A/N: Just one of those 30 kisses things between Joey and Mai. Please don't blame the suckfullness as it is my first fic on fanfiction

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30 Kisses

Kiss #1

He thought, no he knew, he had to get out of there. Brian Wheeler was just about to stagger in the door and Joey knew he would cop all of this crap. With out a second thought Joey jumped out of his window and ran.

The young blonde sprinted until he reached the local park and sank down onto on of the still intact swings. He sat swaying softly back and forward on the swing until…

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in."

He knew that voice…

"Mai?" He asked in surprise.

"The one and only," the blonde replied, "so Joseph I haven't seen you since Duelist Kingdom, what brings you to this neck of the woods?"

"My da…" Joey trailed off in mid-sentence, "its nothing." And stared down at the dirt beneath his feet.

To his surprise Mai sank down to his level and said "Joey, is this about your dad?"

"NO!" Joey said instantly. Mai wore a serious expression on her face,

"Don't lie to me Joseph Wheeler," and in a more soft voice said, "Tea told me."


"Are you alright? I mean, did… did he hit you or anything?" Mai looked deeply concerned now.

"Well I ran for it just before he got back."

"But that sounds as if… oh God Joey he has hit you hasn't he?"

"Well yeah, but he can't help it. It's cause he drinks." Joey tried and failed at defending his dad.

"Well THAT'S his fault," scoffed Mai. "What did he do to you?"

Joey rolled up the sleeve of his green blazer revealing several dark purple bruises and a couple of small but deep cuts.

"Oh Joey," Mai breathed softly. "That is horrible."

"Na, its nothing," Joey replied now deeply regretting showing her.

"Your really brave, you know that?" whispered Mai and Joey became painfully aware of how close they were.

"Ya know, my Ma used to kiss things better when I was little." Added Joey.

"Well I'm not your mother but I think that could be arranged." And slowly, ever so slowly they moved their heads and Mai's glossy lips met Joeys slightly cracked ones in a gentle but tender kiss.

"Better?" Questioned Mai.

"You wouldn't believe how much." Murmured Joey.

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