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Summary: SM/FF7 A friend's wish sends Ami to a world where Materia exists. A promise is made to help a child-like man redeem himself in a world that is willing to kill him without seeing what he is capable of. As Brother and Sister, Loz and Ami show the world of Final Fantasy VII what good they can do and what their hearts will achieve unity when their matches are found. Rated for language and mature themes.

A Promise

Chapter 1

A hooded figure was carefully walking around the rubble and ruined buildings that used to be the center of a big city, Midgar. It was just a few hours ago that much of the debris fell to the ground from a climactic battle that the woman observed with awe. She sighed softly to herself as she crossed over some more fallen buildings to see the ruins of a church. She felt drawn to the building for some unknown reason and made her way to it as swiftly as she was able to.

A few minutes later, the hooded woman came to the entrance of the church and carefully peeked through the doorway. She saw several adults and children surrounding what appeared to be a pool of water. One of them men, who had spiky blonde hair, was in the water with some of the children with him. They appeared to be having a good time when she saw something that shocked her. She remembered seeing some of these kids on the street and that they had a strange disease called Geostigma. Now, she saw the stigma floating off of them as they entered the water.

'Amazing,' she thought to herself as she began to back away from the doorway, feeling like she was intruding on something special. That was when she saw a lovely woman appear in front of her. She was wearing a pink dress and her brown hair was pulled in the back in a loose braid. The woman smiled at the hooded figure before disappearing in thin air with a man with spiky black hair.

As the lone woman began to leave, she had this urge to look back behind her. She saw the man who was in the water staring back at her with intense blue eyes. She was glad for the hood because she did not like people looking at her. However, she felt that this blonde man had questions over her appearance so she quickly turned around and started running. It was an instinctive reaction and she learned to trust her instincts over the course of time. She remembered seeing that blonde man. He was one of the two combatants she watched fighting earlier.

After running what felt like a couple of hours, the woman stopped and leaned up against a wall that hadn't fallen down. She looked around to see if anyone was around and sighed in relief when there was not a soul around. She removed her hood and looked up at the sky. Her ocean blue eyes closed for a moment while a breeze gently made her short, indigo blue hair flow around her face. She kept her cloak around her slender form since she was feeling a bit cold. Just as she was about to start walking again, she was engulfed in a bright white light.

"Please, do not be alarmed," a kind voice called out as the young woman turned around. Her eyes widened to see the woman in the pink dress from earlier next to her. "I know you are not of this planet. You are good and kind person, I can tell. May I have the honor of knowing your name?"

"I was born Ami Mizuno," the woman answered softly, gazing at the other woman who appeared to be infused with warmth and kindness. "But you can call me Ami."

"And I am Aerith. I am a part of this planet and the Lifestream. I guess you would like to know why you are here," Aerith replied with a smile.

Ami nodded slowly. "I would like to know that, yes. My friends and I finally defeated our enemy five years ago. A couple of weeks ago, I was in my room studying my notes and waiting for my shift to begin at the hospital. The next thing I knew I was in this strange city. I am scared…"

Aerith nodded. "That is understandable…giggle But don't worry, everything will be okay. Usagi made a wish for all of her friends to be happy…"

"Usagi? How do you know her?"

"I heard her through the silver crystal of hers. She wanted her friends to be happy. For you, to be happy you need to feel like you are making a difference. In this world, I know you would make a difference in a small way, or in a big way, whichever your choice will be. That was why I brought you here. Will you help this planet and it's people?"

Ami glanced at brown haired woman and then up at the darkening sky. She thought over what Aerith told her. "Will I ever get to see my friends again? And what about Usagi starting Crystal Tokyo?"

"When Usagi made that wish, she had inadvertently changed aspects of the future of your world. Crystal Tokyo will still happen, but it will be minus two of the future Queen's warriors. You and one other. Don't worry…Uranus will find you."

"I…I will help," Ami replied softly, her eyes looking straight at Aerith. "What do you want me to do?"

"Among the destruction and debris that litter this ruined city, there is someone that I wish for you to look after. He has no one now but he was also part of the recent battle. He is little more than a child even though he has the body of a grown man. Redeem him and care for him as a mother would her child. Protect him from those who would hurt or kill him. You do this, the planet will be protected from the coming calamity. And in doing so, you will find your other half of your soul."

"My…other half?" the blue haired woman asked incredulously, her blue eyes widening. "I don't believe in that nonsense…at least not for me."

The braided haired woman giggled lightly, sounding similar to a friend of Ami's. "Don't worry about that part. When you find the one I want you to protect, promise me that you will do your best for him." At that point, Aerith's face took on a pleading look.

Ami sighed for a moment and then gave Aerith a rare smile. "Yes, I promise."


Ami groaned out loud as she made her way to the area where that blonde man from earlier was fighting. She knew she should have asked Aerith who this guy she was looking for looked like. She also should have asked her the guy's name. But as soon as she promised the other woman, Aerith vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

"I think he's around here," she muttered to herself as she pulled her cloak closer around her body. There was a cold chill here and it wasn't coming from the air…it was something else and Ami did not like the feeling.

