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Notes: Radiant Garden Academy (the school they attend) goes from kindergarten to high school. Axel & Yuffie are freshmen in this fanfiction. Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Cid are Teachers. Leon is a sophomore and shall be called Squall.

The Shadow

A Shadow's Life

I stared blankly out the fogged up car window and let out a small sigh. Transferring schools was always a pain in the behind, you lost friends that way. But the school I was transferring to, wasn't a new school to me. Radiant Garden Academy. I went there from kindergarten to second grade, and now I'm returning to the school for eighth grade.

Nervous? You bet. But it shouldn't be that bad. My old friends still went there.

Let's see, there was: Selphie, Kairi, Axel, Yuffie, and...


Truth be told, I've had a crush on Sora for those three years I was at RGA. Sure, going through middle school I've had my fair share of crushes, but then.. it was always Sora that popped into my head. The torture. Oh, the torture.

The car violently lurched forward all of a sudden, snapping myself out of my thoughts. I looked forward startled and knitted my eyebrows together.

"Dad!" I whined. He turned to face me with a sheepish smile on his middle-aged face.

"Sorry, Namine." I rolled my eyes and sighed. After unbuckling my seatbelt, I grabbed my bag and umbrella and stepped out of the car. It was pouring today, and I really didn't want to get my uniform wet.

The shirt was white.

I mean, if it wasn't, I'd be all over the rain. Dancing in it and what-not, but I'd rather not have a bunch of boys staring at my bra.

I waved to my father as he drove off and walked into the large school building. Wandering around the hallways, I bumped into someone and immediately started apologizing. The girl just gave me a blank stare then the next thing I knew, I was being hugged.

"Oh my gosh! Namine!" I stared straight ahead in shock, as a bunch of people turned around and stared. Pretty soon a bunch of girls surrounded me and gave me a hug. Namine, nono like hugs.

Since RGA was a private school, everybody pretty much knew.. everybody. That would explain the hugging by a bunch of girls my age.

"H-hey, everyone. U-um, I can't breathe." The girls soon let go and I looked at all of them. The girl in front of me that I bumped into turned out to be Kairi.

Kairi was a red-headed girl that people often mistook for me. Besides having a different hair-color, she looked almost exactly like me. Her big eyes smiled at me, and her face gave of one of it's own, as well. Looking around I also noticed, Selphie, one of my best friends. We kept in touch while I was gone, and the reason why we became friends was.. well because..

We were both... weird when younger. And we still sort of are.

I also recognized Yuffie. Yuffie was exceptionally tall for her age, like Axel. He was tall.

"You came back! Yay!" Selphie exclaimed, hopping up and down excitedly. I nodded and started to chat with them as we walked towards our homeroom classes.

"See you later, Nam!" Yuffie called out.

"Yeah! See Ya, Namie!" Selphie.

"Well, let's get to our class. We have Mr. Masamune." Kairi said looking down at her schedule. "I heard that he's creepy.."

I just shrugged and walked into the classroom. Students wandered around the classroom, talking to each other and laughing at others' jokes. Kairi and I headed over to the back of the classroom and sat in some empty seats.

Pretty soon, a man with long silver hair walked in and glared at all the students, making them scramble into the nearest seat. He smirked then turned around to white something on the whiteboard. After literally three seconds, in surprisingly neat handwriting, it said:


"Okay, Victims. I am Mr. Masamune. But call me Sephiroth-sama, because Mr. Masamune makes me feel old. Now, I'm going to quickly go over the rules of this classroom." He glared at us all before continuing to speak again, "Rule number one: You must obey Sephiroth-sama. Now, you try and say it."

"We must obey Sephiroth-sama." The class all said in unison.

"Well, It's a start. Now, open your History books to page one and look over the table of contents while I go get my sword from the trunk of my car." Everyone in the class quickly obeyed, and looked over the page. Halfway through the page, I started to hear some whispering from what seemed to be two boys, I was about to look up and see who they were, but my head quickly snapped down when I heard a loud voice echo throughout the class.

"WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT READING THE TABLE OF CONTENTS?" The whispering stopped as the two boys squeaked and slid into their chairs. Sephiroth's face calmed down but his voice remained eerie as he spoke. "Roxas, Sora, I wish to see you after class." He turned around and started to write something on the whiteboard, "Oh yes, and welcome to RGA Miss Masaki."

I heard some people whispering and then felt my neck heat up. And that usually happens when people are staring at me.

