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Tsubasa's Dilemma

by: flamecaster


"Tsubasa-senpai!" came the familiar scream from behind me. And almost instantly, a certain brown-haired girl jumped on to me.

"What is it, Mikan?" I asked as I stared down at the teary-eyed little angel in my arms. I couldn't understand the reply that followed as she dug her face deeper into my chest. But I didn't need to ask. There was only one person who could make her cry like this.

"Tch." I looked for the source of the sound, and, sure enough, found the dark-haired boy that made my Mikan cry. His eyes were fierce, and, as usual, were glaring at me.

"What do you want?" I glared back, trying to look as cool as him, but with as slight smirk on my face. I didn't get an answer as he turned to leave our Special Abilities classroom. No one else was in the room.

"It's okay, you're with me now." I whispered to the bundle in my arms. She sobbed harder and held on tighter, afraid to let go. I returned the gesture to let her know I was still there for her, but the second I pulled her closer…

Fffwwwoooossshhhh. A sudden gust of flames shot behind me, singeing the fringes of my hair.

"Missed." came a cold-hearted voice from the doorway. The boy was still there, kindling a small ball of fire in his hand, but with blazing flames in his eyes. When I didn't reply, he marched out again. Only when I was sure his footsteps had faded away did I let out a huge sigh.

It was then that Mikan finally looked up. She had stopped crying, but her eyes were still watery. I smiled at the adorable sight, but to my surprise, she smiled back.

'Perhaps she thinks it was an encouraging smile.' I thought to myself. 'Yeah, that's it.' Afraid that she might have seen through the smile, I set her down as quickly as I could. I placed her on one of the tables of the classroom, where she sat as her features slowly softened to her usual cheerful mood.

"Now, don't you worry about that Natsume kid anymore, okay?" I told her, as I patted her head. There were still tears rolling down her cheeks. As carefully as I could, I tried to wipe them off. And almost to myself I said, "He can't touch you as long as I'm here."

I cupped my hand to her face, and gave her one more smile.

"Thank you, Tsubasa-kun."

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