Fighting Chance


Summary: They were gone. He had killed his family. And now Sam was alone. Very alone. Sam-centric. Post-finale.

Set After: Season 1

Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to… the WB… CW… whatever it goes by now…

A/n: Here's the alternate ending. The beginning is the same until the taxi, then it changes. It is a bit freaky, but it is a lot like some of my other stories. I hope you like it.



Sam remained silent for a few moments. What was wrong? Why… what was going on with Dean?

"Sam…" Laura's voice came through on the other end. "Sam, calm down. Dean's fine…"

Sam sighed in relief. "But…" he said, yet Laura cut him off.

"He's asking for you…" she said. An overwhelming joy passed through Sam. Dean… was… awake.

Dean was awake. Dean was alive.

And Sam wasn't there.

Damn Becky. Damn her. Dean was awake, and he wasn't there. "Can you give me… give me a few minutes to get there?" His voice was shaking in excitement. This was it.

"Of course Sam…"

Sam hung up the phone. Now how was he going to get to the hospital. He quickly dialed Becky again. It once again went over to the voice mail, but this time, Sam left as message.

"I hope you're happy…" he said slowly. "Dean's up…" With that, he hung up.

Now he needed a way to get the hell to the hospital. His mind was spinning, running in circles, not being able to get much of a thought out of them.

Then it hit him. Why hadn't he thought of this sooner? He quickly wheeled himself over to the nightstand, almost running into the bed, but stopping himself. He forced himself to reach down and grab the telephone book. It didn't hurt too much, it was just very uncomfortable.

After what felt like hours of reaching, trying to grab the book, he managed to get it and paged through it quickly.

Taxi services.

He ran his finger lightly down the listing and found one that was stationed close to the hospital. He quickly dialed it.


It only took five minutes for the taxi to get there. Five minutes that were like an eternity to Sam. Five long minutes of waiting, impatiently.

His brother was awake. Dean was conscious. And Sam wasn't there.

The taxi came pulling in the parking lot, and Sam was already waiting at the door. He had managed to get the door open and just wheeled himself out, letting the door slam behind him. He had some cash in his pocket, but it wasn't much.

He didn't have much on him.

Hopefully it was enough. The taxi stopped right in front of his room and the driver was even nice enough to get out of the cab and help Sam into the cab, placing the wheelchair in the trunk.

"Hospital, am I right?" he asked, as he got back into the front of the cab.

"Yeah." Sam responded. Okay, he was beginning to get more and more impatient. He was in the cab, heading to the hospital. And the guy was going so slow. He just wanted to see his brother, was that so much to ask?

Sam just looked out the window, waiting. He hated waiting. He was sick of waiting. Sick and tired of waiting. And now the taxi was just beginning to get uncomfortable.

"We're almost there kid, calm down…" the driver's voice came from the front, snapping Sam out of his thoughts.

"I am calm…" Sam responded, but he didn't sound calm. He sounded anxious. He wanted to see Dean. Now.

"It's just over the hill…"

If anything that just made Sam even more anxious.

His left leg began bouncing slightly. Gods, he just wanted to see Dean.

As the cab crowned the hill Sam could see the hospital sprawling out at the bottom of the hill, but Sam never made it to the hospital to see Dean.

Sam didn't know what was happening as the taxi went careening down the hill, picking up more and more speed before slowing down to turn into the hospital. But the taxi didn't turn it, it slowed to about thirty (Sam guessed) before out of nowhere, that eighteen wheeler… Sam was sure of it, slammed into the side of the taxi that he was sitting on.

Sam blacked out.


A sudden choking sensation overcame Sam as he felt himself being pushed to the ground. His eyes shot open and he was met with a harsh, bright, almost crystalline light.

"Sammy…" That was definitely Dean's voice.

Sam tried to talk, but there was something, something stopping him from speaking. His eyes moved around quickly in his sockets trying to find Dean, but he couldn't find him. He couldn't see him.

He once again tried to call out for Dean, but he was stopped, he felt like someone was trying to kill him.

"Don't talk Sam…" Dean's voice came again. Sam just closed his eyes. What had happened? The last thing he remembered was… the truck.

Sam's eyes shot open again, but this time things slowly came into focus. He saw Dean. And he looked fine, a little pale, and scratches on his face, but other than that, he looked fine.

He blinked a few times before he realized why he felt like something was choking him. There was a tube shoved down his throat.

What the hell was going on? Just looking at the thing shoved down his throat made Sam want to gag, but he couldn't.

He looked over at Dean. It kinda scared him, he looked worried. Relieved, yet still worried.

"Just hold on for a few seconds. Sarah went to get the doctor."