"Ahem. DID I SAY YOU COULD ALL WHISPER AND STARE?" The whispering quieted down and I heard some people shuffle about. I let out a sigh and continued to read the rest of the table of contents.

"Well, Sephiroth-sama sure is... different." I said as we walked out of the classroom, holding my textbooks close to my chest.

"Yeah, and he sure does give a bunch of homework. And it's only the first day!" Kairi added, letting out a long exaggerated sigh. Kairi always liked to exaggerate things...

"Yeah." I glanced down at the books I was carrying and let out a sigh as well, except not as long.

"I wonder what he's going to do to Sora and Roxas... that katana he got from his car was really long.." I just nodded, I was too busy thinking about Sora to say anything, but then realized that I never knew who Roxas was. I opened my mouth, about to ask who he was but then was soon interrupted.

"Hey! Nam, Kai!" Yuffie called out. Kairi and I turned around and waved to Selphie and Yuffie then we all started heading towards our lockers together.

"Ms. Lockhart is so cool!" Yuffie exclaimed, "She got Axel to shut up! And you guys all know how Axel is a stubborn ass." We all opened our mouths in shock, Kairi, of course, being the dramatic one, placed her hands on both sides of her face.

"Really? I have Mister Highwind for my homeroom teacher, and he cusses every other word! I'm surprised they let him teach at a private school like this." Selphie said flailing her right arm about, causing some of her stuff to fall onto the ground. WE all laughed as she quickly bent down to pick them up, and continued to our lockers. (which were conveniently not to far away from each other) Mine was two lockers down from Kairi's, Selphie's was on the right of Kairi's, and Yuffie's was five lockers down to the left of mine. Selphie and Yuffie finished putting their stuff away and said that they would meet Kairi and me in the lunch room.

"I wonder who has this locker.." I said to Kairi, pointing to the one between ours. I heard Kairi groan and turned around to see why. I saw a blonde-haired boy our age looking down at a green piece of paper. He looked up at the locker I was pointing at, then glanced over to me for a moment then looked over to Kairi. He let out an annoyed sigh.

"It's such a pleasure to see you, Roxas." Said Kairi, whose voice was dripping with cold sarcasm and added a small glare. He returned the cold look, but smiled anyway.

"Oh no, the pleasure is all mine, Kairi." He glanced over at me again, and I just gave him a confused look. "Yo." Was all he said to me.

"Namine, this is Roxas, he came in fifth grade. Roxas, this is Namine, she's been here before, so quit being so formal."

Obviously him saying "Yo" was formal...

"Fine then. Yo." He still said 'yo' except it was in a more annoyed and cold tone. Looks like someone needs a bigger vocabulary.

"Great, you met each other and are now going to forget about each other." Kairi said clapping her hands together and turning back to her own locker, put away the last book, and closed the door. Since I was already done, she linked arms with mine and dragged me off to the lunch area.

"C'mon, Namine. Let's go find Selphie and Yuffie." I just nodded and laughed.

"Sorry for the hold-up, guys. We ran into a small problem."

"Small problem? He was taller than us, though." Selphie giggled mindlessly for about 3.2 seconds as we sat down with our lunch.

"Kairi likes Roxas!" Selphie said in a sing-song voice. Kairi slammed her fist down and glared at Selphie.

"Do not!" She seethed. Wow. Kairi mad. Namine scared.

"Gosh, Kairi." Selphie said waving her hands bath and forth. "I was just joking." Yuffie nodded.

"Yeah, Kairi. Plus, we all know that you like Sora." At Yuffie's statement, Kairi blushed and turned the other way pouting. This caused an eruption of laughter at the table. Well, I wasn't laughing, because I was too busy being jealous.

Okay, the chapter is over. Axel and Sora will come in next chapter. So yeah :D

Also, this chapter was more of the introduction, and the reason why Sephiroth said "Welcome to Radiant Garden" to Namine, was because they usually don't get any new students. And the reason why he didn't say "Welcome back" was because he has never seen Namine before. He knew who she was because she was new, and he memorized all the names over the summer, haha.

I know, Sephiroth-san is weird. But aren't we all?

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Over the next few weeks, Kairi and I became best friends. I felt like her alter ego or something. But I was still a bit jealous of her. I mean, she was so content with herself, and people often preferred her over myself. I felt kind of like a shadow. Something that follows someone around but that no one pays attention to. Because they're too busy paying attention to the actual person.