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Chapter Three: The ending

Six eventful years later (with much mishaps related to Mikan)...

"Nat-su-me! Nat-su-me!" Mikan called out, breaking up his name into three separate syllabuses as she went along the shaded pathway.

The boy had been missing since morning, skipping Narumi-sensei's classes again (despite all the nagging Mikan had been giving him). Not even Ruka-pyon knew where the self-contained boy had gone to.

Natsume had simply vanished.

"Natsume!" Mikan yelled out in frustration, so loudly in fact that she frightened off a trio of birds into flight.


"Nat-Arghhhh!" Mikan suddenly let out a high-pitched shriek as a ring of fire appeared around her, licking at the hem of her skirt.

"Nane, baka youjo." Natsume drawled out irritably as he leaped down lithely from his perch atop the tree, a manga in his hand.

"Mou Natsume!" Mikan glared at him as she stepped through the fire, easily nullifying the hot flames with her alice.

Natsume simply look at her with a raised brow, not offering any apology nor explanation even though he knew what Mikan was going to ask.

She was just so predictable.

"Where were you?" Mikan fisted her hands and propped them on her waist.

"Sleeping. Before your stomping disturbed me, polka-dotted panties girl." Natsume walked away, leaving a spluttering Mikan behind.

"I am not a polka-dotted-"

"Strawberries prints then."

At the frustrated scream behind him, he added," Or do you want blueberries?"

"Natsume you PERVERT!"

"You were the one who showed me." the boy continued coolly, oblivious to the dangerous vibes emitted by Mikan.

"Did not!"

"Did too."

"Did not!"

"Did too."


"Did too."



"DID NO- what did you call me? Oohhh, you are going to pay for that!" Mikan yelled out as she ran after the unperturbed violet haired boy in front.

Natsume stopped suddenly, surprising Mikan, who, unsurprisingly, bumped into him and fell down sitting on the ground.

"Itai!" Mikan moaned as she rubbed her sore behind.


Mikan looked up in surprise and was hit squarely on the forehead by something hard, making her eyes crossed.

Then her eyes focused and she stared at the square package in her hands.

"Nanto?" She looked up questioningly at the silent Natsume, who had already turned to go.

She looked back down at the mysterious package in her hands. The plain brown wrapping gave nothing away. She tried shaking it. Still, she couldn't guess what it was.

"You know, there is such a thing called an opening." This came from Natsume, who had stopped in his walking to look at Mikan's valiant attempt to guess what was inside.

"I know that." Mikan stuck out her tongue at Natsume, who ignored her and continued to walk away.

Mikan turned her attention back to the package and gingerly lifted the lid.


A brilliant smile broke over her face.

"Arigatou Natsume!" Mikansmiled happily to the boy as she caught up with him and linked her arm through his.

"Douitashimashite. Mikan."

As the leaves fell around them, the pair of them slowly strolled under the shade of the trees. Together.

As the leaves dance their last dance,

love will find a way...

..t..h..e.. ..e..n..d..


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.nane: what

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.baka youjo: stupid little girl

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