Chapter 21: Gratuitous Sex and Violence

A/N: As the title says, this chapter has sex and violence, but at least not at the same time. ;-) I had a blast writing this chapter so I hope you all enjoy it.

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Sam stepped into the living room and dropped his bag by the door. Crap he was tired. He wandered into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. He sighed to see it was basically empty. Of course it was empty. He had been too busy to go and buy any groceries. He shut the door and stood up. He rolled his shoulders several times trying to stretch out his sore muscles. Ever since Saturday Dad seemed to be hell bent on working him and Dean half to death. Everyday was an hour of exercising followed by an hour of sparring.

Sam was used to sparring Dean. They knew how to trade blows back and forth and yet be careful to not really hurt each other. But Dad had actually joined in on their sparring matches. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday now Sam had started off sparring with Dean as a way of limbering up, only to then spar with his father. Dad made no attempt to hold back. He came at Sam with everything he had forcing Sam to do the same to avoid getting hurt. At first Dean had insisted that Dad take it easy especially when five minutes into it Sam had a split lip and a bloody nose.

Dad's reply was that if Sam had defended himself properly then he wouldn't have gotten hurt. After that Sam didn't hold back and he gave as good as he got. Still, here it was Thursday and he had to admit he was sore as hell. He hoped like hell that Dad would give them the night off since they were going to pick up Dean's car today. The paint job and all the bodywork were done. Sam knew Dean couldn't wait to get his new baby. Sam also figured that since Dad had ignored Wednesday night family night yesterday that it might be further incentive to give them all a break.

He realized that he was going to have to do something about the empty refrigerator. He pulled out his wallet and saw he had sixty-six dollars. Okay, so he had enough to go and get some groceries but since he didn't have a car he would have to buy just enough for dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning. He wasn't about to try and carry a weeks worth of groceries home from the market.

He headed back out the door and walked to the mini-mart that was three blocks over. He grabbed a pack of chicken, a box of rice, and a jar of gravy. He went to another isle and selected two cans of peas and carrots. He remembered breakfast and got a box of cereal and a half-gallon of milk. He figured that would be enough until he could get a ride to the market tomorrow and get some more. At the register he saw a box of donuts and tossed them in for good measure.

Back at home he fried the chicken and tosses in the jar of gravy. Then he prepared the minute rice. 'Instant dinner,' he thought to himself. No sooner was the thought out of his head then the front door opened and Dean and Dad walked in.

"Sammy, you would have made one hell of a wife," his brother teased. He headed straight for the cabinet and pulled out a plate. He didn't wait for anyone else; he just started loading the food on to his dish.

"You guys are home early," Sam commented.

"We skipped lunch so we would be able to leave early to go pick up Dean's car," John explained as he too quickly filled a pate with the hot food.

"That explains why you two look like you're about to keel over from hunger," Sam smirked.

"Not everyone has an easy job of stacking books," Dean teased playfully.

"Dean one day of doing my job and you would die of boredom," Sam played along.

"True," Dean laughed. "Hurry up and eat, Sam. We need to get going so we can pick up my car. The body shop closes in an hour."

"Dean, don't worry. We have plenty of time," John said. "The shop is only ten minutes away."

"I know, I just want to get my car. They better have done a good job or so help me they'll be doing the whole thing all over and for free!"

"Dean, I'm sure the car will be fabulous," Sam smirked.

"Yeah, well it better be."

Dinner was eaten so quickly that Sam doubted anyone had even had the chance to taste it. Dishes were placed in the sink and pots hastily shoved into the fridge.

"Okay, let's go," Dean ordered.

All three climbed into the pickup and Dad drove to the shop. Sam tried not to laugh as Dean's left leg was bouncing up and down with nervous anticipation. He was tempted to tell Dean it was just a car, but after the loss of the Impala Sam decided to let Dean be excited. With the exception of his birthday party last week it had been a while since Dean had been this happy about something.

Dean was ready to jump out of his skin by the time they park in the lot of the body shop. He jumped from the truck and ran up to his car, which was parked in the front lot waiting for him since he had called earlier to say when he would be arriving to pick it up.

"She's perfect," Dean beamed. He ran his hands lovingly over her fenders and the hood. He got on his knees and examined the chrome for any paint or scratches.

Sam watched Dean as he caressed and fondled the car.

