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The decision to stop at the market had been unanimous. The group required supplies and all of its members were in need of the all important alone time. They each wanted his or her own space, it was not that they disliked one another - they loved each other in truth and were the closest of friends, but even friends can get significantly fed up with one another.

So it came to be that a flying bison touched down just outside a small fishing market one sunny spring day. Fate's wry sense of humor saw to it that an Earth Kingdom battalion chose to resupply from that same village on the same day.

- - -

Aang trotted down a dusty road, inclining his head pleasantly to the people he passed.

The young Avatar was in good spirits, coins jingled in his pocket and he was looking forward to browsing the shops and stands that the market offered. He was also unaccompanied for the first time in weeks; the boy being the most wanted person on the planet, his friends were reluctant to let him venture off on his own. But now, with the village's winding streets and cramped little shops promising all sorts of interesting and delightful things, the airbender's little company gave in to temptation and each of the four made their own way.

Sokka had been lead by the nose into a bakery almost immediately, excusing himself with a muttered "warriors need sustenance, y'know."

The Water Tribesman's sister, seeing the opportunities such a situation presented, had acted on what Sokka called feminine instinct. Taking Toph firmly by the arm, Katara had lead her new friend to a dress shop. The blind earthbender had fought as valiantly as she could without causing an all out bending battle. But the older girl was forceful and determined to have girl time even if it killed them both.

So Aang had been left alone with a bit of money to use as he deemed necessary to their traveling provisions.

It was only natural for him to seek out the curios the place had to offer.

After window browsing for some time the young boy entered a small nondescript store. A bell hung on the door announced his arrival with a clear ring. The airbender sauntered over to the shelves, his curious slate grey eyes examining every nicknack that caught his attention.

Aang looked up as hurried and heavy footsteps passed him, his eyes caught sight of a pair of uniformed Earth Kingdom soldiers as they exited the shop, the bell tinkling as the door was opened and closed. Intrigued by the behavior of the troopers, he glanced at the store's owner. The old woman hunched over the counter shrugged, as an eloquent an answer as she could manage, she being just as clueless as her young customer.

Finding nothing of particular interest to him, Aang left the store a short while later, the owner sending him out of the door with a scowl.

Upon exiting the store Aang's vision was impaired temporally by the bright sunlight, a stark contrast to the dimness of the light within the shop. When his eyes adjusted Aang was surprised by both the lack of the bustling crowd that had been wandering through the street when he first entered the store and the net that neatly descended on him, trapping him within its tight confines.

- - -

An hour later, Aang, bound thoroughly courtesy of the Earth Kingdom battalion that had captured him, was forced to his knees in the tent of the general that lead the troops occupying the region.

A corporal returned with the general seconds after Aang's arrival.

The boy did not look up at the general at first, choosing to watch the man's boots instead, but he could feel his eyes on him. "My, my, you do have excellent timing, Avatar Aang," spoke a smooth voice.

Aang raised his head to meet the general's gaze, dreading what he would find. His eyes widened in recognition. "You!"

General Fong smiled down at the irate Avatar, his green eyes held a light of triumph. "Yes. I think it's time we finish this war, hm?"

"Once upon a time there were three very different little Fire Nation girls..."

Azula, crown princess of the Fire Nation, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai, little sister to Prince Zuko, niece to General Iroh - the Dragon of the West.

Mai, daughter of the head of a favored and high ranking noble family in the Fire Nation court.

And Ty Lee, the daughter of a respected noble family in the Fire Nation court.

"Who grew up to be three very different women."

Princess Azula, firebending prodigy and favorite child of the Fire Lord, beloved of the superior nation.

Mai, daughter of the Governor of Omashu, an infamous weapons specialist: skilled at using various weapons in an assassin's manner.

Ty Lee, rogue daughter of a nobleman, circus acrobat, knowledgeable of the various locations and importance of chi points on the body.

"But they have three things in common: they're brilliant, they're beautiful, and they work for me. My name is Fire Lord Ozai."

Ozai's Angels

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