Sarah. What was… what was Sarah doing here? And why… what…

Sam's thoughts were interrupted by a nurse walking in. Laura. At least it looked like Laura.

"Hi Sam… I'm your doctor… Doctor Cardenelli, and I've been taking care of you for the past few weeks…"

Sam's head was spinning. What was going on?

"Now first we're going to take that tube out of your throat so you can talk, okay?"

Sam went to nod, but his neck was in a tight brace. Wait. What was going on? He was so confused.

"It isn't going to be comfortable…" the girl said, Sam just figured to mentally call her Laura. But… Laura was a nurse. What…

Sam didn't nod, he didn't do anything. "I need you to gag for me…" she said as she slowly started pulling the tube up.

That had to be the most uncomfortable thing Sam had ever felt, and she didn't even need to tell him to gag, the feeling just came naturally as the tube finally came out, leaving Sam in a small coughing fit, causing his throat to burn with each successive cough.

"Okay Sam… there's some questions I need to ask you…"

Sam nodded, still not really wanting to talk. He looked over at Dean, who had a huge smile on his face. He slowly looked back over at Laura.

"Okay, what's your full name?"

He blinked a few times, what kind of question was that? "Sam…" he paused, his voice sounded horribly unearthly. It was scratchy and forced… unused even. "Samuel John Winchester…" he finished.

"Good…" the nurse smiled. "What's the last thing you remember?"

Sam closed his eyes. Last thing he remembered… "A crash…" He didn't elaborate.

Laura nodded. "Now who are those two people over there?" she asked nodding over to Sarah and Dean.

"Uh…" he paused for a second. "Dean… Dean and Sarah…"

Both Dean and Sarah nodded.

"Everything seems fine Sam, no memory loss, no nothing… but you are pretty beat up, almost snapped your neck… your wrist is broken… so is your leg…"

Sam already knew all of this. He… why was… what was going on.

"I'll leave you alone with Dean and Sarah, okay?"

Sam went to nod, but remembered he couldn't. "Yeah…" he rasped.

She smiled and left.

"Dude, don't you ever do that again…" he said in that over-bearing older-brotherly tone he was so great at.

"It wasn't my fault…" Sam said with a small cough.

Dean just laughed. "You were the one driving…"

"No I wasn't…" Sam stated. "I was… it was a taxi… not… not…" his voice was fading out. It burned so much to talk.

"Sam," this time it was Sarah to talk. "Sam, a truck smashed in the side of the Impala… there was no taxi…"

"But…" Sam said. He remembered a taxi. He remembered Dean being in a coma. He remembered Dean waking up, and then the crash. Another one.

Dean shook his head. "You've been out for nearly a month Sammy…"

"A month?" Sam said slowly, still trying to process everything, it was making his head spin.

"You had us so worried…" Sarah said before Dean got a chance to say anything.

The three of them were silent for a long time before Sam finally spoke up. "Is dad dead?" he whispered.

Dean chuckled. "You think a car accident can kill dad?" he said laughing. "He's in pretty bad shape, but he's alive…"

Sam was so confused. Sam was so lost. Had the past few weeks just been some horrible nightmare? Because Dean had just almost blatantly said that.

"But I thought…" he was silenced by Sarah covering his mouth lightly to keep him from speaking.

"Sam… no more talking…" she said with a smile. "I can tell its hurting you…"

Sam let his eyes close as Sarah removed her hand. He still could barely process this.

"But just so you know, you've officially lost all driving privileges for the next… thirty some years…" Dean said, trying to lighten the mood.

Sam just shot a glare at his brother and Sarah slapped him lightly.

"What?" Dean asked. "He destroyed my baby. He isn't getting his hands on my next car."

So wait. Now everything was coming together. The past few weeks… they never happened. Dean wasn't in a coma, Dean didn't almost die. Becky and Zack… they never came… they never helped him.

He was the one who had been out of it. He was the one in the coma. Not Dean.

"Dean… 'm sorry…" Sam said slowly, letting his eyes drift shut again.

He felt his brother mess with his shaggy hair causing him to smile slightly. "I guess I can forgive ya…"




A/n: I like the other ending much better, but normally, in a story like this I would have had the places switched at the end and everything would have been a dream from Sam's POV, but that would have kinda sucked, especially after all I put poor Sammy through. So I made it all actually happen.

This ending is a bit happier though, but a bit more abrupt.

As for a sequel, I may write one, I may not, it depends on if I think I can develop the story.

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If it weren't for the reviews, I don't think I ever would have finished it…

Stay tuned, if not for a sequel for another Supernatural story… I just need to come up with one…