"Should Dad and I give you a moment of privacy," Sam teased.

"You're just jealous that my baby is prettier than you," Dean teased right back. Sam rolled his eyes.

"I thought you were going to paint her candy apple red?" Sam asked. He had been shocked actually to see that Dean had the car painted jet black.

Dean looked at Sam thoughtfully. "Black just seemed right. It's supposed to be black."

To most people Dean's answer might not have made sense but Sam understood just fine. With her high gloss black finish and her chrome bumpers and black leather seats, in a lot of ways the GTO looked like the Impala. The only real difference was that the GTO was two door instead of four.

"I think you made an excellent choice," Sam told Dean and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Let me pay and I'll take you for a little test run," Dean replied.

Sam stayed with the car while John and Dean went inside to pay the bill. He ran his hands over the smooth lines of the car and had to admit that it was sweet looking ride. Dean would surely be the envy of many as he drove this thing around.

A few minutes later Dean came out with the keys in his hands and marched right up to the driver side door. He climbed in and then unlocked Sam's door.

"I'll see you boys at home later," John replied. "I expect you back in about two hours so we can get in a practice."

Both Sam and Dean groaned but then Dean got a look on his face and started the engine. He revved it loudly pretending that he couldn't hear his Dad. Sam smirked but said nothing. John yelled something else but again Dean just revved the engine even louder. Then he clicked on the radio, shoved in a tape that Sam had made for him, put on his sunglasses and floored it out of the parking lot, leaving his father in a cloud of dust.

Sam laughed and looked at Dean. "You realize he's going to work us out three times as hard for that little stunt you just pulled."

"He can't work us to death if we aren't there," Dean smirked.

"You are going to get us in to so much trouble aren't you?" Sam asked but there was a happy excitement to his voice.

"Oh yeah," Dean replied. "Sammy, it's time we go out and have a little fun!"

Dean hit the highway and just drove with no destination in mind. He kept track of where he headed so he'd be able to find his way back home later, but other than that he didn't have a care in the world. Two hours passed by with the windows down and the music blaring. Usually Sam would have turned the radio down by now but even he was enjoying the open road and the heavy rock was somehow soothing in a way that only comes from routine and repeated actions.

Dean finally pulled off the highway and did a u-turn to get back on.

"We're going home already?" Sam asked.

"Hell no," Dean smiled. "The night is young and I haven't been laid in damn near three months. Sammy, you and I are getting lucky tonight!"

"Dean, I don't need you to find a woman for me."

"Hey, I did a pretty damn good job with getting Sarah for you didn't I?"

"That was different. I liked Sarah for who she was, not because she was going to put out!"

"Sammy, let's not argue over semantics. Point is, you got some lovin' and Sarah was way hot. You totally owe me little brother!"

Sam laughed but replied with a classic, "Whatever!"

Dean made a point of driving over to the next town. He remembered what his dad said about the cops showing up at his front door and he couldn't guarantee that by the end of the night there wouldn't be a little police involvement. Dean was feeling rowdy and the thought of a little trouble was right up his alley. He looked at Sam and saw that even his little brother was eager for a night of freedom away from Dad.

Dean parked at the roughest looking biker bar he could find. The place was dirty and grungy and absolutely perfect.

"Here? Dean we're likely to get killed."

"Sammy, you worry way too much! Lighten up. Besides, remember what I said. Ain't nothing bad going to happen to you while I'm around."

"Are you sure the GTO will be safe here?" Sam asked.

"Anyone touches my car and I'll shoot them," Dean replied. "Now come on, I'm feeling lucky!"

As soon as they opened the door a wave of cigarette smoke assault them. Sam coughed several times but Dean just smiled, feeling oddly at home. They went in and their eyes roamed over the room. The place was filled with bikers and white trash of all kinds. Most of the girls had on way too much make-up and not nearly enough clothing. Sam couldn't remember the last time he had seen so many leather skirts in one place.

Dean waltz up to the bar and ordered two beers for him and Sam. His eyes never stopped looking for the girl who would be graced with his presence tonight. The waitress was out, that was for sure. She was at least forty-five, over weight, and had a buzz cut. Yuck!

"I'm going to play some poker," Dean announced to Sam.

"I'm gonna have a seat," Sam replied.

Dean nodded and walked up to a poker game already in progress. "Mind if I join in?" Dean asked.

