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Chapter One: Mikan...As Usual

It had been a long and tiring day.

Her life as a single-star had started out simply enough: She had woken up late in the morning feeling exceptionally happy and harried, hit by Hotaru's Baka Gun (Invention #005, Moron Gun. When aimed at a Moron, it discharges powerful punches) when she tried to hug her, Natsume, while passing by, commenting on her panties (strawberry prints), which was plainly in view as she lay sprawled after being hit by the Baka Gun, which caused her to retaliate by throwing the wastepaper basket at him (the nearest thing to hand), which he dodged causing it to hit Jin-jin (Jinno-sensei) who was walking behind him.

Things went rapidly downhill after that.

Lightning sparking from his menacing and scary form surrounded by an ominous black aura, Jin-jin had, in a very scary tone (with a croak from the frog), told her that they will have a 'little talk' in the Faculty Room later. The little talk ended up with her having to take up all the duties she had when she was a no-star.

That caused her to lapse into a bout of depression, but with her known spirit and cheerfulness, she was back on her feet in no time.

"Mikan-chan!" Yuu Tobita, or Iinchou as he was known to his classmates, ran up to Mikan worriedly as she was hit across on the head by the running dustbin.

The blonde haired girl sat up as he reached her, a huge bump already forming on her forehead, a familiar determined glint in her hazel eyes.

Refusing his offer of help with a "Arigatou, but I have to do this myself," and a bright smile, she went after the wayward dustbin again with a determination that one has to admire.

"Let's go." Hotaru had appeared beside him, with her usual stoic expression and undecipherable violet eyes. "Mikan will be all right."

Iinchou hesitated for a moment, then he nodded and left.


"Natsume, I need to go off for a while. The giant Piyo has gone missing again." Ruka Nogi, Natsume's closest friend said to the dark-haired boy who was reading manga with his legs propped up against the table.

The only answer he got was a nod from the boy.

"I'll see you later." Ruka continued as he headed towards the door. He stopped suddenly, "Mikan is still out there."


As the door closed behind Ruka, Natsume looked up from his manga and glanced out of the window, catching the comical sight of the blonde haired girl chasing after the dustbin.

"Baka youjo." Stupid little girl.


By the time Mikan had caught up with the dustbin and emptied it, the sky had rapidly turned to a mellow yellow colour.

She was tired, cold and hungry. And she stank from her exercise with the dustbin.

"Natsume baka. It is his entire fault that I had to do all this." Mikan grumbled under her breath as she trudged back to her room.

She had missed dinner and her stomach growled in protest at the ill-treatment it was receiving.

She opened the door to her room, prepared to go straight to sleep without dinner when she saw the brown paper bag perched on her bed.

Eh? I wonder what that is.

She reached down and plucked the bag open. Immediately, a wonderful scent of freshly baked bread filled her nose.

As she lifted the bread out, a note fell out:

Baka youjo.



.Baka: Idiot

.Youjo: Little girl

.Arigatou: Thank you


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