Chapter 1: Luffy

My name is Roronoa Zoro and I am a master of the art of Santoryu. In other words, I use three swords, one in each hand and one in my mouth. Still don't understand?

I am a kick ass swordsman, don't mess with me. I am also on the run from the law. I've killed people apparently, although it's a fact that I was never at the scene of the crime. Just because the people who were murdered have slashes across them like the sort my blades would make, doesn't mean I did it. Well, anyway, this is basically the story of my saviour and how I met him. Yes him. You'll see.


"Roronoa Zoro!" the commanding voice yelled. Zoro breathed hard from behind the tree. They hadn't found him yet and they wouldn't. He had long black hair and a powerful build. The three swords that were strapped to his side gave him a dangerous look. Zoro was not a man to mess with.

"Zoro!" the voice yelled again, "Come out with your hands up and you will not be harmed!" Zoro peeked an eye out and saw all the guns trained on the tree. He snorted.

"Yeah right." he muttered. He watched a boy who looked about 17 walk up the sidewalk towards the area. He had earphones in and was obviously not paying any attention on what was going on around him.

"Stay away young man, or you will be identified as being affiliated with the suspect!" the voice of the police officer yelled. Zoro tensed.

Did that mean they would…no, they wouldn't. They couldn't!

"Stay away!" the police officer repeated and Zoro distinctly heard a gun click.

They were going to shoot!

Zoro made a split second decision and ran out of his hideout to barrel the boy out of the way and pushed him down an alleyway. The boy gave Zoro a frightened glance, but, Zoro grabbed him and hauled the smaller man after him down the alleyway.

Whether this kid liked it or not, he was now with Zoro. They ran down another alley and dived into an abandoned apartment. They barrelled through it and went down into the basement. Zoro shut and locked the door.

"Who are you and what the hell do you think you're doing?" the boy asked, straightening his red shirt.

"Hey, I just saved your life kid." Zoro snapped. The boy narrowed his eyes.

"Saved my life? What are you on? I was walking down the street, listening to music when you pushed me down an alleyway!"

"Hey kid, relax. You were walking into a crime scene area. The police were threatening to shoot you!" Zoro explained.

"A crime scene area? What was the crime?"

"Uh... never mind." Zoro replied, avoiding that subject for now. The boy thought a moment.

"I still don't know who you are." he eventually said.

"Roronoa Zoro," Zoro replied, "and you are?"

"Monkey D Luffy."

"What kind of a name is monkey?"

"I don't know, what kind of a name is Roronoa?"

"Fine, you have a point. The thing is Luffy, they think you're a part of my 'posse' now."

"Well, why would they think that?"

"I have no idea. You just walked in at the wrong time I think. You see, I'm a…fugitive." Zoro said. There was a moment of silence.

"Fugitive! Cool! Does that mean you act all Ninja like and stuff?"

"Ah…yeah, sure kid. Whatever." Zoro replied listening at the door. Luffy was weird.

Very weird.

But, Zoro guessed that he would have to get used to it. Or would he? Would Luffy even consider staying near him? Could Luffy even possibly turn him in if he let him go? So many things that could happen, so many ways that Zoro could fail.

There was a rattle that caused Zoro to look around. Luffy was opening his backpack and pulling out various objects, the last of which was a large wooden box.

"What are you doing?" Zoro asked.

"Getting out my good luck charm." Luffy replied and placed the box on the ground. Shoving everything else back into the bag quickly, Zoro noticed there was a lot of junk there, such as yo-yo's, bottle caps, a few coins, a broken torch and lots of other shiny things.

From the box, he pulled out a tattered straw hat that had a red band around it, and placed it on his head. It settled on Luffy's head like it belonged there. The boy grinned at the older man.

"So, where do we go now?" he asked.


... and that's all she wrote...literally. I am still figuring out finer points of this story but I will get to work on it soon.