Five sets of suspicious eyes rose up to look at him. "You got any money?" one of them asked.

"Of course." Dean pulled out a wad of bills and flashed them for the bikers to see.

"Sit down," another one said. "Put your money up and shut up."

Dean pulled up a chair and had a seat. He looked over and saw that Sam was safe in the corner doing what he usually did in these places. He watched everyone else have a good time while he nursed his beer. One of these days Sam would learn to lighten up but it didn't look like tonight would be the night.

Sam scoped out the room seeing which people might pose a possible threat. He always had Dean's back while he gambled and hustled pool.

"Hey there, cutie. Are you all alone?" a female voice asked.

Sam looked up and saw a girl of about fifteen or sixteen talking to him.

"Actually, I'm here with my brother. He's playing poker right now."

"So, you are alone then," she replied and had a seat next to him. "I'm Amanda."

"Sam. Are you old enough to be in here?" he asked.

"Of course I am," she replied with a seductive smile. "Why do you ask?"

"Cause you look like jail bait to me," Sam replied.

"Honey, I'll be any age you want me to be. Why don't we get out of here and go to my place for a while."

"And just what do you have in mind?" Sam asked.

Amanda put her hand on Sam's thigh and began to rub, her hand going higher and higher. Sam grabbed her hand and pulled it away from him.

"I'm going to do you a favor. Go home. You seem like a nice kid so why you're looking to have sex with a total stranger is beyond me."

"I'm not a nice kid," she replied angrily. She quickly hid her anger and put on a fake smile. "I know what I'm doing. For fifty dollars I can make all your dreams come true baby."

"You're a hooker? Jesus, what are you, like fifteen?"

"I'm seventeen and besides, what do you care?"

"I care because no one should have to sell themselves for money."

"Yeah, well a girl has to eat," she sneered. She stood up to walk away but Sam grabbed her arm.


"Change your mind?" she asked.

"No." He fished out two twenties from his pocket and handed them to her.

"What's this for?"

"Food. Now go home."

"You're gonna give me money for nothing?"

"Not for nothing," Sam replied. "It's so you don't have to do this tonight."

"What are you? Some kind of boy scout?"

"Yep, that's my brother all right," Dean replied, suddenly standing behind the girl.

"You're weird," she finally said and walked away.

Dean couldn't stop the chuckle from hearing someone call his dorky brother weird.

"Sam, I leave you alone for fifteen minutes and you're already pissing off the locals."

"She was a hooker, Dean. She's just a dumb kid. I gave her money to go home."

"Dude, you what? How much did you give her?"


"Sam, you know she's just going to move on to the next john in this room right? She has no intention of going home."

"Maybe, maybe not," Sam replied.

Dean sighed. "You're hopeless little brother," but Dean wouldn't have Sam any other way. "Anyway, I have to get back to the game. I just stepped away to get another beer."

Sam watched Dean go back to the table and then he saw Amanda sitting at a table with a man who was easily in his fifties. She had her hand on his leg and was rubbing his thigh. Dean was right. She wasn't going to go home. Well, Sam did what he could. She was on her own now.

The night wore on. Dean made a killing at the poker game and then headed for the pool tables. Sam teamed up with Dean and they played doubles with several people in the bar. After scoring a couple hundred bucks at the pool tables no one wanted to play with them anymore.

Sam was on his third beer and had to admit he was feeling pretty mellow. He wasn't drunk, not like the night he had four shots of Jack, but he was pleasantly buzzed. Dean on the other hand was downing beer number five and was slightly past buzzed.

Sam went to the bathroom and by the time he came back out Dean had a pretty, if not overly made up, blonde on his arm. She looked to be about twenty and she was hanging all over him.

Dean pulled the girl up to Sam. "Sammy, this is Tammy." He then laughed at his own rhyme.

"Hi," Sam said.


"Sweetheart, why don't you go on outside. I'll be there in just a minute."

"Sure thing sugar."

She stepped away and Dean turned back to Sam. "Dude, I'll be back in ten minutes."

"Where are you going?" Sam asked. There was no way Dean could get to her place and take care of business and be back in ten minutes.

"I'm going to go christen the car."

"You're going to have sex in the back seat?" Sam gasped.

"And get the upholstery all sweaty, no way."

"Then where?" Sam asked, clearly confused.

