Zuko watched Katara with an intently deep stare. Golden orbs picking apart her delicate movements, while she worked, unphased buy his presence, at the groups dinner. The prince sat indian style, hands wrapped around his feet to brace himself.

For what? He couldn't tell yet.

It had been several weeks since he joined the group, and katara had finally warmed up to the prince. Which was fine with him. Zuko could do without her mean and hateful comments.

Our prince was the only one who would watch katara and keep her company while she prepared dinner. The water bender had gotten used to it by now, and she wouldn't admit, it comforted her that he would wish to, even though she didn't know why.

Looking towards zuko, she caught his stare with her own, and immediately a heat rushed to her cheeks, turning away , Katara sighed and busied herself once more.

Zuko cocked his head to the side. What was that?

A blush?

No, impossible… not his illusive, poised and deadly water bender.

So unlike what he had been attracted to before.

And yet, not far from being his own mother.

Smiling, Zuko relaxed and sighed.

"What?" Katara breathed, "Whats the matter?"

Had he noticed? Her heart raced slightly, and she gave a vigorous shake of her head.

"No" Zukos answer. Short, and to the point.

Then Silence, but she could still feel him watching, waiting, for one more look.

Turning, her ocean blue eyes came crashing once more with his saffron orbs, but this time, she did not look away.

They smiled, and knew the something interesting was dawning as they did.