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"Yami! Yami were are you!" cried Yugi frantically as he ran through the dark and chilly streets of Domino city.

"Yam-" Yugi stopped himself as he mentally slapped himself up the head for forgetting that he could use the mind link to find his Yami. Yugi concentrated and picked up longing and pain from his other half before an image came to mind. "The park!" cried Yugi joyfully as he turned and ran as fast as he could to it.

At the park…

Yami wearily picked himself up from the ground and rubbed his face, determined to wipe away any traces of his sadness and to go and apologize to Yugi and Grandpa for making them worry by staying out so late.

"Yaaaaaammmmmmi!" a spine chilling, nerve racking, strange sounding, not very nice, not a good time expert voice sounded from nearby.

Yami froze.

He knew that voice.

It had called his name about a million times that night alone before its owner had conked out.

He sighed.

Why couldn't the owner of said voice have stayed conked out?

"There you are Yami!" said Anzu. "I've been looking for you, we never got the chance to finish the play."

"What are you on about Anzu?" asked Yami confused. "Yugi filled in for you when you got knocked out."

Anzu scowled. "Yeah, I'm sorry Yami. It must have been really terrible for you to have had to kiss that disgusting midget (Yami's blood began to boil at this) but what I meant was that we should finish the play ourselves, without the interruption of any losers."

So saying she flung her arms around Yami's neck and made to kiss him.

However Yami was at this point absolutely raging at Anzu for daring to call his hikari 'a disgusting midget'. His eyes glowed dangerously as he pushed Anzu roughly to the ground and began to yell at her.

"You bitch! What the hell gives you the right to call Yugi names? Yugi, who is as pure now as you have never been in your entire life! Someone like you doesn't even have the right to know Yugi let alone dishonor his name!"

Anzu became angry at this. "Why the hell do you care so much about him anyway? I know hes your hikari and everything but aren't you going a bit overboard?" Her voice dropped to a threatening whisper. "Don't tell me you like that guy over me Yami."

Yami's hands clenched at his sides and as he swiped one hand through the air and sent Anzu to eternal damnation in the shadow realm he shouted at her. "I am in love with Yugi Moto!"

"Um…" a small voice sounded from behind Yami.

He turned and gasped. Yugi was standing there with a very shocked look on his face. It was a very happy shocked look though.

"Yugi…I…I." Yami trailed off.

He didn't know what to say.

Yugi had caught him confessing and was probably minutes away from regaining power over his vocal cords to scream at him that he hated him and never wanted to see him again. Yami would save him the trouble, he thought as he began to walk away distraught and ashamed.

Yugi became confused as he watched his darkness just walk away but then realized that his silence had probably made Yami think that Yugi didn't love him.

Yugi smiled.

He would fix that.

He ran after his other self. "Yami!" he called, and as Yami turned round he flung himself into his arms.

"Y-Yugi!" cried Yami surprised but was silenced when Yugi pressed his lips against his own. Breaking off, Yugi looked up at Yami, "I love you Yami!"

Yami looked down, shock and elation painted all over his features. Then his face broke into a smile and he bent down to capture Yugi's lips with his own again. Yugi allowed Yami's tongue to overtake his mouth and pressed harder against the older boy, earning a groan of appreciation from his yami. Because of the stupid need for oxygen however they had to stop after a while. Breathless, they held each other close, happy and content in the knowledge that they were finally with the one they loved.

An annoying beeping noise brought them both out of their revive. It was Yugi's cell phone and it was Grandpa. "Oh God!" cried Yugi. It's three thirty in the morning and we have school in five hours!"

Yami smiled. "Then lets go home…but we are not going to school today."

Yugi looked slightly confused at his now boyfriend. "Then what are we doing today?"

Yami smirked down at him. "Something…else."

Yugi's eyes widened in realization and he blushed slightly. Taking Yami's hand in his own, both boys started running down to the Game shop.

Never was there a story of more love than of Yugiet and his Yamieo.

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