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Kristie and Jeff were in shock over the news that Thor had just told to them. It was like hearing your country was under attack when you've done absolutely nothing to provoke the attacker. Their child had been genetically altered while inside her mother's womb. What kind of monster could do something like that?

"What's the fourth race, Thor?" Jeff asked, his voice hard.

Thor's unblinking eyes met the father's steady, hard gaze, "We do not know."

Dr. Brightman was going over the results from the physicals all the alien dignitaries (save the Asgard who didn't carry diseases that could be transmitted to humans) and smiled when she came across something in Ishta's test results.

"Nurse Jenkins?" she asked lightly, "Could you please ask Teal'c and Ishta to see me in the infirmary as soon as possible?"

"Yes, Doctor," the younger woman said politely.

It was a few more minutes before the couple showed up. "Greetings, Dr. Brightman," Teal'c said politely. He had just come from the SGC Nursery to discover the majority of the occupants in the room had dispersed already. Feeling no need to interrupt the meeting taking place between Jeff O'Connor, Kristie O'Connor and Thor, he returned to where Ishta was waiting for him.

Ishta bowed her head politely, "Dr. Brightman. What is the reason you have requested our presence here?"

Dr. Brightman transformed from 'doctor mode' to 'friend mode' rather quickly. "In your physical we took a blood sample and ran it through a number of tests to find out if you were carrying any diseases."

"Have you found something in our blood work, then, Dr. Brightman?" Teal'c asked, now concerned for the health of his wife.

"Yes, I have," she said, deciding not to beat around the bush. "Ishta, have you been experiencing any nausea, dizziness, increased fatigue in the last few months?"

"I believed it to be a result from the Tretonin, Dr. Brightman," the woman said, her voice containing a slight drop of fear.

The Tauri shook her head, "The Tretonin wouldn't cause this to happen. Actually, Teal'c … caused this to happen."

Now both Jaffa were rather perplexed and more than a little frightened. "What has transpired, Dr. Brightman?" Teal'c asked, trying to control his emotions and keep his voice neutral.

"Ishta … you're pregnant."

With five different alien races visiting Earth, Jack's plate was pretty full. They were all there for negotiations to form a new alliance after the fall of the Goa'uld and the arrival of the threat posed by the Ori.

It was like the first meeting of the United Nations … with no one person regulating it.

Technically the negotiations weren't supposed to start until the next day, but with everything that was going on already, Jack knew he was going to need morphine by the end of the week just to be functioning. His wife had given birth; his niece had given birth; his wife's best friend (and his best friend's wife) had given birth; he had four nieces and nephews who just turned three; their birth father just showed up out of the blue wanting to see them; there was supposedly an Ori attack on the way that was going to arrive in three days; and to top it all off he had to play nice with five alien races all staying at his base! And it was only Tuesday.

It didn't help matters one bit that the co-commander of the base (his beloved wife who'd just given birth, as was previously stated) and genius mastermind, was now in the infirmary sleeping off post labor pains. If the Ori attacked before she was released from the evil hands of the power-mongers in charge of Dr. Janet Fraiser-Jackson's infirmary, Earth was royally screwed.

With a sigh, Jack took another bite of his red jell-o, eyeing the Tok'ra pair in front of him suspiciously. Finally he said, "Alright, Jacob. Time for you to explain to me why Shallan's with you."

Jacob and Shallan exchanged a glance before she nodded once and the older man turned back to his son-in-law, "Okay, Jack. She's my wife."

The bite of jell-o Jack had just put in his mouth threatened to spew forth again, but the man stubbornly swallowed before saying, "Come again?"

Jacob's eyes flashed as Selmak took control, "My mate, Soma, was in the body of a male when I blended with Jacob. The thought of a homosexual relationship was appalling to both hosts. But when Soma's former host died in battle shortly after Shallan came to dwell with the Tok'ra, we found it a perfect opportunity to be reunited."

"Congratulations, Dad," Jack said with a smirk, "But you do realize that there's no way in Netu that Sam's going to let the two of you go back to the Zeta Site without a proper reception party, right?"

Jacob groaned; he really didn't want to go through all of that again. It was Shallan who answered, though, "Soma and I are eager to participate in the traditional Tauri customs regarding marriage."

Great, Jack thought later as he waited for the teleconference between him and the Joint Chiefs to start, Just when you think life's throwing you a break – you get bombarded with all the little things like alien incursions, saving the planet, nieces and nephews with super powers, pregnancies, jealous fathers and such to ruin your peace and quiet. I really should have just stayed away. I miss my pond.

The Keeper only knew what tomorrow would bring. Jack and the rest of the staff at Stargate Command were not too eager to find out.


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