He faces her.

And she Doesn't breath. " I don't want to go" He whispers, slate grey eyes pooling with tears as heart pounds with an unrelenting fear.

Her breath is unsteady now, body buckling with a sadness she thought could never hurt this much.

He does not look away from her own drowning blue orbs.

The Earth is Warm, The comment approaching.

" I don't want you to go either." She finds herself saying in an almost inaudible tone, as he reaches up to pull her close.

The boy is taller than her now.

He watches the others that stand behind the girl. Sokka is there, holding Momo close, while Zuko stands with an unemotional glare near Iroh, Who holds his head down, whipping tears away with his long sleeved robe.

It makes The avatar Uncomfortable.

" I will stop the comet" He says " Roku has showed me the way, But Zuko must deal with Oazi" He choked back, holding in tainted sobs.

" Sokka will lead the rebellion" He leaned back and once again caught the waterbenders gaze.

" And you" He said " be happy and live"

Katara could not hold back the tears of loss as Aang rode appa towards the unnatural Sun in the Sky.