Timeframe: After conclusion of Season 5 of Buff the Vampire Slayer and season 2 of Angel (WARNING: Major spoilers)


Angel stepped back, staring at Willow from where he stood. "It's Buffy."

Willow pushed her red hair behind the ears on her now-pale face. "Yeah." Her voice was breaking, and she left it that simple.

Angel reacted with flaming panic after just staring straight into Willow's cold eyes for a couple of seconds. "Is she hurt?"

Willow turned her back to Angel and curled up against the couch. "Worse."

Angel flamed with anger, sadness, and despair all at the same time. His eyes turned a cold red, and he turned around, clashed his arm into naked air, and all the window's in the room smashed into a million tiny pieces.

Angel left the room. Cordelia, Wesley, and Willow and sat, crying in silence. No one had anything to say.


His black boots left indents in the mud as Spike walked through the rainy graveyard towards the most recently buried corpse, that of Buffy Summers. He laid down a single red rose at the foot of her grave. "You were one in a million, Buffy." Spike scratched his head. "Not me. Nope, I'm just like every other bloody sucker out there who had a second to know you but never got to hold you." Spike wiped a tear from his eye. "Look at that, Slayer. You made me cry. Spike, the big, heartless, monster is crying over you." On the last few words, his voice cracked slightly and he cryed a few more tears. "Why'd you do it? How'd you even bloody know it'd save the rest of our sorry assess?"

Spike bent down towards the edge of her lonesome grave. "Your mates were by during the day, were they?" He glanced around. "Am I the only one who brought a flower? Look at this, I'm pretending you're going to answer me."

Spike raised his head with a sudden gist of confidence, "I'll bring you back. I will."

He stood up and walked off. Sun would be rising soon, and he research to do.


Spike wondered around the magic shop when he ran into Anya and Giles in the back room going over backorders. "Nice to know some people get over loss quickly and jump right back into their daily lives."

Giles looked up with anger at Spike, who wasn't welcome at the moment. "We haven't gotten over it. We have work to do – We can't get behind. Buffy wouldn't have wanted that."

"No? Than you tell me, oh, enlightened one, what would the slayer have wanted?" Spike grunted.

"Bloody shut up! You're not welcome here, Spike." Giles warned.

"Oh, I'm not, huh?" Spike's already-pale skin had faded to a color that was as white as snow. "Do you think, honestly, I'm not in as much, if not more pain than the rest of you? Do you bloody hell think I'm just pretending to care? Buffy was the only one of any of you who didn't treat me like an animal. You all still have each other, but I've got no one now. Alright, so before you start telling me I'm not hurt by this little series of events, you'd better fuckin' well remember that."

Spike slammed the door behind him as he left the back room. "I'm not welcome, I'm not hanging round."


Angel stormed through the doors of the Magic Shop, and headed into the back room, where he knew he'd find at least one of the gang.

"Angel." Anya was surprised. "What are you doing here?"

Angel shook and shifted his feet across the floor and walked over to where Giles stood. "Where's her grave?"

"Willow told you, then." Giles held back his tears. "It's right next to her mothers."

"To the right." Anya added, teary eyed.

Angel was shakey, and his voice was worse still, but he still said what he had come to ask. "I want to try to get custody of Dawn."

Giles and Anya looked at each for a few seconds, and they muterally agreed Giles should be the one to say it. "Angel, it's not that easy to custody if you're going to be a single parent"

Anya perked up, "Xander and I got engaged. If we get married soon we could adopt her-"

"Bad idea." Angel finished. "You guys don't want the happiest day of your life so close to yesterday." A tear came down his cheek, but he whipped it away as soon as he could. "Besides, you don't want the responsibility of a kid yet."

Anya knew he was right, and she didn't want to bring it up to Xander – He'd like the idea too much. Dawn was like his little sister to him.

There was a knock on the door and Angel turned with reflex towards the door and opened it.

It was Spike, and he held a very thin, paperback book in his hands. It was different than the other books around the Magic Shop. "Thank God you're here, Angel, I need your help."

"My help? What the hell for?" Angel wasn't in the mood to have anything to do with Spike, he was too busy dealing with his own mix of emotions.

Spike flipped through the pages and pointed to the top paragraph on one of the pages. "It's right here, in this book. It's typed clearly on page 43. We can turn her, Angel. We can bring Buff back as a vampire."

Spike was toying with Angel. He knew it. "She's already dead."

"It takes two male vampires. If she still has blood in her body, one of us drains the right, the other the left, and it will bring her back. It'll turn her." Spike explained, almost quoting the book.

"Vampires don't have souls." Anya protested plainly.

"Angel does." Spike pointed out. "I don't. I'm getting along just fine."

Angel was ready to strangle Spike for toying with his emotions like that. "You have a chip. Buffy doesn't. I was cursed. Buffy wasn't."

Spike wasn't crying anymore. "Someone cursed you. Someone still has that power. Will does. I know she could – You've seen how strong her magic is. She went inside Buffy's head, Angel. She pained Glory. She's not a little girl anymore."

"Buffy never wanted to be a vampire. And what if we can't give her her soul back, huh? What then?" Angel flamed.

Spike scratched his forehead. "I have to do this, and I can't do it alone, Angel."

"Why do you even care?"

"How could everybody keeps bloody asking me that? Why is everyone so surprised I care? Fuck, I can't take it." Spike's arm lashed out and knocked Angel across the head.

Spike pulled his arm back towards himself and wrapped his other hand around his pale white wrist. "Bloody Hell!" He hollered as he opened and closed a fist, staring at his hand. "It's coming back."

Anya looked up for a moment from her own private tears. "What is?"

"The demon. The Vampire part of me. The instinct. Kill. Kill. Murder. Blood. It's all coming back." Spike stared at his bloody hand and the mark he'd landed on Angel's immortal head. "It's bloody coming back. I can feel it — It's starting. We have to get Buffy back."

"Let go oh her, Spike. She's really gone." Anya tried to comfort, but a part of her wanted to see Buff again too, even as a vampire.

"No — with that aside. Slayer shared her soul with me — without her, I'll fall back into real darkness."