Dean grinned. "On the hood. Stay put. I'll be back." He raised his eyebrows a couple of times, downed the last sup of his beer and headed out the door.

Sam watched him go and shook his head. Only Dean!

"Let go you bastard!"

Sam looked back to see Amanda struggling to get away from two rather tough looking bikers.

"What's the matter, slut? You can hit on every man in the bar but we ain't good enough for you?" The biker slapped her hard and then grabbed her by the back of her head. He forced his lips onto hers and kissed her violently.

Sam never hesitated. He marched right up to them. "Let her go!"

The biker pulled back his head and looked at Sam. "Go home to your mommy boy. This ain't your business."

Amanda clawed at the man's hands, trying to get his fingers out of her hair so she could flee.

"Let the girl go," Sam repeated. "She obviously doesn't want your company."

"This bitch isn't going anywhere until I get what I want. I'm telling you for the last time, get the fuck out of here."

Sam took another step forward. Someone came at Sam with a pool stick. Sam quickly dodged the blow and kicked the man in his gut, sending him flying over the table and onto the floor.

"You son of a bitch," another man yelled. "No one fucks with my brother."

The man swung at Sam but again he dodge right and grabbed the man's arm and spun him around. Then Sam delivered two quick jabs to the guy's head and he crumpled to the floor.

Finally the guy who was manhandling Amanda stood up and released the girl. She took off running instantly.

"You're going to regret that." He charged Sam and knocked him to the floor. Sam hopped up quickly punched him in the gut.

"Umph," the biker grunted. Then he landed his own punch on the side of Sam's head. Sam was about to return a punch when again he saw someone coming at him with a pool stick. Sam dropped and watched as the biker ended up getting whacked in the face with the pool stick.

The next thing Sam knew the entire room erupted into an all out brawl.


"Oh baby," the girl, what was her name, oh yeah, Tammy, screamed and Dean continued to rock her world. She was perched on the hood of the GTO and had her legs wrapped around Dean's waist.

Dean had made a point of parking in the spot farthest from the bar. No one seemed to notice what the two of them were doing. He pumped harder and finally came hard and fast. Tammy screamed out one more and then went limp in his arms.

"Hmmm, what a man," Tammy purred.

"I aim to please," Dean said cockily.

"Then how about you come to my place and we have seconds."

Dean was about to reply when the door to the bar opened and he could hear the roar of the fight all the way from where he was standing. Shit, Sammy was still in there!

"Maybe next time," Dean replied as he quickly yanked off his condom, tucked himself in, zipped his pants and took off running, leaving a very confused and somewhat pissed off Tammy behind.

Dean entered the bar and ducked just in time to avoid having a beer bottle break over his head. He quickly stood back up and looked for Sam. Sam was in the middle of the room trading blows with what had to be the biggest motherfucker in the whole damn place.

Dean quickly made his way throw the room, throwing punches and landing kicks along the way. The place was a mad house and Dean was having a blast, or at least he was until he saw someone crack a pool stick across Sam's back.

Dean immediately tackled the pool stick guy and proceeded to punch him senseless. Once the guy was down for the count Dean was back at Sam's side. Sam spun around and almost hit Dean.

"Whoa, it's me."

"Dean!" Sam called and pushed Dean out of the way of a flying chair. The brothers hit the floor with Sam landing on top.

"Dude, get off!" Dean grunted.

"So did you get lucky?" Sam asked. He stood up and punched someone in the face.

Dean quickly got up and grabbed a pool stick and blocked a blow coming his way.

"Oh yeah, she wanted more but I heard all this commotion coming from the bar," Dean replied as he continued to fight.

"Dude, you just left her?" Sam asked just before getting a hard blow to the jaw. He fell to his knees.

Dean punched Sam's attacker and then offered him a hand back up.

"Well, I had this crazy idea that my kid brother might be in trouble," Dean replied.

"I'm going to kill you!" the biker who had attacked Amanda yelled once he saw Sam again. He grabbed a chair and approached Sam with it raised over his head.

"Friend of yours?" Dean asked.

Sam just gave him a look but prepared to dodge the blow. The biker swung the chair. Sam dodged and Dean kneeled down and launched himself at the guy's legs. The big biker fell to the floor and dropped the chair on his own head. Dean straddled the guy and landed about five blow's to the guy's head, knocking him out.