"Hey Rude, do you think we're gonna find anything here in this mess?" a male voice rang out."

"How should I know, Reno! Our orders came from Tseng to look for any of those Sephiroth clones and bring them, dead or alive, back to Junon," a bald man replied, sounding slightly annoyed. He shook his head and smoothed the wrinkles from his dark blue suit. From the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of brown. He quickly turned his head and saw nothing. 'I thought I saw someone,' he thought to himself.

Ami held her breath as she swiftly ducked back into the shadows. She didn't know that there were other people around. Apparently, they were looking for something…she was hoping they weren't searching for the same person that she was looking for. She slipped her hood back on and then quietly tried to leave the area without alerting that tall, bald man and whoever his partner is. That was when she stepped on something and it made a loud noise.

"Damn," she cursed quietly as she began to run knowing that those two men were probably not too far behind. Just as she was about to come around a corner, she ran into someone and fell down. When she looked up, she was met with a pair of clear, yet amused, blue eyes.

"Well well well, what have we here?" the man asked as he gazed down at the fallen woman. "I thought I heard someone running this way." He then reached down and grabbed Ami's arm to pull her to her feet none too gently. "Rude, I caught us a little mouse, yo!"

"Let go of me!" Ami squeaked, trying to get out of the man's grasp. Luckily, her hood stayed over her head hiding her face. With her free hand she reached up and pulled on the guy's bright red hair, causing him to release her other arm.

"Hey! Don't pull the hair!" he shouted angrily, glaring at the petite woman. He took out a strange look rod and pointed it at her. "You better come quietly if you know what's good for ya."

Ami shook her head and began to back up. She saw the bald-headed man whom she assumed was the one the redhead called Rude. He was coming up quickly and it seemed like he was frowning through those sunglasses of his.

"Young lady, tell us why you're here," Rude asked none too kindly. "Reno, put that magrod away. You're scaring her."

Reno rolled his eyes and did as he was asked before returning his glare at Ami. "You better have a good answer for my buddy Rude."

Looking at both men, she knew that she wouldn't really win in a fight with them so she knew she had to use her head to get out of this mess. "I'm new here…I'm just looking around."

"I don't believe you, yo," the tall redhead responded, his eyes scanning her. "One, you don't sound like you're from here. Two, no one willingly comes into the ruins of Midgar…especially by themselves."

Ami held her breath for a moment. The one called Reno was not as dumb as he looks. "I'm sorry, I can't tell you more," she answered. She looked at him and Rude knew what she had to do. "Shabon Spray!"

Suddenly, the area was filled with a thick, icy fog that blocked the two men from seeing her. Ami started running away and did not pay attention to the string of curses that followed her. She kept on going until it felt like her lungs were about to burst from lack of oxygen. When she finally took notice of her surroundings, she realized that she was in the area of the battle. She wandered around a bit and then noticed something strange.

There was a hand poking out of some of the rubble and Ami felt her chest constrict. It was a body and she prayed that whoever it was, he or she wasn't dead. She went over to the debris and started digging the person out. It didn't really take too long for her to dig the person out because of the way some of the cement blocks were perched. When she finally got him out, Ami suddenly knew that this was the person that Aerith was talking about.

The man in question appeared to be rather tall with short silver hair and was wearing a black leather outfit that was torn in several places. Blood was oozing from a large gash on his head and also from a wound in his abdomen. He was moaning softly from pain and when he felt a cool hand on his forehead, his mako green eyes opened.

"Mother…" he whispered. "Yazoo…Kadaj…where are you…please, don't…don't leave me alone…"

Ami's eyes shone brightly with unshed tears when she heard the man's broken words. She could feel the pain in his voice. It was not from physical pain, but from the pain that one experiences when a person loses someone close to them. She reached inside her cloak and pulled out a relatively clean cloth and wiped the blood off of the man's face.

"You aren't alone, I'm here to help," the former senshi whispered. She knew that he may have been one of those wanting to destroy everything but she knew that Aerith was right. Deep down, she felt that he could be redeemed. "What's your name?"

"Loz," he answered, his eyes turning to look at Ami. "Why…why are you helping me?"

"I promised someone to look after you," she replied, a small smile on her face as she removed her hood. "Will you let me?"

Loz nodded as he closed his eyes from the pain. "My brothers…they're gone…will…will you be my sister?"

"Yes," Ami answered without hesitation. "I'll be your sister. I've always wanted a brother. Loz, do you think you can stand? I need to get you out of here. There are some strange men in dark blue suits looking for you, I think."

The tall man nodded weakly and with the petite woman's help, he shakily was able to get to his feet. However, he was holding his stomach because the blood was starting to come out more. Without thinking, Ami took off her cloak and wrapped it tightly around Loz's midsection. She knew that he needed medical attention and luckily, she was already a doctor from her world. Hopefully, she will be able to get him to her meager apartment without detection.

Unbeknownst to Ami and her new 'brother', they began the first few steps in a life neither of them would have ever imagined…

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