, waving the other car away as he told them who it was and what was happening. Three minutes later, Sam and Jack were pulling into their parking spot, a medical team waiting a few feet away to take Sam to the infirmary where the new doctor whose specialty was obstetrics was ready and waiting.

Jack quickly unbuckled and was helping Sam out of the car. But when she stood up out came the baby. It appeared to have traveled a lot farther than Sam had suspected in their short trip.

The med team stood by in shock as the baby literally popped out of Sam's body, hanging from the umbilical cord. Luckily for everyone, Jack's reflexes were still sharp and he caught his child before the baby could bang his head on the concrete. Working quickly, he directed Sam to sit in the waiting wheel chair, while he fished out his Swiss Army knife from his pocket, cutting the umbilical cord in a deft movement, throwing the knife to the ground and tying the cord one handed – all while the baby was screaming the ears of his parents and everyone else off.

Sam reached inside the car and grabbed Jack's leather jacket to hand to her husband. Swiftly he wrapped the baby up in his favorite leather to keep him warm, hugging the little bundle close to his chest. Tears came to Sam's eyes as she watched.

"G-General O'Neill?" one of the nurses on the medical team asked softly. "Will you please follow us to the infirmary so Dr. Brightman can examine your wife and baby, sir?"

Jack nodded, smiling lovingly at Sam, "Yeah, I'll push Sam, Sergeant. Inform Dr. Brightman of what's happened."

"Yes, sir."

Jack handed the now quiet baby boy to Sam who held him as lovingly as his father had moments before. "How are you feeling, Sam?" Jack asked as he began to wheel her to the elevator.

"A little sore, but thankful. This little man sure knows how to make an entrance."

Jack smiled, remembering the first time he'd met Sam, "He gets that from you, you know, Sam."

Sam grinned down at their baby, "Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that, Jack. Remember how you entered that last time you had a press conference at the White House? Having Thor beam you in wasn't 'making an entrance' at all."

The car Jeff was driving was full of the noises of the twin boys playing an imaginary game while Kristie tried to get comfortable in her seat. They were still ten minutes away from the SGC when she finally whimpered in pain.

"What is it, Kristie?" Jeff asked in a concerned voice as he turned onto the right road.

"I think I'm going into labor."


"Crap! Daniel, I'm going to kill you for doing this to me!" Janet yelled from the bed she was lying in at the SGC as another contraction hit.

Daniel was franticly trying to calm down his wife as Dr. Brightman worked to deliver the rather anxious baby. "One more big push, Janet," Anne Brightman ordered as the head of the baby came into view. "Just one more push and the baby'll be out! Come on now! Push!"

"Aargggh!" Janet yelled as she brought her child into the world two months early. The cries that filled the air were a relief Janet and music to Daniel's ears.

"It's a girl!" Dr. Brightman said happily. She cut the umbilical cord and passed the baby girl to a nurse to get cleaned up just as another nurse whispered something into her ear. "You've got to be kidding me!"

Janet lifted her weary head from the pillows, "What is it, Anne?"

Anne Brightman looked at her friend from medical school with a rather interesting expression on her face, "General O'Neill just delivered her baby in the parking lot – it's a boy. We've just received a call from Captain O'Connor that his wife has just gone into labor. And to make matters even more interesting, it's the quads birthday, and we're expecting dignitaries from five different alien races within the hour."

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