"I think it's time to get out of here," Dean said. He grabbed Sam by his upper arm and pulled him towards the door. They were almost out when Sam's head was suddenly ablaze with pain.

"Dean!" Sam gasped and grabbed his forehead.

"Shit, Sam, not now!" Dean groaned. He tightened his grip on his brother and pulled Sam out of the bar. Outside Dean didn't stop. He pulled Sam towards the car as fast as possible. He did not want his brother to hit the ground where they were standing. No doubt the police were on their way and they needed to be gone before they arrived.

"Come on Sam, we're almost to the car. You can do it."

Sam was breathing heavy and sweat glistened on his brow. "Dean, it hurts," Sam exclaimed. He didn't understand why the vision didn't just come already.

Dean got Sam to the car and opened his door. He forced Sam to sit down. He pushed Sam's head between his knees and ordered him to take several deep breaths. Sam complied but the pain didn't lessen.

"Oh god, it feels like my head is going to explode!"

"Sam, should I take you to the hospital?" Maybe this wasn't Sam's freaky powers? Maybe Sam was hurt from the bar fight?

"No, just take me…" Sam stopped talking. A feeling of dread came over his so strong, so forcefully. "Dean, we have to go! Now! We're in danger!"

"What? Why?" Dean asked, but was already closing Sam's door and running around to his side of the car.

"Just do it!" Sam all but yelled.

Dean jumped in the car and started the engine. He backed up out of his parking spot and spun the tires as he pulled out of the lot and back on the road.

As they left Sam saw him. He was just standing there watching as they made their get away. Even if the darkness had been too much to block the man's face from Sam's view there was nothing that could have hidden his eyes. The man's eyes glowed with a yellow fire that Sam knew immediately.

"Dean! It's the demon!"

"What?" Dean turned his head to look back over his shoulder. For a fleeting second he saw a man standing there but then the car rounded a bend and he was gone. "Are you sure?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, it was him. I recognized him from my visions, and…and the eyes. They were just like Dad's that night!"

"Shit!" Dean cursed.

"What? What's wrong?" Sam asked fearfully.

"Sam, we have no weapons! I have my gun in my pocket and a knife, but that's it! We have to get out of here. We're sitting ducks! What did you see in your vision?"

"I didn't have a vision."

"But the headache?"

"Dean, I think…I think he was trying to take me."

Dean looked at Sam quickly and there was no mistaking the fear Sam saw in his brother's face.

"What the hell does that mean?" Dean asked. "Take you where?"

"I think he tried to possess me," Sam explained. "But he failed. I don't know if it's because I fought him or because of the tattoo."

"How's your head now?" Dean asked as he speeded down the road.

"It hurts a little but nothing like before."

"Do you think he knows where you are now? It's he following you…. mentally…that is?"

"No. He tried to get in but he didn't succeed. He isn't…reading my mind. If they're following us then they're doing it the old fashioned way."

Dean quickly looked through the rearview mirror. "There's no one behind us that I can see, but we are definitely taking the long way home."

Sam nodded in agreement. "Tonight had to be some kind of a fluke. I mean, what were the odds of going to the biker bar that the demon just happened to come upon."

"I should have been more careful," Dean said. "You've had several visions now that the demon was inside a biker's body. I can't believe I took you to a biker bar and then left all the weapons at home. What the hell was I thinking?"

"Dean, dude, this wasn't your fault. You don't have a crystal ball. You don't know the future. Tonight was a coincidence. Look, we're both safe now and we are on our way home. Everything turned out just fine. Better than fine, you managed to christen the car, remember." Sam was eager to change the subject. He didn't want Dean beating himself up for something that was out of his control.

Dean smirked. "And you started a bar fight. I can't believe I missed that!"

"Who said I started it?"

Dean just gave Sam a look. Sam caved. "Okay, okay, I started it."

Dean smiled. "I have to admit, until the very end it was one hell of a night."

"Kind of like old times," Sam agreed. "You do realize that Dad is so going to kick our collective asses when we get home."

"Yeah, but Tammy was worth it."

"Dude, one of these days you're going to have to stop thinking with your downstairs brain."

"And one of these days, Sammy, you're going to have to stop thinking with your upstairs brain. Now shut up and let me get us home." Dean turned the music up and like old times they drove in a comfortable silence.